Customers can initiate pull request today soon

Updated update: Things are good. Go download your update. Someone forgot to factor the time Google needs to get the file itself on the servers, and things backed up 12 hours.

Update: Looks like someone jumped the gun, as the Sprint admin who posted about the update has walked things back a bit, adding that "this software update is on hold and should be pushed to production very soon. Apologize for the inconvenience." More likely is that it just wasn't meant to be made public yet. Either way, hang tight. We should see this soon.

Original follows.

Sprint has given word that customers with an HTC One can now pull down the Android 4.4 KitKat and HTC Sense 5.5 update directly to their phones starting today. Nothing official for a change log was given, but it should be the same exact KitKat and Sense 5.5 update that has been on the unlocked and European phones for a bit, and that Canada just started getting this morning.

HTC already gave us a heads-up that they could miss their self-imposed 90-day turn around time to get KitKat out to customers with a One, but it looks like Sprint isn't making that one true for their customers.

If you're the impatient type — and you know you are — fire up your settings and check for your KitKat update. Hop in the comments when you get it, and be sure to hit the forums to share your thoughts and experiences.

Source: Sprint. Thanks, Krazik!


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KitKat for Sprint's HTC One now available


Even if they get by February 11, not bad at all! If there is one thing Sprint is good at, its releasing updates as soon as possible!

Nexus 5...enough said

Nothing. I was just at the sprint store today and checked the one on display. No update...

Nexus 5...enough said

What's your point? Is 4.4 not good enough?

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Nope! 4.4 as it's displayed on the screen.

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

Its actually 4.4.2 so calm your tits. Plus the major differences for 4.4 to 4.4.2 is for the Nexus 5 for camera updates so it doesn't really matter.

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Must. Grab. Titties.

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Wow, what a long list of fanboys. It's just a phone damn!

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How do I initiate the pull request? It also doesn't appear to be available yet. Has anyone successfully been able to update?

I have to wait until I get home next week to get this. Visiting San Diego and unfortunately sprint is rather slow here. :-(

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I wish. The hotel Wifi is so bad in the rooms I think dialup is better, at least fewer disconnects. Maybe I'll go visit a Starbucks and smooch off theirs. Lol.

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I'm not a Samsung lover(except for their TV;s) but I had a go at HTC. It's still a failure that they couldn't get updates out for all the carriers by their self-imposed deadline. They knew they needed carrier approval to get the updates out, they knew what it would take to get through the carriers, and still made a promise they couldn't deliver on. Maybe its the carrier's fault for the delay(I don't know what the issue behind the delay is on the other carriers, it could be the carriers or HTC) but it HTC's fault for making a promise that they couldn't control whether or not they delivered on it.

You sound like a raging liberal looking desperately for something to offend you so you have something to bitch about. At least HTC communicates with the consumer by both explaining the update process and giving us an idea of when to expect updates. So what, they missed the deadline by a little bit. Shit happens. At least they had the balls to admit it and say "Our bad, it'll be a little bit late, we apologize". HTC has become as consumer friendly as they come, and we should be thankful. Cut 'em some slack. They're real people working extremely hard to please us. You, nor anyone else, knows what's going on behind the scenes that caused them to miss the deadline - a deadline they were NOT required to give us, anyway. Bumblebee tuna.

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Conservative looking for a loophole?

Hey it is great that it is out, they still missed the deadline, again.

"Android 4.4 and Sense 5.5 will come to HTC One users across North American carriers by the end of January"

Missed it by thaaaat much

We get it Nonexus you hate Htc but seriously give them some credit they gave themselves a goal and only narrowly missed it I think their lines of communication are what's important. My wife is enjoying KitKat on her Rogers Htc one.

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As usual, somebody ALWAYS has to work their political agenda into a discussion about tech.

