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Sale will expand to 'more devices' when it comes back

Update: Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside released a formal apology on the company blog, which also gave us a bit more clarity on the situation. Not only did he explain in more detail why the site went down, he also provided more information on the new sales.

The same $349 Moto Maker Moto X deal will go live at noon ET on Wednesday, December 4th and again at noon on Monday, December 9th. He also explained that "more devices" means that twice as many phones as originally planned will be available at the $349 price, and that the 30 percent off accessory promotion will run concurrently to the Moto X promotion.

Original story: It's no secret that Motorola's online store fell flat on its face today with the impending Cyber Monday deal that had off-contract Moto X's at just $350. Well Motorola feels bad about that (understandably so), and plans to have its "Cyber Monday" deal available again, and on two days this time around.

Interestingly, on its official Google+ page Motorola indicates that more devices will be added to the sale, but which models isn't known at this point. Moto's Twitter account seems to indicate that not only will it not add more devices, but the new sales will only apply to Moto Maker. We'll see how this pans out.

The deal will go live again on this coming Wednesday at 12:00pm (noon) ET, and again on the following Monday December 9th. Hard to complain too much now that you'll have two more attempts at picking up a new Moto X at a fantastic price. Let's all hope Motorola can keep its servers up and operational come Wednesday.

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Motorola will offer Moto X sale again on Wednesday, next Monday [update]


Way to go Moto, they realized this was a flop and are making it right.

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Well....that and that Verizon controls the updates on it so don't expect Android to be updated on it like the Moto X.

Indeed, very often it's more important HOW a company reacts after messing up than the fact that they messed up to begin with. Moto's doing all the right things lately, and I don't think you can put it all on Google (they've never been great at dealing directly with customers)... I think it's very much a mutually beneficial thing right now.

Moto G is too damn cheap. If you can't fork out $179 measly dollars(unless you're a broke college student) then you don't deserve the G.

Agreed. That would be convenient, but since it's soonest so cheap, I kinda doubt it.

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Yeah, when the Moto X2 comes out with an expensive price and the cycle starts all over again. Not waiting that long to be honest.

flagship phone = flagship price. This isn't a Nexus, Google isn't subsidizing it. People need to realize this, and the sooner that is done, the sooner the crying over it can stop.

The specs pale in comparison to the Nexus 5 or even the 4 yet it costs almost twice as much. That's not fair. What reason does it have to be priced so comparably high to the S4 and HTC One?

Specs do not make a phone. Hardware is half the battle and actually the cheaper half of it. Software design, feature implementation, manufacturing, and advertising is the bigger half. The X is a better all around phone than the One and the SGS4.

Sure Google advertises the Nexus line, but it is not sole source of income either, like it obviously is for Motorola Mobility. Honestly I am pretty sure that if the Nexus disappeared tomorrow it really wouldnt be missed or make a dent in the future of Android. I am not saying it doesn't serve a purpose, because it does, but it is less than 1% of things that Google actually gives a crap about.

Because research and development and software engineering aren't free. Hardware cost is only part of the cost of the phone. And when you are Samsung, you have the luxury of spreading your software engineering costs over a wide range of phones that use very similar builds of Android. Even HTC has that luxury, though to a lesser degree. Motorola two (well, kind of 5, but really 2) phones to spread out its R&D and software engineering budgets over. Not to mention that to get us our Moto Maker phones as quickly as possible, they build them in the US. Labor here is more expensive than over seas.

Specs shmecs, the GS4 was released with more lag than a one-legged dog on painkillers. Specs don't count for shit, performance is what matters and the performance of the Moto X is top-notch.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

This. I think people are either assuming Google ownership = low price, or mid-range specs = low price (even though some parts of the Moto X are probably expensive, like the X8, or the fact that it can be custom-made and is assembled in the US).

you are correct sir. everyone thought that just because Google owns them that all of a sudden we were going to have $50 flagship phones rolling off the assembly line. The amount of butthurt when the pricing was announce was epic.

thats about the only way the price is really gonna go down. Either that or they are going to release a new one soon and I don't see that in the cards right now

Subsidies and fire-sales are the only way (that I can think of) a flagship device will be sold to the public at a fraction of the costs.

