If you're a big baseball fan, you probably already know what happened in Game 1 of the World Series (Phillies won, Cliff Lee dominated). What you probably didn't know is that Major League Baseball has released their At Bat application for Android that'll allow you to keep track of what is sure to be a classic World Series. The At Bat application has been available for the iPhone and it's a truly immersive application that pretty much sets the bar for sport-specific apps. At Bat for Android delivers live scoreboards, box scores, pitch-by-pitch updates, and video highlights. Sadly, it won't stream live games (the iPhone version does) but you'll be able to stream audio of the World Series.

At Bat for Android is only in beta and MLB is releasing it for download through their mobile MLB.com site (not available in Android Market). MLB says they're only testing waters with this app and will not confirm whether At Bat for Android will arrive next season. We would love to have the MLB At Bat app for Android next year, it'll make keeping track of next season's Dodgers World Series run all the more easier.

Test it out while you can!

[via cnet]


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MLB Testing At Bat App for Android During World Series


Can anybody actually find the link for the Android app? The cnet article doesn't link to it, and link here goes to the main MLB site, the mobile site on the computer doesn't show anything, nor does the site on the phone. Anyone see a link to download it?

Yes, the link doesn't exist as far as I can find. This the second such article that doesn't have the link posted. WEAK!

I found the Application by going to MLB.com ON my Android phone. The link is only accessible when visiting the site on the right device.

I found it on top of mlb.com from my phone. They even give you step by step directions, cause it's not in the market you have to allow 3rd party apps to install

Downloaded it during the game last night (I have a Premium MLB account with my Pre) and I wanted to see Pitch by Pitch (which is bad if you don't have the Premium service but great if you have it.... anyways, the pitch by pitch and features are that of the Premium Service (I didn't have to log in which means they are giving this beta app "Premium Features" that are found on the Pre, including streaming audio of the game).

Impressive for a beta if you ask me.

Guys, the Android download link was not there yesterday. But then again I clicked the link that was provided in the article above on my G1, where the iPhone version was available.

No one told me it was wap.mlb.com.