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With HTC scheduling a media event for Sept. 19, there's been much speculation as to what the company will unveil at its NYC gathering. One possibility is the persistently-rumored 5-inch device that's supposedly headed to Verizon in the U.S. Earlier in the week we saw some leaked images purporting to show this black and red smartphone from the side. Today brings another blurry-cam shot, this time of the device's front face.

Being of poor quality, the photo gives little away, but we can discern a few things. Firstly, the phone seems to have ditched the usual HTC design language -- it doesn't look much like an HTC One phone. Second, based on the button placement and size, as well as the thin horizontal bezel, it's likely we're looking at a large-screened smartphone.

Chinese site Techorz, which originally posted the photo, reports that the device will ship with a quad-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 2GB of RAM, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a 1080p or 720p display.  That matches up with what's been rumored, although the site also mentions that this could be the "Endeavor C2," something we're pretty sure is another phone altogether. Reports in the past month have indicated that the "Endeavor C2" or "One X+" is a refreshed version of HTC's early 2012 flagship.

So we still know very little about the phone that HTC may or may not unveil on Sept. 19. Regardless, we'll be live from New York on the day to bring you full coverage of whatever's announced.

Source: Techorz


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Mystery HTC device poses for the blurry-cam


Not true, Sprints Evo 4G LTE has HTC logo in the front like this device with their logo on the back instead

Getting excited for the HTC event after seeing these leaked shots. No Windows logo (capacitive center button) means Android phone. Also no Verizon logo and the Verizon HTC DINC 4G LTE, Rhyme, and Rezound all have the FFC on the top right. This one is on the top left. The HTC One X and One S also have the FFC on the top right, not top left. Interesting. Definitely a newer design.

Don't you think it's funny that you have to look at the logo placement to differentiate HTC phones from one another? Where's the "newer" in this design?

Please have a removable battery! An SD card and native kickstand would be a welcome addition as well (icing on the Jelly Bean!). :D

wow yet another EVO derivative. capacitive buttons in late 2012 is unacceptable. contrary to their statements - HTC is still asleep at the wheel. my prediction for them? more pain.

do you hear me Chou?????????????

Dead serious question, is there some sort of protocol when taking pics of "unknown" phones? They're always blurry.

Yes the protocol clearly states: "Whenever snapping pics of unknown phones, the phone used to take the pics must be at least a decade older than said unknown phone and must be snapped while doing a celebratory dance at least a decade older than said unknown phone. I'd guess this individual was using a Sanyo SCP 5300... while doing the Hammer.

It seems like HTC has forgotten what we loved about them to begin with. Way back when they used to build using WinMo6 they used to design gorgeous hardware, now it all looks kinda the same. I'm not saying they're build quality isn't excellent just that the designs aren't as exciting as they once were.

Now this..

this could be interesting.

We need a Galaxy Note by Sony and HTC

personally id love the SONY, but i know they will skimp on battery and prob a few other "sony skimp" things.