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SO if I take what you're saying to the next natural level, its ok for someone to walk up to me, put a gun in my face and rob me as long as they communicate that its what they're doing. Or its ok for my wife to cheat on me as long as she send me a text about what acts she's gong to perform right before she does it.
Sorry buddy, but wrong is wrong whether you communicate or not. They shouldn't have made a promise if they couldn't keep it. And its not like this is the only time they've done it either. But you are right, they weren't required to give us a deadline, but they did. That puts them on the hook. If I want empty promises I'll watch political ads. HTC should be better.

your analogies are so far stretched they undermine any and all credibility you might have had. htc is not cheating on anybody, nor are they issuing empty promises. they established a deadline, that deadline had to be extended slightly for reasons beyond their control, they communicated the fact and they will deliver. that is all there is to it. by your standards, its better to be kept in the dark - not knowing your wife is cheating on you (following your poor analogy) than being told that your relationship is in dire straits.

Wow, we posted almost the same comment at the same time. That's great. Tdizzel, we still love you. We're all here for the same reason - were android fans. No hard feelings.

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Your analogies are outrageous. Comparing a robbery at gun point or a cheating wife to a smartphone OEM missing a self-imposed deadline for a software update? Don't get me wrong, I won't say I wasn't disappointed that HTC announced they'd be missing the deadline, but to go online and pout about it - I find that ridiculous. Maybe it's just me, but I hate whiners. Enjoy your weekend, pal.

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The logic is strong with Tfizzle... Although I feel he may be too old for Jedi training.

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Lol! You're a geek

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They never promised anything. They missed a deadline, big deal. Everyone does. Anyone who takes any deadline by any manufacturer is an idiot anyway. Everyone should know better by now.

Posted via a device much better than yours.

Turn phone off and back on. Then try it again. If it doesn't then it must be a staggered update.

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I am glad to see that HTC got it out and that Sprint was the first, good on you guys!

only 3 OEMs to go to start getting this out...

That's more like it, I have no loyalty to any oem but I give credit where credit is do and Htc deserves it's credit.

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Haven't gotten it in Hawaii. (I know location doesn't matter. I just wanted to say Hawaii in the winter).

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Great for me. I get 28 - 30 hours with moderate to heavy use but I also use Juice Defense Plus which really helps manage things behind the scenes. Without JDP though, I was still getting 24 solid hours. I expect improvements beyond that with what I've read about KitKat.

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Seems like Jerry jumped the gun. These articles shouldn't be released until atleast ONE confirmed download.

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Has nothing to do with Jerry jumping the gun. He simply blogged about something that was made available in the Sprint forums by Sprint.

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I see what you're saying, but read the headline of this article.

The internet journalists should follow the same process of other journalists. Vet the info before publishing!

Having said that, I like Jerry and respect him.

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I take the blame as I sent in the Tip. Sprint is usually very reliable with their update posts. It turns out this one and the one previous were both off by about 12 hours. In the end the article did serve its purpose and we all now have KitKat.

Sit tight and hang in there, folks! The update has been approved by Sprint, but it requires approval by Google before it can be pushed from HTC's servers. You can rest your weary "check for update" fingers.

Google approval typically takes about 24 hours, but I'm not sure if it will happen over the weekend. In any matter, the update will roll out VERY soon.

Disclosure: I work for HTC.

There's no ART

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

Upon further review, you are correct sir.

I had checked a few reviews and in the early releases it was there, guess it failed the final cut.


The gallery app is layer out different with more video highlight options, the icons on the status are white, you can now configure your quick setting toggles, also you can turn off blinkfeed. Blinkfeed can also grab feeds from Google+. There is also a quick way to change home launchers in the settings under personalize. :-)

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I received my update at 11:47 p.m. EST so HTC did make their estimate!!!
+1 to Sprint and HTC!!!

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Well, there's only a few minor changes. With this device, it's definitely not an update to be disappointed about if you haven't received it yet, unless printing is important. However, I do like that accessing the BlinkFeed topics is much simpler now (just swipe left when on the BF screen), the "Read it Later" and "Share" options at the bottom of the screen on BF articles, the linear Gallery menu, etc.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

With your index finger and thumb, vertically "pinch" your screen, then you should see a "BlinkFeed ON" option at the top left.

