Motorola Xoom, HTC Thunderbolt pricing

We just got hit with the news of the minimum advertised price for the Motorola Xoom Android tablet and HTC ThunderBolt LTE smartphone on Verizon. Looks like the Xoom will be going for $799 -- we have to assume that's unsubsidized. The HTC Thunderbolt is listed at $249, a more subsidy-friendly number.

That doesn't mean those are the exact prices we'll see at launch -- and we still don't know when that is for either device. But it's a bit of a starting point. One more pic after the break. Thanks to the the tipsters!

Xoom/Thundertbolt pricing


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Minimum advertised prices set for Motorola Xoom ($799) and HTC Thunderbolt ($249)


I hope the price of the Xoom is no where near that. Seriously how are the Android Tablet Mfg's going to compete against the iPad at prices like this?

I can get the Dell Inspiron Duo "Convertible" for less than that.

Yeah, Apple set the price bar, and anything above that for a baseline model is kind of crazy.

Though I was really hoping these Android tablets would jump ahead of the iPad with a resolution better than 1280 x 800 (I know it's better than the iPad's 1024 x 768, but not by much). With speculation of the next iPad being double the resolution (I don't buy it getting 'retina' display) I think these tablets are going to look less appealing. I was going for Android to make the big leap against Apple rather than try and achieve parity a year after the fact.

Depends on how you look at it. The ipad is just a giant ipod while this a legitimate tablet running a tablet OS. Maybe Verizon thinks they need to charge more for a real tablet.

Yea except now compare apples to apples (hah).

iPad 2 going to have 32GB of internal memory at that price? No.
iPad 2 going to have on-board WWAN (much less LTE) for that price? No.

Check what the current iPad 3G w/ 32GB storage goes for and get back to us. I'm betting it's around $800.

It's actually about $730. Google is the underdog in name as well. Far less people will even know about the XOOM than do. Google needed to match that price at worst. Then you add in the fact that apple offers other models (I bet the 32GB wifi at $600 and the 16GB wifi at $500 are far better sellers than the 32Gb 3G) and the XOOM is looking even worse.

Finally, through in asus tablet prices for almost the same internals and arguably better externals (or at least more options) and I think the XOOM just died for me. I'll buy an Asus Slide at $500 or a Transform at $400 I think.

what are you on about? Google needs to do nothing, they got nothing to do with the XOOM. XOOM is a Motorola product and the OS is an open source one which happens to be mainly developed by google^^

Xoom : 3G (upgradable to 4G) and 32GB.

An iPad 3G with 32GB costs $729.

So this price isn't that much surprising.

Just wait for the Wi-Fi only 16GB version.

It won't matter. It would still be overpriced because of carrier agreements.

If they can't hit the $399 mark, it will be a fail- not only because they can't compete with the ipad, but because companies like Notion Ink are pricing their super fast, capable, 10" Android tablet at $399.

This pretty much does it. I was waiting for the Xoom, but I am going to get the Adam instead. I wasn't expecting $800 and I don't even want the cell connection 802.11 is fine for me. I carry a mifi anyway.

You obviously have some connection to the company, how do I order one?

The Thunderbolt should be a $200 phone or even $150 now that there is no yearly upgrades.

This. My rooted Nook Color will have to suffice for now -- and it certainly kicks enough butt to do so! :)

I may also consider grabbing a Notion Ink Adam if it shines like a star in the reviews AND gets the stock Honeycomb treatment when available. If both of those things happen, then I'll just order the wifi / Pixel Qi version of the Adam and be done...

Wow!!! I guess that I am not going to wait for the Xoom! That's iPad kind of money. I know that it is a lot better than the iPad but they don't need to price it like an Apple. Most of us can't afford or aren't willing to pay that price tag. I guess I should just get a Nook Color, root it and be happy :-)

Wait a few months and that price will come down after slow sales. The galaxy tabs are down $100 even with decent sales.

They are down in price because they are too small, too slow, too limited, too out-of-date (It is a Samsung, remember?).

That just eliminated any chance of me getting a xoom. For that i can get a really nice desktop. Moto fail (Thats twice in one week!).

Yes, because this is guaranteed. Lol, how about you make your decision when it is actually released?

If this is true this makes the Xoom a lot less appealing. I was hoping for sub-500 for the Wi-fi only model.

