LG Optimus 4X Max

Android Central at Mobile World Congress Welceome to a new era for LG, folks. The LG Optimus 4G HD brings the manufacturer's first quad-core smartphone, and it's a beauty. As fast as you'd expect, as thin and light as you'd demand.

On paper the LG Optimus HD is a killer. Consider:

  • 4.7-inch IPS display
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Tegra 3 quad-core processor at 1.5 GHz, with that NVIDA 4-PLUS-1 technology that brings a fifth companion core into the mix, to handle the light loads and extend battery life.
  • 8MP and 1.3MP camera.
  • A 2150 mAh battery

It's all full of sexy.

As a matter of use, you've got a mix of LG's custom UI and the gorgeousness of Ice Cream Sandwich. It can be a little tough to tell where one stops and the other begins, and that's a good thing. Throw into the mix the gorgeous display and unmatched power, and you're going to want to get your hands on this thing.

We've got some more pics and a video after the break.

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LG Optimus 4X MaxLG Optimus 4X Max

LG Optimus 4X MaxLG Optimus 4X Max

LG Optimus 4X MaxLG Optimus 4X Max

LG Optimus 4X MaxLG Optimus 4X Max

LG Optimus 4X MaxLG Optimus 4X Max

There are 36 comments

angryGTS says:


tommydaniel says:

The back though...

tjsongman says:

Really? ALL those specs and all you notice is the back?!? How often do you look at the BACK of your phone?

victor3451 says:

Well, at least I look at the back of my phone A LOT. I like to appreciate its beauty, I'd never buy an ugly phone.

heraldo says:

The back is important in a lot of situations. Like woman...but not a phone

angryGTS says:

maybe its just the angle of which the phone is held, with all those bright ass lights shining on it you would be able to notice each of the "waves" on the back I hope it grips to the hand as good as it looks like it would.

adzrules says:

Meh, I think most LG's look terrible. Very 'block' like and with no sense of real design to them. Next

icebike says:

Ok, too "block" like tell us what shape you want to see.

Round Disk phones? Cubes" Triangular phones?

You probably want a fairly nice size screen, right? You want it to fit in your pocket, right?

So you tell us how you fit that onto anything but a rectangular block shape. We're all ears Mr design expert. Balls in your court.

Did you say Triangle?!

voiceonly says:

I would prefer a Pyramid design phone with a hidden chamber inside, or maybe even a parallelogram... that was Obsequious, purple and clairvoyant (very few will remember that).

Premium1 says:

Wish they would bring something like this to verizon.

kenyee says:

Seriously? T-Mobile has *ZERO* 720p phones right now.

Verizon has the Nexus Galaxy...LG Spectrum....HTC Rezound...and more soon I'm sure :-P

mhans311 says:

Nobody's saying it can't be on both :)

pckid47 says:

wish there were videos

victor3451 says:

Oh my god, I love the phone, but the back is REEEEEEEEEALLY UGLY!

SAVJR says:

I'm pretty sure your updating this event from your phone...but you should really proof read. "As fast as you'd expect, as thing and light as you'd demand."

It seems that HTC is now the only company who didn't get the memo about slim phones with large batteries

n0obpr0 says:

Ummm don't really care about the back but those specs are sexy as f*ck!

Timelessblur says:

It is ok as long as they update it the phones in a timely fashion.

Heck I think those questions should be pressed all the time.

btc0526 says:

The UI on it looks like a mix of touchwiz and blur

victor3451 says:

Okaaaaay... It looks like people on the Android community don't really care about how their phones look. C'mon, if you don't care about looks, why do you want ICS so bad, huh? Design MATTERS, a lot actually!

edyts says:

LOL, ICS doesnt affect the physical "look" of a phone. Are you retarded, thats like me waiting for jelly bean so my camera flash moves to left one inch, WTF are you talking about.

LG is back!

leftheodo says:

When was LG here? Seriously, it's a nice phone but it has one major issue! It's made by LG! Radom reboots and hardware problems coming your way!

Taz89 says:

wait you have a galaxy nexus and you cant tell whats stock ics or not lol especially after all the bashing that skins get you lot cant tell whats stock or not.

blkbimm3r says:


randyw says:

Endgadget says it workes in HSDPA+ not LTE so it will most likely be AT&T

Jayshmay says:


voiceonly says:

No F'ing Clue?

vinny jr says:

All those great specks and no sd card. That is a big fail as far as I'm concerned. Kept me from buying the Samsung Nexus and I am a huge Nexus fan. These so called engineers take forever designing these phones and they leave out items that I consider deal breakers for me. Complete bull shit.

logan47 says:

Back is a little fugly but who cares, you will keep it safe in a nice case, right? Agreed, expandable memory should also be there as an option.

gamepete64 says:

Looks like Touchwiz.

JEvoUser says:

Agreed is a little ugly lookin back cover but dang that sounds like it well be blazin fast. A little off topic but is it me or are any other ice cream sandwich users missing the search button so you could voice search from any application at anytime. I really hope they update it to wear the recent applications button or any button you can long press and activate voice search again or any of the supported apps. I know on my evo 4g using decks alpha ICS rom the search key still had this function and im sure some after market roms would enable this but i dont really want to root my galaxy nexus since most roms i used on my evo had random rebooting.(cm7.1,swagged out stock) Please Google get er done.

15israellai says:

Not bad really. But here comes the virtual buttons problem again. What's going to happen when running legacy apps?

Cyrilmak says:

I'm sorry but that UI is horrible. The best thing about ICS is it's People app and it's Holo UI.

rbess1965 says:

I usually like LG but not impressed!