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People actually use the actual launcher that comes with the phone.... It amazes me. Maybe I'll switch back and give it another shot.

Verge FanBoi

Downloading mine here in the DMV (DC,MD,VA). HTC and Sprint have been on the ball with this phone! 14 years with Sprint and get 4G almost all over this area. This is the first cell I've owned in 20 years that I am still happy with after carrying for almost a year!

I was saying the same thing. This is the first phone that doesn't even get old at all. It's even better than when I first got it. Kudos to HTC!

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Hey, I still see purple in dark areas or pictures. It doesn't seem AS bad but it's still there.

The only differences visually with the update I've seen so far are the white battery icon, bigger screen previews in the recent apps screen and the option to turn blink feed on or off.

And still no "End All" option in the recent apps screen.

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The purple tint on your pictures is due to a hardware defect. Get in contact with HTC support so the camera can be swapped out.

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Changes I have noticed to far:

- Bigger snap shots in multitask window
- Battery icon is now white instead of green
- smoother operation (In my opinion)
- Emoji support now has colored icons (Were black and white previously)
- Blink feed can now be disabled
- Gallery layout has been redesigned
- Cloud printing now available
- Screen slightly different when receiving calls
- Quick task icons now customizable (Rearrange and remove if you like)

These are a few things I have noticed after a few hours of use. If you have anything to add feel free to tag onto this post.

****Strangely I have noticed that once I changed my lock screen the option disappeared from the Personalization settings and I can't figure out how to get it back (kinda sucks). Also let me know if you have this problem**********

Downloading Kitkat 4.4.2 with Sense 5.5 now on GF's HTC One in Costa Mesa CA

Obviously HTC and Sprint make the Yarellians et al look like the arrogant fools that they are... period!

Its just an update for a year old phone. You guys go crazy over the most trivial things.

posted with a galaxy note 3. h8ers gon' h8. live2win#swagface#switchedOn*_*

I noticed this problem as well. I used to use the photo album for my lock screen, and I can't find any option to bring it back.

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Does anybody know how to turn off the lock screen? Before the update I could just turn the power button on and there would be no lock screen but after the update I notice when I turn the power button on there is a little lock at the bottom I go into settings and say no lock screen but the lock is still there

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This. This is driving me insane. I specifically select to disable the lock screen, and now it locks every single time. Pretty sure this feature is broken. It is extremely annoying when it locks every single time.

I found the "bypass lock screen on wake" option there, but even then, it always locks. enabling/disabling an actual password lock doesn't seem to matter. If the password lock doesn't kick in, the lock screen icon still shows up and I need to swipe before I can use it. Very annoying.

have you tested this on your phone. maybe its just mine for some reason.

You can't disable the lock screen. This was intentional on the part of HTC. It was part of their security feature update with sense 5.5. I think it sucks to have to swipe the damn thing every time! But, if I'm being honest, I was pocket dialing when I didn't use the lock screen!

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Noon on Saturday the 1st of February I checked and am downloading the update NOW!!!
Cincinnati OH
Hopefully its actually ready and the wait was worth it. The last update (prior to attempted fix) was terrible, and even still I get "data connection" error msg.

Anything or reasons to not install? Found a work around for losing FLASH (which sucks) but using another browser should do the trick.

Let all know if any of you regret installing.
Go time!

Normally, no, not really. If you are receiving this OTA, you are probably not rooted, so going back is a little tougher. But with Android, anything is possible. Not sure why you'd want to though, I can barely tell the difference one way or the other. Its mostly under the hood, subtle changes.

Thanks for the reply. I have no desire to go back, just curious to know, just incase something I used to love would have been axed.
I haven't rooted a phone since my HTC my touch & OG HTC EVO. Though I have wanted to. When I do start to look into rooting I see that a "spectacular" update is coming so I wait...and wait, and wait some more....for more of the same.

