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breakerfall says:

I'm wearing that shirt right now.

badkitties says:

It's a sad monday morning....

nothing to see here... move on..

ChrisM0678 says:


gatorboi352 says:

Seriously, I check this site once a week: Monday mornings around 10. These recent shirts have not been cutting it.

ricksvill#AC says:

Thanks once again for keeping me briefed Ashley.
Keep up the good work.

leerage says:

Did I miss something with the BB10 render? Looked exactly like the iPhone 5

Synycalwon says:

I could see standing in line for a major sporting event or concert, but I find it insanely ridiculous that people line up (like sheep) for an electronics device! :(

"And next week, iPhone 6 rumors! yay...."

* Lighter Liquimetal frame and 6mm thin, similar to the new iPod touch
* optional HUD display similar to Google glass.
* Colors other than black and white.

and 250+ million users going live on iOS 8 that weekend

JHK1984 says:

Love her hair style.
She looks better in that cute concept than sexy cleavage showing fashion.

Masheen says:


horseshoe says:

I think I saw you Ashley, inside His gates, your hair curls caused me to stumble back into my Nexi's, causing their screens to crack :))