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If you're on a Mac and frequent using Kies for syncing your device, you may have noticed it doesn't really play well with Apple's latest and greatest OS, Mountain Lion. Sure, it'll find your device when attached but when you go to synch your device it'll never work. Samsung has yet to update Kies for Mountain Lion but if you're in desperate need to use it, Android Central Forums member Nashstruck has a work-around that is fairly easy to make use of:

Solution :

  • Download Samsung Kies:
  • Open the DMG
  • Right click on the "kies20mac_s9218.pkg", then open it with "The Unarchiver"
  • You should see a file named "kies20mac_s9218", open it.
  • Right click on the "contents.pkg", and click "Show Package Contents"
  • Double click "Payload", it will create a folder named "Payload 2 2", double click it.
  • Double click "Applications" and then you will see Kies, drag it to the application folder, installation complete!

After that is all done, you'll want to go into the Kies settings under preferences and disable the 'Notify when updates are available', this will prevent Kies from updating and giving you OS errors once again. Restart Kies once that is done and then, enjoy syncing your device. Hopefully, Samsung will get their butts in gear and update Kies to include Mountain Lion support but for now, this will work fine as kind.

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Kies for Mac and Mountain Lion not working? Here's a solution [From the Forums]


Kies is terrible.

I have an international galaxy note and i have no way to update it in USA.

kies wont detect it.
no OTA updates.

the only way to update my phone is by rooting it, its absolute BS

the phone has had ICS for 4 + months and i cannot even get it.

>"If you're on a Mac and frequent using Kies for syncing your device, you may have noticed it doesn't really play well with Apple's latest and greatest OS"

Yeah, well, try it with Linux and be even less impressed with this whole "Kies" crap.

Kies has no idea my Galaxy S III is plugged in. Kies Air from the phone works through a web browser though. Can't exactly update firmware that way though.

Kies is the worst piece of software I have ever had the displeasure to use. Since it never works beyond the first install, and fails to detect my non-rooted OEM ROM device after a couple of days. I only re-install Kies when I want to get a software update.

Kies-air works ok, although it has distinct limits in what it will backup. I ended up using a purchased App to backup all the rest of my user data to my PC in case I damage my device and do not want to completely start over with my phone. Google will only sync my contacts and apps (and anything attached to my play account). I personally use my thousands of historical texts as a running log of useful interactions and data for my contacts.

I had to uninstall Kies from my Mac. My fan was going non-stop because of how hot my computer was getting and I couldn't figure out why. I tried restarts and shutting down all my programs, nothing worked. Turns out the Kies Wifi service was constantly using at least 50% of my CPU and bogging everything down.

I just did all the steps just like how it said but my s3 just said connecting on kies air. im like really ? what now.. i just deleted it i'll wait to get updates


Thanks for the procedure. It seems to work but not correctly. When I go to update it crashes. It might be because I get a different version in the package. This is what I get: kies20mac_s8173 not the s9218 you get. I did get the file from the same place, maybe they updated it and now it does not work, not sure. Any ideas?



OK I re downloaded file and resinstalled. This time I do get version s9218 and it works but it does not see my device which is a Sprint 4g epic. I did see a driver for this phone in the Samsung site but it was for Windows OS. Do you know where I can find the Mac osx version?

Thanks Again (Great post for us Mac users)

Chris, nice workaround. Like the others I followed your steps exactly, but no success on my early MBP 2011 running Mountain Lion 10.8.1. Was met with the "connecting" forever state.

On a whim, I downloaded the latest build that the Kies Auto Update function provided. Here's the steps I followed from the workaround to now. I also agree with the sentiments posted here and related forum threads, other sites, etc. Having used Windows, BlackBerry, iPhone, and other Android devices (don't get me started on the Droid 2 and the 2.3 update crashes) over the years (not counting the analog phone days), the ability to synch and manage a smartphone is a must. For the past few weeks I almost wished I was back to using BlackBerry Manager.

Looks like Kies Air may be working again. Hope others can confirm!

Followed steps exactly as noted in this post.

1. Connected phone at 1837 and Kies states Connecting.
2. No Connected devices shown.
3. Downloaded latest build (Interestingly a lower build, is available on the main Kies Air site.)
Installation completed. Stated a computer restart is needed.
The Workaround above does not state that a computer restart is needed, only for Kies Air.
4. System hung on restart at the blank grey screen. no spinning wheel or any other indication. After several minutes I hard power cycled.
5. Opened Kies and it prompted to Add Multimedia files automatically.
6. Skipped this step by choosing the Skip auto-scan option, as I have not added multimedia files recently.
7. Connected phone at 1855 and Connecting status started. No devices shown under Connected devices.
8. At 1857, my phone (SCH-I535) was detected and it asks if I want to transfer my Apple device backup data that was found. 9. Selected No since I've already completed this when moving over from iPhone 4S to S3.

I downloaded kies from samsung

2) Followed instructions here to install it
3) Run Kies, it says update is available
4) Installation of update completed, did not give the error.

I haven't yet tested syncing, as I don't have a samsung device yet.

Really useful post :-(
Any idiot can install Kies, syncing with a Mac (Mountain Lion) is not working.

Bet you installed it on a WinXP pc....

Hi Chris;
Followed your instructions to the letter, but get "Device does not respond" message when I plug in my Sam Note. Did manage to extract Kies v1.3.0.12062_4; however had to disable my net connection prior to opening the app as it tries to auto update.
Will have to wait this one out as one of these versions (either v1.3 or v2.0) tries to launch Kies Air. Sets auto launch apps w/in log-in items on start. Keeps my WiFi launcher and agent in a loop (hence constant background process as described by 'kb2755'). This plays havoc with my bluetooth connexions.
It's unfortunate that v2.0.0.12095_7 does not work with Mountain Lion (v10.8.2), the GUI seems much better and perhaps the descriptive instructions are better phrased / unambiguous.
As for some of these posts, they lead to erroneous statements. as "ran new version but haven't tested syncing" – overlooked the object of this forum.

Wow, I thought I finally found something that would make Kies work on my mac, never have I been so wrong... I installed this and the only thing it does is say 'This device doesn't work with Kies' Euhm what? I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini so it should work.

Completely agree. Kies is useless. I just want to transfer photos and videos from/to my Galaxy S3 and have been using an app called WiFi Explorer which works pretty well but uses most of my wifi bandwidth.

Does anybody know a app to connect my Galaxy via USB to my mac and do the transfer?

I was able to get all of my music and video files, calendar, and documents to sync by disabling ALL Device Administrators under Settings/Security on Android 4.3 on Samsung Galaxy S3 with my MBP on OS X 10.9 using Kies 3.1....something or another. I also had to ENABLE USB debugging, but I was still unable to successfully sync my contacts. My contacts get to about 50% complete, makes recommendations for "(my device)" or "Mac" for "duplicate contacts, but when I check "Apply to All" and "Apply", it hangs and does not complete past 50% sync.......EVER.