'Mini' HTC One could pack 4.3-inch, 720p display, dual-core CPU

HTC was won heaps of praise for the design of its new flagship smartphone, the HTC One. So it's natural that it might want to echo that same iconic look in its new mid-range product, and if the latest leaks are to be believed, that's exactly what's on the cards.

Prolific leaker @Evleaks, this time moonlighting for PhoneArena, brings us the first possible image of the HTC "M4," a device he says packs a dual-core CPU and a 4.3-inch, 720p display, 2GB of RAM and an 'UltraPixel' rear camera, powered by a 1700mAh battery. Naturally, it's a dead ringer for its big brother the HTC One, which carried the codename "M7" -- with key elements like the "BoomSound" speakers, unique two-button setup and chassis design making the transition over to the smaller handset. There's also some suggestion that the M4 might not use the same aluminum construction as the HTC One, on account of the duller look of the front and back panels in the render.

We should "expect [the M4] to ship with some manner of One branding," when it eventually appears, according to @Evleaks. (Our money would be on "HTC One Mini" or something similar.) The launch, he says, is scheduled for sometime in Q2, with LTE on-board, as well as Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Source: PhoneArena


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Mid-range HTC 'M4' reportedly looks like a miniature HTC One


Me too, still using an Incredible 2 because I refuse to buy a mini tablet for a phone. If this thing has a reasonable price, I WILL buy it, and by reasonable, I'm talking $350 range. Plastic body is fine, and other manufacturers have proven that it's more than possible to hit that price.

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Thanks for the post.

yeah it can be called HTC ONE mini. but smartphone should sense that their milestone flagship smartphone should not be copied with other model in their own company also. if they have leak of designer in smartphone design then they should take more skilled designers for design new phone. if they wanna release then it would be same powerful as big one.

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I disagree. Samsung and Apple have used this exact same strategy with great success over the last few years. This looks like a smaller, plastic HTC One. If they name it the HTC One mini it would be clear to consumers that they are both HTC phones due to the similar design language. It would still be clear to everyone which one was the top dog in the kennel though by nature of the One's premium aluminum build. I think this is a brilliant choice by HTC.

This is exactly what HTC needs to do. Unified design language and branding make marketing so much easier. They won't need to advertise their cheaper products. They can focus exlcusively on advertising their flagship, and thanks to a shared name (with mini at the end) and styling, their whole line will be getting marketed. This also will help them because people will be able to buy a less expnesive phone without feeling like they are getting a "cheap" phone. It has the name and style of a more prestigeous line. This will be an atractive option for pre-paid carriers and those buying off contract as an alternative to going with a less stylish, second tier manufacture like Huawei, ZTE, or Pantech and give HTC a horse in the race vs. the S4 mini.

This ^ Excellent points, I feel the same way. I own the One and am in love with everything about the phone. I hope this is the start of something great for HTC!


Thanks for the reply. But little bit change of outlook will give those mini a little separation from original one. people who are gona buy HTC one they will be depressed by the mini design. Because high end buyer buy for the unique-design+price+power/

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We are upgrading two phones this month, and how I would LOVE this to be available!!! Oh, well, the ONE is sweet; it's just a little bigger than I like to carry around. :)

To be shortly followed by the HTC:

And the "Verizon HTC Droid Insatiable 5VX+ Ultra 4G LTE NFC with Beats Audio"


I'm not completely sold on the leak.

The leaks of the HTC One (M7), had a date of Tue Feb 19 on the Blinkfeed homepage. The day they unveiled the device was in fact Feb 19.

This has a date of "MON May 16th" on it. The 16th of this month is a Thursday not a Monday.

The trouble is with all these "mini" versions is that they scrimp on the specs as well, what the market is missing is a 4.3" high end device.

All of these new mini devices are still top spec. How do they they stack up against last year's flagship? And are they capable of out doing flagships from two years ago?

Yes, I see your point, but you can't buy a current "top spec" mini device.

I'm not saying this device shouldn't exist, it is obviously targeted at a specific consumer. However my point is you can get a top spec IOS device is a small package every year. Theres nothing that really competes head on with that in the android space. Its a missed opportunity, they could be stealing Apple's customers.