Notion Ink, $399.

Any tablet brand tied into a carrier will be overpriced, even a wifi-only one of the brand exists, because of secret agreements and such. Wait and see.

And I really wanted one...I mean...have you seen the economy. You think i'm dropping a months mortgage on a tablet. You can run your face into a wall mr (motorola) price adjuster!

I'm with you. Once CM7 makes it over, my NC will do just fine until another 7" or 10" tablet comes along at a reasonable price.

$800?! LOL... no f'n chance!

Add that to the speculation of Motoblur being on the Xoom and you've got a loser of a tablet. I used to be excited about the Xoom, but not so much anymore.

no just no, HELL NO!!!!!

I've been waiting on this thing for a year. Guess i'll be looking elsewhere. Doesn't LG have one coming out on T-Moble?

My guess is that price for the Xoom isn't the WiFi version (which should be cheaper because the lack of 3g/4g radios). I'm am still waiting to see if the Xoom is going to be stuck with a locked and encrypted bootloader....

If there even IS a wifi-only Xoom, it is likely to be way overpriced due to non-compete agreements with Verizon.

Don't care about the price of the Verizon LTE model, WiFi only is what I want, hoping that's closer to $500. I use a Sprint Evo 4G and love Android, but frankly my 64 GB WiFi-only iPad has been bullet-proof and does everything I want (other than having an SD slot, I hate having to use that stupid "camera kit") and since I can tether it to the Evo I already have 4G/3G access when WiFi isn't available. Any Android tablet is going to have to be EXTREMELY compelling both from a software and price standpoint to get me to switch.

I'll be looking to upgrade to a tablet with camera(s) in the next 8-12 months, I love my iPad but it really just should've had at least a FFC to begin with IMO.

Xoom, Could care less, have a 16GB iPad 3G that I can tether with my Droid Incredible. I'd rather have a Xoom or a NotionInk Adam, but the iPad was here, now, when I wanted a tablet. I'm sure that $800 is the unsubsidized price, and if you compare that price to the equivalent iPad, then its really not a huge deal. That being said, if Apple manages to make the iPad 2 up to speculations, there is going to be a price increase, mark my words.

As for the pricing on the Thunderbolt.. it gives me a sad. With no annual upgrades anymore.. $199 with New 2 Yr. should be a standard. With Sprints rumored changes to its annual upgrade policies, adding tiered memberships etc. The Sprint/EVO fanboys that act all Kanye whenever something gets a negative connotation in the Android world come in, they can STFU now too.

I really hope Verizon hits the price point on contract with the Xoom, and I surely hope that the Thunderbolt gets dropped to $199.. Or I'm going to continue to hold my breath on the HTC Merge magically reappearing in the next 4-6 months as an LTE device on Verizon, De-Binged with stock Android.


Well, i don`t wanna be arrogant or anything but i wanted something MORE expensive than the iPad...
The only reason i`m not getting an iPad is NOT because of the price but because it`s junk (piece of glass that`s it, No capabilities) that`s why i wanted some thing High price but also HIGH END Technology and by "High End" i mean END= latest technology and nothing can surpass it at this time..
Something like
Dual-Core 1.5 GHz Processor
1.5 or even 2 GHz RAM
64 GHz Internal storage (MicroSD expandable to 128 *latest generatiom MicroSD*)
Dispalay: 2048*15xx
Battery: 10 Hours of movies
10.1 inches screen
Android 3.0 or even 3.5 (16:10 ratio)
Thickness: same as Xoom
Cameras : 8^ MP HD camera with high end camera software
4^ MP front Camera
MicroUSB x 2
3.5 jack
Bluetooth 3.0
WiFi b/g/n

and lastly:
with unlocked developmental bootloader
Price: 1100 - 1300$
and send one to my mailbox

You cannot measure NAND or Ram quantity in Ghz. That's a speed, or more accurately, a measure of how many cycles per second the chip in question runs. You can measure Ram Speed, Processor speed, GPU speed, etc in *Hz, but even that only tells you cycles per second, not necessarily performance.

oh and that just to STOP the pathetic (some of them NOT ALL) owners of iPhone 4 and iPad from thinking that they are the only ones with thier junk and no 1 can buy that. that`s why i want something to shut them up but something that is WORTH it UNLIKE the 2 i`s (iPhone and iPad)

I saved up $470 since Xmas and thought I was almost done saving... I guess all that money will just go back to school food and gas if it retails at that price.