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I hate hour p how this "flagship" price is so freaking high. It's the entire reason why phone carriers have been able to trick the american people into believing that buying these phones requires a contract and subsidy.

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Nobody cares about those who don't care about Nexus 5s. See how easy that was?

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They're giving you two days to purchase at the Cyber Monday price, instead of one. Motorola, unlike other companies, actually listen to their customers. Take a look at the Moto X community on G+ and check out all the interaction between customers and Motorola Mobility.

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What other devices do they have other than the moto g

posting while eating gummybears in your girlfriends bedroom

if your not going to the Note 3, and you do not mind a camera downgrade (slight) then yeah I would do it.

/former SGS3 owner

Its not a camera downgrade, its an upgrade. Now that would be a different story if we were talking about the s4.

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As a Moto X owner, this phone, as much as I love it, has a garbage camera. It produces passable pictures at best. The SGSIII (which I a phone I never owned and never liked) produces good photos. Saying the Moto X has a better camera than the Galaxy S III is lying to yourself.

As much as I like the X, the camera is, at best, on par with the SGS3. It has gotten better, and I am sure that it is the software that sucks and not the hardware, but right now it is not up to 2013 standards unless you are comparing it to the Nexus 5

I think "more devices" means more quantity of the moto x than they had planned, not different devices

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Almost pulled the trigger on the Dev edition. Just not a fan of the Panda look. Now lets hope this works better. I was on at 9 here in the east and it was a cluster F from the go. Meanwhile they tweet about a stupid Wired event they are part of. I was hoping that by tonight it would have been right again. #motofail again and again.

Im using n4 right now. And have budget constraints. So got to choose from either of the two 350$ beauties

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Then I would go X if that is my 2 choices. Software on par with the N5, Camera is better than the N5 and has better potential to get even better, and the bigger thing is the battery life is much better on the X.


The N5 I really don't have much bad to say about it. It is a typical Google Stock Camera, the battery is disappointing but I carried a Thunderbolt for a few months so I understand battery management...

Now the Gnex and the N4, I could make lists on how much they sucked....

Not sure if I should give up my beloved S4 for this... Moto phones are just so darn awesome! :-)

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It's a trade off
Giving up all the tw features (both gimmicky and good ones :-)) especially and camera
For a better feel in hand a few pretty original features that will change the way u use your phone and definitely better performing - more reliable device.
Signal should be better on moto too.

Coming from sammy you might find it boring as I did but it's all about what you value more in a phone and what do you need it for.

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Definitely not giving up my Note 3 for this piece of junk.I was just joking,someone was getting ready to cuss me out as if my name was Richard Yarnell :-D

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It says on twitter/motorola they are going to Double the amount of devices available.
So things didn't go as well as moto hoped for, they are making things right with customers and I think that's good enough.
Good call moto
moto x is such an awesome phone, it's worth the wait.

It wasn't worth what Moto put us through yesterday if you were part of it. It wasn't just the crash. They handled the situation abysmally - letting people on their site keep believing the offer was still live for many hours.

In the meanwhile, on Twitter (I didn't know about the G+ community) - Motorola Support and Motorola management were sending our sporadic and contradictory tweets - and not only were management and support saying different things, support's tweets would contradict their earlier ones - then change again - and management's would do the same.

And they refused many pleas to let us know if things were over for the day, whether the deal would come back, etc. While seeming to focus on getting phones for a few who somehow had gotten as far a live shopping cart. Meanwhile many shopping carts, like mine, had disappeared.

Later Support tweeted that Wednesday's re-opening would be back to regular prices in a tone like, "hey sale's over, you missed it, but you're welcome to pay full price." While management tweeted the opposite. A two stooges performance all the way.