Dual core. Womp Womp. I will have to wait for performance tests, but I like the idea. My hand is reaching for my wallet...

The ONLY thing preventing me from buying the One without hesitation is the stupid button setup. I wouldn't even consider the S4 otherwise. I was hoping maybe the next '+' update that maybe Verizon would get would fix that. I suppose this may not be a good sign since they are sticking with it on this unit.

I know everybody debates about the HTC One button layout, but I have to tell you it feels a LOT more natural after a few weeks of use. Coming from an iPhone I may be biased towards fewer buttons but I have had no problems getting used to it. In fact, for most general usage situations I have found the One easier to use than the layout on my wife's Note II.

How can you find the button layout easier on the One as opposed to the iPhone's layout or the Note 2? It's infinitely easier to wake up a screen by pressing a button at bottom of it where it's easy for your thumb to reach as opposed to having to shimmy your hand up the back of a phone in order to locate a wake button on top or having to use your other hand. Even a side button is more ergonomic.

Well I can reach the top button one-handed with no problem. My hands are average size too, I guess I just don't complain about trivial things and focus on DAILY USE as I clearly stated. Switching between apps with a quick double tap, hitting the back button to back out, etc. It just flies and I have no problem reaching anything on this phone. Sounds like you might need the Z10 or an iPhone if 4.7" is too big for you.

I have actually found that I prefer the button at the top instead. With the button at the bottom I have to keep the phone flat in my hand while pressing it to make sure it doesn't slip. With the button at the top I can actually grip my phone while taking it out of the holster and press the power button with my index finger. Much more ergonomic. Most people don't carry their phone upside down in their case or holster, so I can't imagine why someone would need to "shimmy (their) hand up the back of (their) phone".

Why do companies keep thinking small==lower end? 4.3 720p is perfect. 16GB and no SD card is not. Not to mention that button setup.

I'm currently using a Lumia 820 and after using an S3 I've come back around to one handed use. It's really nice not having to stretch my hand to use the phone. And for the life of me, even with 20/15 vision I can't see the difference between 1080p and 720p.

Should be called a the HTC Also

I think there is a market for a "flagship" 4.3" Android handset. Will keep an eye on this - I actually am quite interested in the First from what I've read - if you disable Facebook Home it's a nice little phone. Add BOOMSOUND and Ultrapixels and it could be very interesting.

This is interesting, if priced well could be a hit in the midrange section..Only thing that would have been nice is to have a quad core s4 and 32gb or 16gb with sd card

4 core vs. 2 core (of the same spec) would make no difference to 99+% of users. And you shouldn't hold your breath on SD cards, they are probably gone for good on HTC phones. But they should certainly make versions with more storage (32/64)

I'd be all over this if HTC wasn't on a kick of trying to be like Apple in all the ways I don't like.

Get over it! The current Nexus also has no SD card and no removable battery. Is LG/Google copying Apple? The Droid Razr has no removable battery. Is Motorola copying Apple? How about the Nokia Lumina?

SD cards in phones is starting to fade, and not because of Apple. The cards are slower and the partitioning and use is problematic and confusing for many users. Having all onboard/fast/native/unfragmented storage is generally much better. The bigger issue would be to make sure there are models with larger storage (32/64 or even more) since storage costs continue to go down. The Nexus 4's 8 & 16GB is a total joke.

Not to mention that developers and media providers flat out don't want them. SD cards make piracy all too easy. Since 3rd-party apps/games and media availability are what makes or breaks a platform, expect more and more manufacturers to jump on that bandwagon.

This is the version of the One that I expect to land on Verizon. The timing is just right to replace the almost 1yr old Incredible LTE, as is the size. That would give Verizon a 5" high end and a 4.3" mid range HTC phone, which are slots they seem to like.

Lack of 4.3 inch phones is why my wife is still using her HTC Vivid instead of upgrading when she has had the chance. AT&T needs a decent smaller screen option (like this) for those of us that don't cater to the bigger is better marketing agenda.