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While most leaks concerning the Lumia series fall under the purview of Windows Phone, a recent rumor by @evleaks suggests that Microsoft may be considering launching a Lumia branded handset that runs on Android.

There is no further information regarding the handset, when Microsoft intends to launch it. Nokia had previously launched Android powered handsets under the X series, but those devices ran a forked version of Android with Nokia's own digital store in lieu of Google's services.

It is unlikely that Microsoft would kill off the X series and bring all devices under the Lumia branding considering the most recent entrant in the series, the Nokia X2, launched just a few weeks ago.

That being said, a handset running a full-fledged version of Android from Microsoft seems even more strange. That would be like Google deciding to launch a Nexus smartphone running Windows Phone. One reason that Microsoft may have for doing so might be the idea that Android devices command a more significant market share and user interest than Windows Phone.

Given the lack of any concrete information, we suggest you take the news with a grain of salt. But what do you guys think of the idea?



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Is Microsoft readying a Lumia device that runs Android?


WIndows Phone did live, and it isn't dead, at least not yet.

I love Windows Phone. Microsoft, possibly because of their leadership transitions, seems to be bumbling WP lately. I see some really positive potential in the things they are doing. Some things seem ruinous.

I think MS vision for "One Microsoft" is focused more on the benefit of the entire company, rather than the benefit of Windows Phone. So yes, I could certainly see them release an Android product to get their services delivered the way they would like them to a wider audience.

Finally, I'm on Sprint. Their piss poor support of Windows Phone has forced my hand... I'll be getting an m8 or G3 here in a couple months. I'm leaning m8.

Its sad. It really is/was a good platform.

P.S. Anyone know where to find a really thorough, unbiased comparison of the two phones?

Lumia 520 is $50 in US. Moto e is $130, and moto g $200. So you could buy 2 for pice of e and 4 for price of g. 520 has double intenal storage than e.

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But he was talking about the X which is android, and comparing it to other android phones. Not the 520 which is WP.

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Lol the 520 is most certainly not $50. It also has a terrible screen compared to the g and e. Show a link to this $50 520

Moto G can be bought for $50-100 for Verizon prepaid depending on current sales. The gap is not as large as you seem to think.

Because those run iOS and that's the only option to run iOS on. If Nokia made an android phone that was like that, people would pass it up for an Android phone that doesn't... Your logic is flawed.

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If runs Google services, I'd consider it. Lumias have some of the best cameras available. And as much as I prefer Google, Nokia's Here Maps had, at least on Windows Phone, a vastly superior offline mapping experience, which is important to me. Not to mention that build quality is top notch.

The anti-Google campaigns only happened during Balmer's tenure. The Microsoft CEO was rumored to want to the scrap the XBox and Windows Phones divisions before he took over and get Microsoft back to software and services only. Now that he is CEO I wouldn't be surprised to see Microsoft get out of the mobile phone business in the capacity it is in now.

I had a Lumia (925) for a couple of days. The hardware was fantastic. Monitor, camera, build quality, connections, batterytime etc totally rocked. Only thing that really sucked was Windows, to a degree of being pathetic.

Microsoft doesn't have much of a choice but to turn to android IMO, yes i'm pro android, but when you look at market shares Microsoft can't compare to Android or even Apple, so it's probably best to use nokia and expand into the Android arena since nokia does make some great device's.

But the Windows phone market has improved alot with app selection would Microsoft really abandon that? Or pull a blackberry and put apk support in the OS to sideload Android apps and effectively triple there app selection
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I'm not saying they should abandon windows phone, just that it's a wise move to start using Android also on Nokia's.

Wasn't Microsoft trying to get OEMs to sell dual-boot Windows/Android phones. Maybe they're about to do that themselves. I'd consider buying one if it had an unlocked bootloader, and I could ultimately choose one OS to dedicate all the devices resources to. Basically, the vendor that produces the best hardware for the buck - unlocked so I can keep it up to date if they don't - gets my vote.

But being able to have a phone that would give you the choice in initial setup to run Android or Windows phone, and the ability to change the os in recovery mode or via reset, would be interesting as well.
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Has another 'burning platform' memo gone out?

I think Nokia could have launched a great android phone and been very successful. Microsoft, not so much. The MS brand is speed for many and would you trust them to ever update to later android versions?

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That is a really excellent point. If you were to buy this, there is no guarantee that they will support it. As a matter of fact I'd place the odds at 50/50 that this would be a short lived experiment like the weego or the Nokia sprint phone I bought once.

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They could release a lumia that dual boots Windows phone and Android. I would be interested in that.

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I doubt either MS or Google would like that very much, but I just got tingly in the pants anyway.

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There was an article on wpcentral with an insider saying that come this fall, Microsoft will drop something huge that will upset the mobile world. Dual boot would definitely qualify for something that big.

The easiest solution would be like what oppo did with the n1 cyanogenmod edition. When you boot up into recovery, you can switch from color os to cyanogenmod. It would be cool if the phone have you the option to choose the initial os on startup, and then reset it later to change to the other.

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The build quality and cameras are top notch. I'd definitely consider it if Microsoft came out with a android phone made by Nokia.

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Unless Google controls the updates, and we all know that's not going to happen, I'll pass. My previous experience with Samsung and HTC Android phones that never see updates led me to buy a Nexus, and I see no reason to go back. A new version of Android is announced, and I can flash it within days, if not immediately.

If I was going to buy a Microsoft phone, it would be to run Windows Phone, which I have some interest in trying, but I wouldn't buy a Microsoft phone to run Android.

For some reason, I trust Microsoft to handle this well. What I don't trust them to do is not to remove Google (for obvious reasons) from the equation. Part of the reason why I love Android is Google's services. I use them a lot.

If it really happens, I would definitely buy it. I really liked Lumia 820. Almost bought it. Ended up buying Nexus 4 (which I'm still using and quite satisfied with it). But an Android (especially new version like KitKat or maybe even L) in a Lumia body? Take my money, sir!

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If we had Android running on Lumia hardware (and I'm talking high end like 920 or better), then that would be incredible. I would love that.

One of my co-workers just spent 3 months using a Nokia Windows phone. He actually liked the OS well enough, but had all kinds of hardware issues, especially with the radios. I don't see any reason I'd choose a Nokia-branded Android phone over one from Samsung, HTC, Sony, or any other.

Nokia X series phones are good (I mean to say only x2, not the previous models of X series) but missing google services. It's like having a particular dish by only it's name and not with it's taste. If Microsoft decides to launch pure android based smartphones with having the name and fame of brand name of NOKIA then there will be no doubt whatsoever that the sales will be touching the skies. In my opinion it will be a good move of making money after purchasing nokia and sale of wp phones not gaining momentum

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If this were a year ago, it would be a lot more credible. It's just not the same right now. He's hit a rough patch of recent misfires, especially that day where he announced a OnePlus One tablet and then the spec sheet for the HTC Volantis...

I'm sure he has industry contacts because he's hit too many rumors to just be rampantly guessing, but there definitely is some bad info being fed to him now.

I really hope windows phones are not nearing extinction. Android is and likely will remain my favorite os however ive had a couple of windows handsets and i enjoyed them both. Im just glad windows products are out there. If for some reason i were to sudenly find android insufferable l simply cant imagine embracing ios. Great plan b.

I agree. I'm an Android fan . . . but I actually like the new 8.1 windows o/s. I hope the Windows phone continues.

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Why don't, Microsoft and Google just join and make an awesome thing? i think Microsoft greatness and Google Awesomeness would make a good team... create new Android and devices...