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HTC has already announced one variant of its 5-inch, 1080p "DLX" handset, the Japanese HTC J Butterfly, and tomorrow in New York City we'll be seeing the Verizon version, the Droid DNA. Today, leaked information from a Taiwanese forum might indicate a wider Asian launch for the device.

The images above have emerged on ePrice, showing the HTC DLX in black, white and brown flavors. According to the source, the brown and black version will be available in China, while HTC's native Taiwan will get all three. The international DLX seems to be slightly thinner than the Verizon version -- note the protruding camera lens in the middle shot. This could point to a battery smaller than the 2500mAh unit reported to power the Droid DNA.

Various dates are being bandied about for the Chinese and Taiwanese launch of the DLX (which, by the way, we imagine is still a codename). The poster on ePrice says it might arrive in Taiwan as early as Dec. 20.

In addition to the crazy 1080p display, reported DLX/Droid DNA specs include a quad-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 2GB of RAM and a 12MP camera, putting it on par with the J Butterfly.

Our fingers are firmly crossed for an unlocked European version of this beauty.

Source: ePrice; via: PhoneArena


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Latest HTC DLX pics point to wider international launch


Boom! It's near time to upgrade my Desire HD. If this is making it to the UK in the next month or 2 I'm in.

Is there a reason why we europeans, expecially those in the euro zone, get screwed up everytime with everything?
Besides paying 349€ instead of 349$ (1€=1,27$ so theoretically we should pay 274.8€) for a Nexus 4, we don't even get the other products ( see LG Optimus G and this one).
My carrier t-mobile Germany is still stuck with the GSIII and the One X as their "flagship" devices. Phones that are 6+ months old...
Is our money not good enough?

i totally feel you man ....i want this device but doesnt make any sense im sure it will take at least 3 4 month more than regular to be in germany

It's funny when Europeans talk, they're like little make believe creatures. Does anyone even know what he just said?

I think it would be very likely since they need a device to be another One line device besides the new One X+ for next year. I'm just hoping it will be on Sprint as an EVO with maybe a kickstand.

1) Buy an international, unlocked GSM version.
2) Insert your AT&T SIM card into the corresponding slot.
3) Enjoy!

Oh, you meant on contract? Yeah, don't count on it. Aside from the extra GB of RAM and the display/size, you probably won't notice a difference between this guy and the One X+. Oh, and the AT&T One X+ has LTE. If you want an HTC on-contract phone on AT&T, get the One X+. If you don't mind the unsubsidized price and lack of LTE, and you like this one better, get this unlocked (when it becomes available).

I will not be buying any phone that is not internationally available on just about every category. Samsung & Apple have proven that not only is it a winning formula, but it is the only way go almost guarantee support for the device, a large range of accessories, and brand recognition. Even though this phone looks nicer, I'll probably be going with the Note II unless HTC announces increased availability across carriers

It's probably going to come into AT&T and Sprint probably next year under a different name. Announcement at Mobile Congress?

Umm why? Can you give me any explanation why software buttons are better? Considering they eat up screen realestate I would definetly put capactive over software anyday.

If VZW gets a white version like the one above, I may finally say goodbye to my Gnex. The regular black doesn't do it for me yet.

If Sprint gets this I'll forget that Sprint's crappy 3G network only let's me download 10Mb of data every 6 minutes.