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Android Central and WPCentral are live from New York City for a special event hosted by HTC. The Taiwanese manufacturer is set to unleash some major new products, and rumors suggest that new Windows Phone 8 devices, a refreshed HTC One X and possibly a 5-inch device on Verizon could be on the cards.

Whatever's unveiled, we'll be covering it all live, which means you'l be able to follow along with all the latest news as it emerges. And after the event's done, we'll likely have hands-on time with any new devices.

The fun begins at 11am EDT (8am PDT, 4pm BST). Check past the break for all our live coverage or click here to go to our enhanced full-width live blog experience!

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teckels says:

Love me some HTC!

major payne says:

Hopefully the 5 inch rivals the Note 2 I would prefer an unlockable phone over a locked down.

bgruber17 says:

Can we get some news on when the Evo 4G LTE and One X, S might be getting some Jelly Bean love?

a22matic says:


tokuzumi says:

Around August of next year.

mkcoastie says:

please HTC....feed my phone changing addiction

mjserrata says:

Is there a live stream any where?

in NYC with HTC? you dont say

jcastag says:

It's funny, I used to look forward to HTC events like this, now I really don't care at all anymore. They have not released anything to get excited about in a few years now.... Coincidentally when their revenues started to tumble.

Also there have not been any leaks of exciting products coming from them so this should just be another HTC letdown,

Austin Steve says:

It is clear to me that HTC is as out of touch with consumer interest as Nokia is. I don't mind there being a Windows phone event. Who cares about Samsung selling 20 million phones in 100 days and Apple havinut the wahzoo?!? Sure pump up this hot OS. Yeah baby! -_- Of course I am being facetious. Maybe the partnership with Windows is a key part of HTC's resurgence over the next few quarters? If it is, I feel sorry for my favorite phone company. To be as innovative and forward thinking as they were over the years it is sad that they have let Samsung outclass them in marketing AND innovation.

Despite the awesome screen, the recent offering of HTC phones were uninspiring. Not that they were not ok, but HTC is NOTORIOUS for bad battery life and never having a "complete" phone out I'd the box. Right on que, the One X experienced battery problems the FIRST MONTH. If you are a new customer to HTC then the problem may be new and it's a minor glitch. BUT if you have bought a couple of phones it is beyond frustrating and par for the course. To add insult to injury, HTC then embeds a smaller battery than it's competition as we'll. Smh. Add to this the inability to increase the memory and you have a poorly conceived iPhone knockoff. HTC, I thought, was better than this. Now, as they did with the Sensation, they are preparing a beefed up One X for other carriers. This practice is so lame. Make the phone right the FIRST time and quit with the incremental pocket rapes. I don't want an iPhone so let me change my memory and battery. It's not like they have IMPROVED these areas so to limit them is ridiculous. I hope they get their act together because they are really forcing me to take a hard look at the Samsung S3 and it's not bad on the eyes at all.

lrn2swim says:

oh stop being so dramatic. my evo lte gets insanely great battery life. 30-50 hours on a charge. quit talking about things you have no experience with.

NelsonTitua says:

Seriously!! My LTEVO was on 46% on 1Day11HRS and 48min with out a charge the battery was greatly improved.. my phone the way i have it is perfect for me and i dont need a jelly bean port as of yet because im still loving it how it is stock. I got it mid july... no complaints! and everything works perfect.

Vagrant_1 says:

If the 5inch doesn't rival the Note2 cya HTC

major payne says:

Wow So Far nothing BUT Windows... If this doesn't have Android then why was AC invited??

jayochs says:

yeah, complete waste of time watching that.

dwd3885 says:

why would you invite an Android blog and not announce an Android phone?

swyost says:

Because this is a site that represents a lot of consumers and they are announcing a new product line. Does that really require any explanation?

Vagrant_1 says:

Wow no android?

Nev says:

That's some great looking hardware!

dwd3885 says:

problem with Windows Phone is the ecosystem. App market is a desert.

swyost says:

You obviously do not spend any time in the WP Marketplace.....

