flip shell.

Plenty of color options and durable construction are highlights of this official accessory

Part of the charm of the little Moto G is the assortment of candy-colored back shells you can buy. It's a veritable rainbow of choice, and you'll find one to suit your tastes if you want more than the basic black that comes with the phone. Moto has carried much of this over to the official flip shell case as well.

It attaches the same way the normal, non-flippy case backs do. Stick your fingernail under the shell at the USB cut-out, and peel back like a banana. The current case back will pop off, and the new one snaps in using plastic clips around the edges. It's pretty simple.

flip shell.

The flip shell comes in a few colors of its own. Available in chalk, black, violet, royal blue, turquoise and lemon lime there are enough options here to offer something for everyone. They're also pretty well constructed, with cut-outs the right size and in the right place for access to all the controls, buttons and holes in your Moto G.

flip shell.  flip shell.

Like any flip case worth its salt, the cover has magnets in just the right spot so that the screen turns off when closed, and on when open. With a cut-out for the earpiece speaker, you can also talk on the phone while the cover is closed. Also, like every other flip case, when open and folded behind the phone for holding, access to the camera is blocked. The cover itself is uniquely textured, and exceptionally strong and thick. 

flip shell.  flip shell.

At $30, the flip shell is twice the price of the normal back shells. But if you really want a very nicely done flip-style case for your Moto G, you could do worse. It fits great, comes in plenty of color choices, and will protect your screen while in a bag or a pocket. You can grab one from Moto right here.


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Moto G Flip Shell review


Nice. I like flip cases on my Nexus 7. Not sure if I'd use one on a phone though.

These flip shells seem to have become more popular over the past 12 months. My wife won't use her fone without one.

Still not available here yet. Ordered my cherry flip shell Saturday and still hasn't arrived.

I picked one up at a Telus store here in Winnipeg on the 24th. They didn't have it at the telus store downtown, I was able to get it at the lager Polo Park store.

I've had the official Motorola flip case for 6 months and really like it. It won't provide protection if you drop it on a corner, but it nicely protects the face. The cover can be flipped to the back when you need to.
One issue I hadn't considered was how the magnet in the case affects your phones built in compass. This is only an issue if you use a compass app, or like me, tried Google's Sky Map [not an issue with Maps or GPS]. It sometimes worked, other times the view would be very wrong. I was about to buy a different star map app when I read on a forum about other people having this problem. To test it, I removed the cover and Google sky map worked perfectly. Last night I took the phone [cover back on] on a hike and tested it again. Wildly inaccurate reading until I held the phone horizontally by the case cover[the phone is hanging below the cover] Much much better. Maybe not having the case magnet between the phone and earth made the difference.

Very bad quality of "flip shell case". Very quick getting dirty. It's look awful when phone is open. Don't buy it. Nobody, in Motorola on the whole world, don't know how to clean it. Don't count for Motorola support, they only I apologise and that's it. Motorola this is shameful.