Waiting on an HTC Evo Shift 4G? If so, you should know from our post last week that Best Buy has been stocking accessories for this thing for quite some time now. Of course, this all just adds even more confirmation to what is already known about the Shift launch on Sprint, January 9. Not much else to do or say really. It's all just a waiting game now. Join us in the HTC Evo Shift 4G forums for more device talk. [Engadget]


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More HTC Evo Shift 4G accessories turn up at Best Buy


Whatever. The screen is much smaller than the Evo. To me, the only reason to want the Evo Shift would be if you actually WANTED something smaller, or you simply had to have a physical keyboard.


I really wish there was a more standardized way to define processor speed, it gets extremely annoying having to explain why X is faster than Y even though it has a "lower" clock speed.

My Macbook Pro has a 2.4 GHz processor, yet it's faster than my parents' Dell which has a 3.0 GHz processor. Care to guess why?

HINT: I have a better processor (Core 2 Duo vs Pentium 4).

It isn't much faster. CPU is similar, GPU is moderately faster. I would guess that 98%+ of people would never notice the difference.

But 100% of people would notice the big difference in screen size. Given a choice, I would absolutely choose screen size.

I am sure the Evo Shift will be a fine phone, but they *should* have made it the same size- then it would be a fantastic phone, like the Evo.

I hope they go with Htc Evo Shift 4G. while both names are not great, that one has more of a ring to it.

Did they really have to show the phone with the case on it on that screen protector package? I want to see a side shot without the case.

Wife's upgrade is March might be a good phone for her or do i give her my Evo in June and just upgrade myself.Who knows we will see

Just FYI: This phone does have a front facing camera. It is to the left of the earpiece...the opposite side to that of the OG Evo. It looks identical to the Evo's camera. The LED is in the earpiece, just as it is on the OG Evo.

The phone in the picture has a case on it...that's why it looks a little bulkier..that's pretty obvious. And yeah the phone is clocked slower than the evo, it has the newest processor out and is actually faster than the evo..please do your research before you babble

By lorenzo.evo on December 29, 2010 - 23:44

The EVO is fine as is. 800mhz is slower then 1GHZ.

you sir are a retard.

1ghz 1st gen snap dragon processor is shit compared to

800 mhz 2nd gen snap dragon processor .

research your shit first before opening your mouth good day.

@J_795: You sir are a retard. While the new gen 800 Mhz processors might be a bit more efficient...the 1st gen 1Ghz processor is far from "shit." You can state an opinion, without being totally ignorant.

Read my comment 5 times before making your statement. cry more about a 800 mhz 2nd gen processor then a 1 ghz 1gen

You called him ignorant even thought obviously you didn't read the comment properly he didn't call 1st generation snap dragon shit he said its shit compared to second generation snap dragon at 800 mhz a valid statement unlike yours which is based on false statements

It is not shit compared to anything 800 Mhz +. The hero's processor, that would be something you could compare and call shit. Calling the Evo's processor shit, compared to any current offering is beyond ignorant...it's stupid. Don't try to read me, troll.

Why does everyone get so upset?? I have the first evo and still love it, so why not wait for the second one to launch... It's only gonna get even better!!

If the phone was made with the same screen size has the evoke, and had a keyboard..I'm not sure if it would really work out. The reason you have a screen that big is to make typing easier, (along with playing movies, games and just plain having a huge screen). They would have to make a pretty beast of a sliding mechanism to fit that monster size of the screen. Again, ITS ALL ABOUT PREFERENCE.

Just pointing out the Samsung Epic 4G has a 4" screen and it's a slider. I'm sure HTC could make a 4.3" slider if they wanted.