Loving the update! Here are a few things I have noticed:
- Updated Blink feed options (slide from left, Twitter changes, G+)
- new Gallery layout
- updated TV app (new remote and home screen layout)
- white battery icon
- option for two lockscreen widgets
- customizable quick settings in notification shade and new quick settings (DND, GPS, Media Output, wish they would have included Beats Audio switch)
- Default SMS app setting under Wireless & networks - More
- Larger multitasking icons
- New video highlight themes (old ones removed, like the old ones better)
- overall much smoother

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I really liked the old video highlight themes too. I wonder why they removed them.

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Lockscreen widget?
Where did that go?
How do I add a widget on the lockscreen again?

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Just got it on my HTC one. Looks pretty sharp, but more impressive on my Nexus 5.

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Just got mine and it's 4.4.2, sense 5.5. Not entirely sure what's new with it, can't find anything that really outlines the update and provides patch notes, but hey...I have 4.4.2!

Dang! I can't believe this post got 183 comments!

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Oooooh. Full notification bar in car mode. Love that. And battery life seems much better.

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Got the update this morning! Biggest improvement - the move of the EMERGENCY CALL button on the unlock screen. I don't know how many times I've almost call for help. And I'm in Iowa, so we're getting the update in the cold Midwest.

Is Hangouts behaving correctly with sprint's visual voice mail? It was intercepting my voice mail as a text in Hangouts..

Yes they did, however to use it on the launcher besides Sense 5.5 you will have to toggle the option in say Nova Launcher to make the view transparent. Default Sense UI has always had a transparent notification bar.

Ok downloaded the new update from sprint kit Kat 442 but I seem to be having a problem. The unlock is working even though I have it unticked / turned off in the settings. Am I missing something here? I like hitting the power button and having my home screen there and not having to worry about also unlocking the phone. Can anyone advise please?

I believe they took that option away. You always have to have a lockscreen now even if you don't have a PIN.

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Hate the new video highlights! Nothing new in the update is worth losing those. It was my favorite feature if this phone. If you use video highlights and love the music and themes DON'T UPDATE!

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Video Highlights is still there. Just swipe right--it is hidden to the left when looking at the Events view.

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Video highlights is not just there but it's absolutely awesome! No one is mentioning the major upgrade to video highlights! You can make highlights with your own music, but you can use you own music right within the gallery app and the highlight can go as long as the song of you want!

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Ever since the Kitkat 4.4.2 update my phone now lags more then ever and I'm now experiencing Internet freezing problems ugh!

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I agree the feature is still there. The new themes are the problem. The old themes were much better.

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Installed my update this morning but still testing. I have an UN-rooted HTC ONE. One very noticeable problem is that KitKat changes permissions for apps to access battery stats so none of those apps work anymore. I was actually in the middle of doing work to see where a battery drain was coming from so that is irritating. It did do some strange things to my lock screen, reset a few settings. I have a lot of testing to do before I say anything more about it. I just wanted to to say that I did get my update. I have been excited for this but now it feels a bit anti climatic. I was waiting for the update before I rooted this thing (i am new at this and only rooted my tab 3 so far)so now I guess I can root. Chances are I will find a nice 4.3 Rom and stick to that for a while.

Use Wakelock Detector from the play store. It works with 4.4.2

Edit...Never mind, you have to be rooted to use it with KitKat.

Sent from my Crashed Note 3 that does NOT suck monkey balls!

Phone is snappy!!! but I am noticing a battery drain that is muuuuch more than before.
I have been and still am using Juice Defender Plus which REALLY helped before the update. I hope things level off soon.....going to give it a week.
Anyone else notice this? Any tips? I did a couple of restarts and it seems to have helped a good bit so far.

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Am using HTC one sprint.......i tried to update my HTC one...I downloaded the update and tried to run it but my phone will only restart and it won't's sooo annoying wasting my time on this update