HTC Desire Z

The HTC EVO Shift 4G, a device that we saw a couple weeks ago and was caught in Sprint's system about a week ago, has posed for some more pictures.

What we do know thus far about the EVO Shift 4G is that it will likely sport an 800 MHz processor and have a QWERTY sliding keyboard. It will be similar in many ways to the HTC Desire Z and the T-Mobile G2

When this device will release is still up in the air, but the rumors have pointed to January. Stay tuned as more info is likely to leak in the coming weeks. [Phone Arena]


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More pictures of the HTC EVO Shift 4G surface


Looks nice, honestly I think HTC is making the exact same thing like Samsung. Variants for almost all carriers... As of now they have nailed:

I doubt this will hit At&t though...

Except the HTC phones actually work. :-)

Somewhat offtopic, I've never understood surrendering such a huge percentage of your phone screen to a clock and it makes even less sense in a landscape phone.

If there is a BIG clock on the unlock screen, thats all you need.

Agreed on both counts!
The first thing I did when I modified my "Scene" is to make the clock/weather widget a little thing in the corner.

I Concur that is pretty much a WAIST of space...when its on the notification bar and having it on the unlock screen big would SUFFICE!!! as well...good catch they should change

It's a widget. If you don't like it taking up space, you can just remove it. Crisis averted.

Easy fix. Just remove the big Sense clock/weather and replace it with SiMi Clock widget that includes a customizable clock/weather and battery. Looks way cooler anyway and saves a lot of room to add another row of shortcut buttons.

A waste, you mean. All phones to date lack waists. But you have one, right below your stomach. :-)

I removed the weather app and made the clock smaller, as clicking on it allows you to scroll over to weather.

I still think all these "sliders" are completely the wrong way to go. While at a Sprint store recently for service on my EVO, I played around with the keyboards on several "sliders" including Sammy's Epic 4G - terrible physical keyboard. Perhaps some of this is needing to transition BACK to a physical keyboard after adjusting to the onscreen variant and the wonders of Swype (e.g. I came from BlackBerry to Android). On the physical keyboards my typing skill and level dropped precipitously.

Well you should watch some teen agers do keyboards some time. They are blazingly fast.

I can't see wasting time worrying about it as long as there is a choice everybody gets what they want.

CHOICE is the right way to go. I'm happy that some decent sliders are finally coming out. We have had a serious lack of good sliders until a couple months ago with the release of the Droid 2 and HTC Vision.
I had to go from my Touch Pro 2 to a Nexus One because there were no good Android phones with keyboards. The first month was fine, but it got extremely painful using on screen keyboards with all the errors they make. The Desire Z with AT&T bands finally came out and I bought that and couldn't be happier.

If you look at the rear side photo on Phone Arena, it's clear that this is using the same excellent slider mechanism that the Touch Pro2 has, instead of the floppy hinge of the Desire Z. That is awesome news if true. All of the demo units of the Desire Z/G2 are always falling apart in stores, which tells you how they hold up over time.

Nice move Sprint. A Touch Pro2 design with a fast processor running Android should be sweet.

Weak sauce. Only 4 rows with no number key row? 800mhz processor? I guess htc forgot how to make good qwerty sliders... And they did so well with the TP2, that was by far the best phone keyboard I have ever used. Why can't they just make an android phone with an identical physical shell and upgraded internals? Oh well, HTC fails me again.. I'll stick with my Epic, thanks.

Have you ever used a G2 before?. The G2's "weaker" proccesor has surpassed the Epic 4g. And the offset style of the keyboard, in many peoples eyes including myself, is superior to the Epics.

Numbers mean nothing. My Macbook Pro's 2.4 GHz processor is faster than my parents' computer's 3.0 GHz. Why? Because I have a better processor (Core 2 Duo vs P4). Same thing with the G2/Desire Z/EVO Shift vs the EVO.

And how good a phone is is subjective.

A couple of questions/observations

1. Still running the old sense, which brings the question will the NEW SENSE come to American phones.

2. Is that a 4.3-inch screen because it looks smaller and if its not than how can they give it the name EVO

3. Will this EVO have a new snapdragon or will HTC drop the Snapdragon branding

1. I have a feeling that the screen your seing is photo shopped on because the old sense does not support landscape and this is certainly no the new sense either.

2.I dont believe they are trying to make a "Evo 2" but a different phone in the same line of phones. This is comparable to the many variants of the Droid on verizon.

3. They are "allegedly" using the new 2nd Generation Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ MSM 7230 mobile processor used in the G2 so the snap dragon name will most likely stay.

