Baseball fans will be happy to hear that the official At Bat app will support Chromecast soon with an update that should be rolling out today. That means you can wirelessly stream live games from your Android device to your TV (assuming you have the handy Chromecast HDMI dongle). The new feature is locked behind a hefty MLB.TV Premium $24.99 monthly subscription or $129.99 annual membership. There’s also a more lightweight $2.99 monthly plan available for the At Bat app, though you won’t be getting Chromecast support in that instance. Also keep in mind that there are certain blackout periods where live games aren’t available, depending on where you’re streaming from.

Other recent additions to the Chromecast family include Flixster, Rhapsody, BBC, and plenty of others. How often do you use Chromecast? Any big baseball fans already susbcribing to MLB.TV Premium? Between the high monthly costs and blackouts getting in the way, you’d really have to love the game to get in on this.

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Reader comments At Bat rolling out Chromecast support today


Except that the Fire TV plays Amazon Prime videos, which the Chromecast doesn't. Which means the Chromecast is still useless to me. And Prime TV is getting MLB later this year. The Chromecast is getting Amazon video, when?

Huh what is Amazon video? ;) I can't use it on any of my Android devices anyways so I don't care to even look

It comes with every Amazon Prime subscription. (Which, if you're in the US, you should have anyway.)

I wish the NBA would do this with their all access app/subscription. I too would like not to have to muddle around with the stupid Xbox u.i.

Sweet. Baby. Jesus.

Is this the one where Brendilon owes me a dollar?

EDIT: No, it's ESPN. But that's coming too.

Blackout Rules still apply - it's ruled by the app. Chromecast is just a conduit to watch it on the TV.

Right. I live 2.5 hours away from my team, yet I can't watch their games through I used to be able to get around it by enabling location spoofing to get the free game of the day, but they "fixed" that possibility.

I realize this is huge. I watch every Boston and St. Louis game on my phone. Having that chromecast support is huge. And I know this is going to sound like I'm just begging, but College Football is going to be here soon; is the WatchESPN app going to get some Chromecast love too?

If watchESPN gets chromecast support, I will go get one at the closest best buy or store near me when that news breaks

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I already have an annual subscription to MLB. Currently, I'm only watching it using my Playstation3.

Will streaming MLB via ChromeCast be better than streaming via Playstation 3? (picture quality, ease of use, etc)

too bad MLB.TV always blacks out World Series games.... guess I'll have to watch Yankees in the World Series on local TV this fall. :(

I agree you get to watch 100 ' s of games for that price plus if you don't live in the area where your favorite team plays it's definitely worth it. Now if you purchase extra innings thru your cable provider you get MLB TV for free.

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Has anyone that uses a Fake GPS app on their Android device tried this with Chromecast? I am trying to figure out if it uses the IP of the Chromecast or the Android device location to avoid blackouts.

Does the app know if you're using the same sub at the same time in two different locations? At the office when I work late and the family at home on our smart TV for instance.

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Its great news. I am in the UK and have the premium subscription plus no blackout restrictions. Watching on the pc is ok but now I will be able to watch it via the chromecast on the TV. Fantastic

Steve - have you managed to get it working yet? I installed the At Bat app this morning (on a Galaxy S3) but no sign of the Chromecast support.

Very exciting for it to be supported - Chromecast is definitely a better option than the Smart TV app as you can't get anything other than full games on that, and At Bat supports the daily recaps.