SoulCal01 says:

I'm really baffled, what happened with the 5 inch android phone announcement?

swyost says:

It will happen on another stage (and another day) when Steve Ballmer is not picking up the tab....

SoulCal01 says:

Android Central covers news on android, surely if they wanted everyone to know about the new w8 devices they would have directed every on to coverage from the sister site.

swyost says:

I hate to just repeat myself but this site represents a lot of consumers and they are announcing a new product line and are looking to expand market share. I am really at a loss as to why this even requires any explanation. Media, tech sites, etc., were invited to a WP8 event that has been reported as such on other sites for weeks. The only people who seemed to miss that point are on this site. Did you expect Asus to announce their upcoming Windows 8 tablets at the Nexus 7 event? All sorts of organizations get invited to all of these events. They even get invited to Apple's iPhone and iPad announcements. If Steve Ballmer or another Microsoft executive is showing up and one expects anything other than Microsoft products they should be disappointed in their own lack of situational commonsense not the product announcements. Again, this site should take it as a compliment that they were viewed as representing enough consumers to merit an invitation....

Caleb Morris says:

Your explanation is completely off-base. If they wanted to reach out to more consumers, then where were Crackberry and iMore? Other organizations get invited, because they report news on every aspect of technology, not just Window's Phone or Android. So please stop repeating this off-base explanation.

swyost says:

I am still at a loss as to why anyone on this site expected Android announcements at an event that has been known for weeks to be to announce WP8 devices. It was co-hosted by Microsoft. What do you think they are going to announce - the world's first iPhone clones? AC was invited because it counts as part of the media. Take it as a compliment that they see this site as representing consumers....

Nev says:


Floss82 says:

HTC bring T-Mobile a great android device please ;)

jackinit says:

Fuck you HTC ! Where's my One X+ for T-Mobile? Fuck it, I'm ordering a GS3

jcorv58 says:

Quick, somebody call a waambulance!

ucfgrad93 says:

Very disappointing in that only 2 Windows phones were announced. Was hoping for some android phones or a tablet.

swyost says:

Something to consider for those who seem to still not get this event. If you were a jazz musician or a reviewer of jazz music and you were invited to the opening of a new opera, how would you respond? Would you accept out of interest in music; decline because it wasn't jazz; or whine because the opera did not include a jazz solo? I would suggest that either the first or second options are quite valid responses. Using this very simple logic, why would you then complain that no android devices were announced at a Windows Phone 8 event? Oh, if you really think the third option is the most reasonable, you should seek help....

jackwagon06 says:

Everyone is pissed about the hype of a new android based phone, and none were announced. The reason I bring up the obvious, is because we here read ac, not wp central. It was an invite to an htc event, hence there better be a damn android phone or just a tab for shit sakes. If you enjoy windows on your Pc, then you will love the phone I would imagine........but don't take it as whining, when it is more frustration from the htc I wait for my note 2.........they made my decision for me.

swyost says:

The invitation was made by HTC to a media outlet (this site) not to you and was for a Windows Phone event. What part of that escapes you? It happens all the time with all sorts of events. Android, Mac, Blackberry, and IOS event notices show up on Windows and Windows Phone sites all the time and some are actually covered. The same is true of any other combination of those OSs and their news/interest sites. At the moment, all of the sister sites here have a link to the iPhone 5 review at the top of every screen. Do you expect the review to shill for Android devices at some point in the text? The angst and agitation over the fact that HTC did not announce non-WP8 devices at a WP8 event is just surreal. Again, this is the only site of which I am aware that seemed to miss the fact that this was scheduled as a WP8 event (with Microsoft) weeks ago. If you want to whine at anyone, whine at the managers of this site who didn't bother to pay attention to the fact that this was known to be for the unveiling of HTC's WP8 phones. Do you really expect Steve Ballmer to stand on the stage (and pay for an event) so HTC can announce Android devices? This is one of those cases where a little commonsense can go a long way.

amarjeet2ny says:

we love HTC we want to have HTC store in New York City. as apple have all over so. People can see new phone which coming up. and all HTC devices