HTC Droid Incredible case accessoryHTC Droid Incredible case accessory

Android Central Forum member alear got himself a look at Verizon's silicone case for the HTC Droid Incredible. Looks like all the essential parts are there. But what do you guys think about the texture and design? And what accessories are you most looking forward to for the Incredible? Let's hear it in the comments, and check out a couple more pics in alear's forum thread.



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A look at Verizon's silcone case accessory for the HTC Droid Incredible


Hard to tell the texture from the picture, but it looks about par for an Incredible case. I'd still like to see a clear case to show off the red back of the Incredible. Someone brought that up a podcast or two ago, and I strongly agree that that would be an awesome case (clear back to show off the red.)

Now I just need to buy/win and Incredible...

I'm talking about the red underneath the back cover. So if you had a clear back cover, it would then show off the underlying red.

the back of the incredible is not red, it is black with a red accent around the camera lens.

under the back cover the internal casing is red, but you can't see it.

as to the case, it looks okay, not a fan of the dimples or the shinyness, but that's just me.

all i really want is the car and home docks when they come out.

I agree with the clear case. That red would be cool. Of course I'm a huge Alabama fan!
I just need a good case that is rugged. I am looking forward to an otter box or something like that.

I bought one of these today. I walked in with my phone and they went in back and got it for me. It feels nice not too thick.

I went to the Verizon store and after talking to a manager, they let me see the cases they had available. They are not selling them until tomorrow since its when the phone comes out but since I had it and I let them play with it, they let me see the cases. I went with the holster/case combo. The silicone felt sticky and it would not slide down my pockets very easy. The others I saw were the one thats two tone. It looked ok but I like to have my phone by my belt. It protects the lens to an extent, if you lay the phone on its back the lens does not touch the other surface. That is one thing I do not like about the incredible if you are using it without a case. Seems like the lens will be the first to get scratched. Other than that I like this much better than my Droid. My wife is stuck with the Droid and is jealous.

Yeah is very similar to the droid one, except it has a different design. The phone still fills very slim and comfortable in your hand, not like the droid. I hold the droid and it feels like a brick compared to the incredible.

so verizon does have a hard case/holster for the incredible like they had for the droid? if they have it at the store tommorow when i get my incredible thats the case i will get.

Got my Incredible today via FedEx. Phone absolutely kicks butt! Blazing fast. Went to local Verizon store and purchased above picture case. Exterior is smooth and awesome fit!

I got my Incredible in the mail as well. :)Retiring my little Eris and I purchased the red high gloss case. It's nice and smooth and slips into a pocket perfectly!

I'd like to see a case that takes advantage of the topographic back by providing more protection in the corners. In other words, the back of the case is essentially flat--providing less protection over the battery (where it isn't needed) and more protection around the camera and edges. Thus the overall thickness could be kept very thin.

Another thing I'd like to see are replacement backs that add protection. This would provide good protection while not increasing the overall thickness as much as a case that fits over the standard back. I could even imagine a replacement back that included see-through areas that reveal more of the red internals.

Thats the one I got. I had the equivalent one for the droid and really like it. I like this one better. Although the only concern I have is that the top corners are not as protected as I would like, but it feels good in your hand and its pretty slim.

I bought this case. I like it a lot. The design is smooth yet shiny and the diamond shape pattern on the inside, which is hardly noticeable when it's actually on the phone, matches my Jawbone blue tooth quite well. It gives the phone a sturdier feel as well. Pretty slim and the material doesn't collect lint while inside your pocket.