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MediaTek, makers of processors for a variety of different applications including mobile devices, is today announcing its latest high-end chip, the MT6795. This SoC, which sits at the top of the MT67xx range, offers all of the highest available specs from MediaTek. The base platform is a 64-bit "true" octa-core processor (i.e. each core has the same speed and power) running at 2.2GHz, paired up with LPDDR3 memory at 933MHz and proprietary "CorePilot" tech that helps balance load across cores for the best performance while managing heat output.

On the user-facing side, the MT6795 supports 2K displays natively, as well as those with 120Hz refresh rates. For cameras, the SoC supports 480fps slow motion video at 1080p, a big step above the average 120fps offered by most hardware. It of course supports Category 4 (150mbps) LTE, 802.11ac Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0 as well as multi-mode wireless charging.

The MT6795 is aimed at phones that will eventually retail at the $350 unlocked price point and higher according to Mohit Bhushan, VP Business Development at MediaTek, though specific partners at this point aren't known. We do know that the first phones with the new chipset will be launching in Asia by the end of this year, with Western Europe and the U.S. to follow shortly thereafter at the beginning of 2015. As for tablets and set top boxes, we can expect specially-tuned variants of the MT6795 to make their way into those devices through 2015 as well.

MediaTek Launches 64-bit True Octa-coreTM LTE Smartphone SoC with World's First 2K Display Support

A top-of-the-line chipset packed with premium multimedia features designed for flagship AndroidTM Devices

TAIWAN, Hsinchu – July 15, 2014 – MediaTek today announced MT6795, the 64-bit True Octa-coreTM LTE smartphone System on Chip (SoC) with the world's first 2K display support. This is MediaTek's flagship smartphone SoC designed to empower high-end device makers to leap into the AndroidTM 64-bit era.

The MT6795 is currently set to be the first 64-bit, LTE, True Octa-core SoC targeting the premium segment, with speed of up to 2.2GHz, to hit the market. The SoC features MediaTek's CorePilotTM technology providing world-class multi-processor performance and thermal control, as well as dual-channel LPDDR3 clocked at 933MHz for top-end memory bandwidth in a smartphone.

The high-performance SoC also satisfies the multimedia requirements of even the most demanding users, featuring multimedia subsystems that support many technologies never before possible or seen in a smartphone, including support for 120Hz displays and the capability to create and playback 480 frames per second (fps) 1080p Full HD Super-Slow Motion videos.

With the launch of MT6795, MediaTek is accelerating the global transition to LTE and creating opportunities for device makers to gain first-mover advantage with top-of-the-line devices in the 64-bit Android device market. Coupled with 4G LTE support, MT6795 completes MediaTek's 64-bit LTE SoC product portfolio: MT6795 for power users, MT6752 for mainstream users and MT6732 for entry level users. This extensive portfolio allows everyone to embrace the improved speed from 4G LTE and parallel computing capability from CorePilot and 64-bit processors.

Key features of MT6795:

  • 64-bit True Octa-core LTE SoC with clock speed up to 2.2GHz
  • MediaTek CorePilot unlocks the full power of all eight cores
  • Dual-channel LPDDR3 memory clocked at 933MHz
  • 2K on device display (2560x1600)
  • 120Hz mobile display with Response Time Enhancement Technology and MediaTek ClearMotionTM
  • 480fps 1080p Full HD Super-Slow Motion video feature
  • Support for Rel. 9, Category 4 FDD and TDD LTE (150Mbps/50Mbps), as well as modems for 2G/3G networks
  • Support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac/Bluetooth®/FM/GPS/Glonass/Beidou/ANT+
  • Multi-mode wireless charging supported by MediaTek's companion multi-mode wireless power receiver IC

"MediaTek has once again demonstrated leading engineering capabilities by delivering breakthrough technology and time-to-market advantage that enable limitless opportunities for our partners and end users, while setting the bar even higher for our competition," said Jeffrey Ju, General Manager of the MediaTek Smartphone Business Unit. "With a complete and inclusive 64-bit LTE SoC product portfolio, we are firmly on track to lead the industry in delivering premium mobile user experiences for years to come."

MT6795-powered devices will be commercially available by the end of 2014.


Reader comments

MediaTek announces MT6795 64-bit octa-core processor with 2K display support


Sounds impressive. I have a dual core MediaTek chip in my Android stick and it's been working great for 2 years. Has solid dev community as well.

How can you possibly claim there is a dev community at all, let alone a 'solid' one? MediaTek is notorious for their locked down hardware with proprietary blobs. They rarely release kernel source code, forget anything else. Lack of updates to these parts makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for devs to advance the software on this platform. Most don't even try because of this as it is not worth the effort.

Not really a big fan of proprietary tech and support for mediatek has been severely lacking. Any mediatek devices past the android 4.2 wall yet?

mediatek are hostile to linux and open source movement, and have repeatedly violated the licences needed for them to use linux and android:

this means that projects such as CynanogenMod can't get the kernel source to build android for Mediatek processors.

so avoid buying anything in their products whatsoever, because the only way they will pay attention is if it starts to cost them money.

If anyone from Mediatek is reading this, please feel free to respond to this message. But I won't be holding my breath.

Hmm, MTK? Hopefully Qualcomm ups their game now

Posted via my A0002, M9, XT912, N910, G906, D6653, D870, or D900

Haha Mediatek, no thanks by the time this comes out it inside a device it would probably ship with 4.3

"Nothing I shoot ever gets back up again."

How good do we really need our phones to get in processing power... Like I do like the idea of more ram for actual multitasking.. Other than that I don't even use octa core for my gaming laptop..

Posted via Android Central App

If anyone told me 4-5 years ago apple would be kicking everyone's *ss in mobile soc I would call them a liar. Man, was I wrong, how times have changed.

Interesting but I'll believe it when I see it in stores for a non-outrageous price...which means 2-3 years at the earliest.