Please, for the love of god, make a WiFi only version for no more than $599.

I read that there will be a rebate on the tunderbolt.Its on HTCPEDIA, it has a lot about the tunderbolt.

I just fell in absolute love with my Nook Color for $249.

I had plans to get a Xoom if it had an unlocked bootloader but at this price I'll just keep my Nook Color for a while till something more sane comes along.

I just fell in absolute love with my Nook Color for $249.

I had plans to get a Xoom if it had an unlocked bootloader but at this price I'll just keep my Nook Color for a while till something more sane comes along.

I was gonna get this tablet but know it looks like I'll b waiting for the Htc tablets coming soon. Hopefully they won't screw it up like moto did!!!

Thunderbolt fail again if this pricing pans out rebate or not.. I wanted the TB real bad, but $250 for a phone that has year old tech and not able to updgrade for almost 2 years.. No thanks.. I don't mind spending that much, but really I got my D1 one month after launch for $50 when said and done without rebates.. Call BS if you want, but simply went to BB got the phone for $150 on the price match from Got a 3 pack of accesories for $40 bundled. Next day returned the accesories for full price and put the cash and my $50 D1 in my pocket..

For all who keep whining about no more annual upgrades; wise up, pay $70 more up front for your phone hardware on a 1 year contract, and 10 months later, you're free. Sell your phone for the same price you paid for it, and get the next latest & greatest phone.

So hypothetically one year from now you will have 2 year old tech on a 1 year used phone and you would pay over $300 to get it? Crazy in my book, but hey more power to you..

No, you're selling your now 10 month old phone that you got at or near time of it's original launch, to one of the millions of consumers that don't realize the 1 year contract option is a far superior choice if you like to get the newest phone every 10-12 months. As long as you sell your phone right away once out of contract 10 months later, you're essentially getting whatever the latest phone is for "free" after your initial investment of 1 phone.

Check e b a y and see what Droid X's and Inc's with clean ESN's and good condition sell for still. Kinda crazy, but reality.

Thanks, moto! You just narrowed my tablet choices to: the Tab, the HTC ones and the PalmPad. Much easier to decide now!

They are out of their mind. As I said before- any tablet tied to a carrier is going to be a RIP OFF.

What we want and demand is a non-carrier, wifi-only, fast, 10", up-to-date, well designed, affordable Android tablet. And I have $400 sitting here waiting to buy one.

BTW- the Notion Ink Adam is $399.

Just posted by Verizon insider Black_Man_X via Twitter: "People freaking for xoom pricing. Told ya it wasn't gonna be cheap. But 2 year agreement knocks 300 off. Bout 499 or so afterwards"

What's the deal with the second image.....on the last line in the image it reads "You are always completely free to s_____ at any price you choose"

Does that complete line are always completely free to sell devices at any price you choose?????

Just curious I thought that was interesting and would love to see what was cut off.....

I find it simply laughable that people equate overpriced apple gear as being superior just because of the hype and BS that jobs spews to the massess. I had the iPad TWICE, I purchased it on day 1 sold it in 6 months, I got another 64GB 3G iPad through work for FREE, I still sold it and took the cash.

If you want the iPad go buy it, but to take the attitude that Android is unknown or a small market segment (oh didn't Samsung sell 1 Million Tablets in a month just like the iPad) when in fact in 2 years it has caught up to and is actually passing Apple (who also counts iPod Touch's which is a joke).

So I say again, if you want an iPad 2 which is still an unknown entity and will NOT have a retina display unless you want to pay $1000 for it. Clearly users don't follow Apple/Jobs method of trickling out the technology slowly, bit by bit. Android is constantly innovating and pushing technology out faster than Apple, and in fact just remember Apple stole windows from Xerox long before Microsoft stole it from Apple.

I do own a MacBook Air (another over priced device, but I wanted it for many reasons, buyer choice) but I have sold off my 4G iPod Touch, 1G iPad and 4G iPhone and my Droid Incredible, waiting for the HTC ThunderBolt. I will of course take free Apple tech, and may or may not sell it.

Verizon sucks!, They are very conceited as a company & there phones are crap and cheaply made. There to worried about how many stores they can build rather then investing in money on the quality of there phones.