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LG's latest sales announcement may still seem somewhat insignificant in the overall standings, but that's not to say it's an achievement that should be sneered at. Announced this morning, LG has now sold 10 million 4G LTE smartphones worldwide. There's a strong chance that the bulk of those sales were made in its native South Korea, but 10 million is 10 million, wherever they're sold. 

Consider too the global mess that is LTE, and the fact that outside the United States and places like Korea, it's still starting out in many areas. Europe is still getting to grips with LTE, the UK has barely started for example, and making a device LTE compatible in different markets is still more of a headache than it should be in an ideal world. 

LG is committed to the 4G LTE device market, and with the introduction of the F-Series at Mobile World Congress, hopes to bring affordable LTE devices to the market. 

Source: LG (Newswire)


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LG: 10 million LTE smartphones sold worldwide so far


Since when is LTE phone sales count a milestone?
I guess when you're competing with Samsung you have to grab at anything you can find :p

Very nice! LG finally brought great hardware to the consumers last year and it paid off. I'm personally eyeing that Optimus G Pro as my next phone. Official updates are for the most part irrelevant to me since it'll be rooted day one and running a custom ROM a few days after that.