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Monday Brief: An interview with Thorsten Heins, HTC One review, and more!


Oh, for geez! "This video is private?" Guess there's no news wrap up and no Ashley fix, to start my week. :-( Come on! Get some unicorn dust on this bad mamma-jamma and go public. :-)

You, my friend, must be in her private club. Log out of your Google Account and try to access it on YouTube.

Still "Private." Logged off and back on. No dice. What are Ashley and Thors chatting about? Rumors start to fly.

For the record, I was able to watch it without being logged in about a half an hour ago. I tried it again just now while logged into the site and it still plays. Thanks, Ashley!

Watched Ashley directly on then came back here and she's working okay on now. Had to apologize for watching Nixie's os-alt first this morning, though.

That's strange... during the HTC review, Alex sounds a lot like Phil. But I believe in you Ashley... that is Alex with his chubby mitts on.

Hahaha, I PROMISE you that I tried super hard to find video with Alex narrating the One. But there aren't any that were "review-like" so I went with Phil instead. :)