HTC Incredible at Best Buy

Looks like that rumored April 29 launch date (and possible April 25 announcement) for the HTC Incredible on Verizon is firming up quite nicely. Phone Arena scored this internal sheet from Best Buy Mobile, which clearly shows it launching three weeks from today. Now we just have to track down exactly what the darn thing's made up of. [Phone Arena]


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More evidence that the HTC Incredible is coming April 29


finally its been forever. but i will be extremely disappointed if the ram is still 256 and if they underclock the processer as heard before.

The under clocking doesn't bother me as much as the RAM so I agree with you there. The RAM will actually make or break it for me.

I doubt it has 256 RAM the legend has more than that I would say the min is probably what the legend has

Even if it is not the best smartphone on the market is will be better then 90 percent that is on the market as we speak. So it will be well worth to get it no matter what specs they are. They will be great and the one thing that does make me happy is that it has an 8MP camera!!!

Do we expect to hear an announcement from verizon days before? or will it just appear in their stores? also, will the phone be available at all verizon stores on the 29th? or how should i locate one? if anyone has any answers for me, thanks in advanced!

Sounds like April 29th is the place to be. I will unfortunately have to wait a few days as my time is up at the end of this month but I imagine I can hold out for 9 days on this. About freaking time...

Strange thing is it shows the LG cosmos as coming the 25th of April and it's already out on Verizon just not Best Buy... Maybe that means the Incredible is coming out sooner in Verizon stores...

As the 29th grows near, we'll undoubtedly come across specs from a verizon employee willing to leak them to the editors of one of our most come tech sites.

The rumors from before were that Verizon is getting trained on this phone tomorrow the 9th so we should get some solid info on the specs them I hope

Check out (the forums, actually) for the actual specs. They have a leaked user manual.

It is the 1ghz... I don't want to advertise another forum, but there's 1 that has the full 206 page User Manual, that has the 1 ghz processor listed, as well as 512mb ROM + 8GB moviNAND.

I could care less the cams 8mp, the dual LED flash is what may make the camera usable and put my point and shoot in the trash can.

I somewhat agree. Though I am of the opinion that a 3MP camera is just as good as an 8MP camera, especially if you are just concerned with 3x5 or 4x6 photos. I also think (but not sure) that it is the camera software that makes the photo more so than the megapixels. Hopefully the Incredible comes with the HTC Desire's camera software which seems to be the best available right now (once again, not sure).