LG Optimus 2X vs. iPhone 4

In a test that should really surprise nobody, the dual-core Tegra 2 powered LG Optimus 2X got caught on video demolishing an iPhone 4 in browser speed tests over WiFi. What is most impressive is that the 2X apparently had Flash 10.1 fully enabled at the time, so those who visit Flash-enabled websites on a regular basis should be especially excited for the phone. It seems LG has improved the software since we last saw the phone showing off back in late November. Look for much more coverage of the device come CES and check out the video past the break. [PhoneArena]


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LG Optimus 2X whips iPhone 4 in browser speed tests


Nope. If it had been pre-loaded, the thumb would have shown in the bookmarks menu.

Just a nice demo of next gen hardware, with Adobe Flash running, beating what many consider the best current gen hardware without Flash running.

Nope single core to single core... Unless it is running Honeycomb.. Android Gingerbread and lower DON'T/CAN'T use the second core. But to be fair the iPhone is running a Cortex A8 vs the LG's A9.

AAWWWWW the little iphone is so cute. It should be offered in pink. And I didn't know Steve actually let his users have a single button.

Very impressive!

Does anybody know where to get or what exactly is the live wallpaper running on the LG? Looks like fireworks, but very fluid movement and a nice looking wallpaper at that

I think its a 2011 countdown live wallpaper. Not sure but looks just like what I got from the market.

So, shoving notebook-like power into a phone defeats a single-core phone on 1 web page? That's so impressive.

How is it on battery life?

Um pretty sure it is impressive, cuz it whooped the single core Yphone with one core tied behind its back! It doesent run 3.0 so therefore doesn't make use of two processors.

It is a nice phone, they HAVE to abandon that ripoff touchwiz UI. Why in the world would you wanna ripoff a Ui that ripsoff the iphone UI and just plain sucks as bad as touchwiz?

Just liek Touchwiz, looks like the kids colored it with crayons .. cheeeeeeeeeeesy

Try to open a real large web page and pinch zoom.
Wish Android could have hardware acceleration UI like iOS (or Opera could fix their bugs and finally release lol).

seems to me the nvidia power tegra doesn't need any hardware acceleration, it smoke the nice tryphone just opening the browser, and still finished first while loading flash Btw we've enjoyed pinch to zoom for a while now