They had control over parts of the site - and could've easily put up a notice that the site had failed and they'd announce what was next today, but they didn't do that either. Or let the press know until thousands had been caught up in refreshing their browsers for a full work day. All over $150. But once you'd spent an hour and support kept saying (sometimes) that they were on the case, you didn't want that hour to be wasted, and so on. And there thousands (or more) of us sat all day.

And what does "double" mean for Wed. or the ninth? 2 x 10,000 or 2 x 100,000 or...??

Plus those who were first in line yesterday and went through all of this have no idea if we'll be among those who get through. So they're still vague and there's no promise people might not end up spending THREE days of trying and ending up with nada to show for wanting to be a customer.

To actually "do the right thing" they need to make the sale for a set period and allow anyone who wants to order to do so, even if the delivery dates slip a few weeks for many.

Meanwhile, if you weren't in this crap storm, don't be giving Moto props for being proactive now. They performed like clueless amateurs and put us through the wringer. And if I go back, given that they're still being vague about numbers and time windows, it may be more of the same.

So True! I was on my computer from 7am my time yesterday until 730pm hoping that I would be able to checkout with what was in my shopping cart. They shouldve called it much earlier in the day. I wasted a whole day!

Oh and I forgot to mention the call I made to their customer service that lasted over an hour. It ended in the promise of a call back when things were good to go and they would make it right....guess what motorola no callback at all and I dont see how my playing the same game again tomorrow is any attempt to make things right....

A friend has a problem with Viber on his S3. Its causing his phone to shut down continuously when app is in use. He has uninstalled Viber and reinstalled but it continues to power down his phone. This has just started since the latest Viber update. Any one else having these issues?

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This is not a post about the S3 you would be better off going to the forums of this site and posting in the S3 one, there people who have an S3 are more likely to be around and able to help.

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I hope Motorola makes a third model with a bigger better screen and higher specs as well

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Yes, but it's a nexus, which I'm planning on getting anyway. Motorola could use a third model to go into the other part of the high range. We don't need phablets, but a more powerful moto x would be nothing to sneeze at. Perhaps similar to the droid ultra, but more Motorola-style, with a more powerful chip. I wouldn't mind if it's 720 or 1080

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Nobody must be buying these phones? They are going to double there stock? You guys really think they feel bad for you so they are going to have two more days of sale? Att giving them for free under contract now. Face it they are a flop no matter how much you like them.

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You said the evil word "contract"

We all want to see contract go the way of the dinosaur and by more people buying no contract phones the more likely service providers will see that.

I'm hoping that they decide to reverse their position and offer the DE versions as well. I know I tried to order one yesterday but when I went to check out (once the site was actually working again) my cart was emptied and the device was listed as "Sold Out." I feel like I'm not the only one who missed out on availability because of the site being down...

Clumsy year for Motorola. They had plenty of nice opportunities and continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Hopefully they will step it up in 2014 before Samsung's Galaxy S5 onslaught.

I'm loving Moto phones...they just need to invest the money into the cameras now... then they'll be top notch phones

They need to invest money in unlocking their fuck*N boot loaders, that's what they need to do.

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The bootloader can be unlocked on the T-Mobile and Developer Edition models. If you bought a model with a bootloader that can't be unlocked, that's your own damn fault. Bitch at whichever carrier you bought it from because it was their decision, not Motorola's.

Those who are in for colors (not storage as I am) should better go to best buy and check out the back plates and accent pieces. Colors on website are not as accurate and very few have that rubbery finish for a good grip.
I was gonna get the cherry red for my brother and changed my mind - washed out, cheap feel and looks and slippery (no soft touch coating).

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I can see this as being done on purpose. They saw the demand that they couldn't predict and now garnished a lot of free attention because of the website being "down". Now they announced two sale days and double the devices so it's just overall a clear motive for Motorola. No harm done unless you are one of those people who specifically waited all day on Monday to order theirs like I did, refreshing every 10 minutes.

I was one of those waiting all day. Thankfully I had work later so I just checked in from time to time on what was going on. Hopefully this time I can get one.

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