I understand that but the old sense didnt support it, so this will be realeased with the new one. Thats why i said this is probably not the true launcher we will see because If this was the new sense it would have the customize button instead of plus button. So this image we are seing here is neither the old sense or the new sense but some kind of dummy display pic being shown unless some kind of modifications have been applied.

The "old sense" does support landscape on slider phones. The MyTouch slider phone has landscape Sense on it.

The MT3G Slide had its own version of Sense. Every other Sense phone prior to the Desire Z (Hero, DInc, Eris, EVO, Legend, Desire, Aria) had the same portrait only Sense.

So what's to say this isn't real? HTC's Sense phones are typically without keyboards so when they make a slider they re-engineer the layout for the device. Either way the "old Sense" is capable of sporting a landscape mode.

I believe this is a great step for Sprint to make a name out of the Evo. If they get enough phones in the "Evo" series then the name could become synonymous with Sprint like the Droid line to Verizon. I will consider this device if it has the same speeds as the G2. Although by the looks of this picture, i do not think it will have that industrial feel like the G2 has. Plus its also missing that awesome track-pad. I will be really interested to see how Sprint markets this.

For everyone complaining about this phone being marketed as an "evo" phone, is ridiculous. Just because it doesn't have a 4.3 inch screen doesn't mean it can't be branded as an evo. Motorola had the original Droid, but then marketed with several different types of droid phones with all different types of specs. And I have a g2, and in my opinion looks rather large unless put up against a phone like an evo.

I think marketing and expanding the brand of EVO is pretty cool actually. Verizon has the Droid line, I've been waiting for sprint to do something better with their line of android phones. This is pretty cool.

Nice phone front facing cam awwww man. This should be standard on every smart phone now. Its the best way to communicate. Loving my epic4g and my job picking up the tab.

i dont think ffc is a must for a standard.....
Plenty of people that i know of that has the iphone 4 don't even use facetime that much. In the end, I think it's a nice feature to have, but i don't think it's a must..

There IS an FFC. It's visible in the last leaked pic, but not visible in these pics, because of lighting.

@crxssi: it is an Evo, Evo Shift 4G. Screen size has nothing to do with branding. Are you familiar with the Droid and Droid X?

WHY ON EARTH ARE THEY CALLING THIS AN EVO?! ITS NO WHERE NEAR CLOSE TO BEInG AN EVO WITH A KEYBOARD?! It has a 3.7 inch screen and cheap slideing mech. ITS A G2 PEOPLE! Don't b fooled. Ill stick with the epic now that I got froyo on it.

but this phone (g2/desire z/merge) outperforms the EVO, at a slower clockspeed...
and it doesn't deserve the EVO name?
EVO equals size?
a bigger screen with the same resolution as this doesn't look as sharp anyways...

Chill out kid.
Just because the screen size is not as big does not suddenly mean it can't be an evo. I'm pretty sure the screen size is not the single defining feature of the series otherwise i'd have to be giving a facepalm to everyone that owns an evo.
Also, "cheap slideing mech"? really? have you actually used it yet? If you haven't tested out the actual sliding mechanism, don't called it cheap because you have no idea if it is or not.

Please research before you complain.

I can't believe you said that. transform is terrible. The EVO shift 4g kills EVO on Quadrant and Neocore... This is a new 800Mhz cpu that is BETTER than the EVO's OLD 1Ghz

quadrant test scores man. It's pretty much sprint's G2.
evo earned about 1000 and the g2 got 1500.. go figure.

That doesn't look good, even if they are trying to make a Evo brand of cells. I can deal with a line of Evo's but please make the styling up to par with the original Evo.

The screen has a higher pixel density than the evo so should look sharper. Definite plus to me.

I love how my legitimate comments never make it through the filter, yet the crap above me doesn't trigger it. Incredible work android central!

This have the Z-hinge? In my mind the only knock against the G2.

The touchpad is interesting, but that keyboard still doesn't look as good as the Merge. mmmmmm .... Meeeerrrgggeee.

If you look at the pictures you can see that it looks like there is a film around the keyboard and is rippling near his thumb and also on the right hand side of the device. I would guess the blue color is from the film and the actual keyboard and surround is all black/grey like the HTC Merge.

I am about to go off topic... but I hope you Sprint guys don't get continuously teased like we VZW peeps continue to endure with the Merge... :)

This may very well be the replacement for my HeroC. Hopefully it's similar enough to the G2 so that CyanogenMod support comes quickly.

Man I wish HTC would put out phones with a 4" screen. 3.7 is just too darn small. IPS or SLCD too would be nice... have they announced this will have at least the Incredible's new SLCD? That is SWEET!

Of course his finger's covering the possible front-facing camera and there's still no mention or confirmation on that..