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A quick heads up to our friends in the UK rocking a HTC One X on O2. A tasty treat has begun to push out in the form of the much awaited Jelly Bean update, confirmed today by HTC UK on their official Twitter feed. As is so often the case with these things, the update is being pushed out in batches, so not everyone will get it right away. To check if you're one of the lucky ones be sure to head into Settings>About>Software Updates>Check Now. 

The update is pretty hefty in size at 365MB, so you'll want to be connected to WiFi. The 4.1 update for the One X has been rolling out internationally for a few months now, and while O2 customers will no doubt have been chewing their fingers off in anticipation, at last their patience has paid off. In addition to all the benefits of Jelly Bean like Google Now and Project Butter, the update brings with it the latest version of HTC's Sense software, known as Sense 4+. If you've managed to snag the update today, be sure to share your experiences with us in the comments below. 

Source: HTC UK (Twitter), O2 Customer Support Forums

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Jki0327 says:

I'm really starting to get annoyed with at&t with this whole not updating their one X... Hell I opted out of getting the atrix HD like the rest of my family did thinking the one X would get jellybean first. Stupid me

mike31082 says:

I would advise any AT&T ONE X customers to hold off on the JB update, due to the number of problems with the EVO LTE version of JB that went out a few weeks ago.

zhecht says:

I wonder if they got the correct JB USB debugging icon. The EVO LTE still shows a little ice-cream sandwich after the JB update.

573W1E says:

It's still an Ice Cream Sandwich on my One X+ (4.1.1)

icebike says:

4.1.1 is not Ice Creak Sandwich. Its Jelly Bean.

robzon says:

It's embarrassing for HTC how long it takes them to roll out their updates. People are already getting bored with 4.2 in anticipation for next Android release and HTC's 8 month old flagship is still struggling to get 4.1.

icebike says:

It has nothing to do with HTC.
Re-read the article.

toffee-boy says:

Yippee,downloading now,can someone call my boss and tell him I may be late this morning :-)

robzon says:

I know this particular delay has to do more with o2 than HTC, but as a unbranded One X owner I got my update over a month after HTC claimed to start rolling it out. And it was still after Samsung has already rolled out jb to the younger sgs3. The o2 wait just adds to the poor experience.

clarkcd says:

Got my update a few days ago (EE/Orange).
Just two minor gripes so far - there's no longer a 4x1 music widget and that rather cool 'smoke' live wallpaper has disappeared :-(
Google Now has potential (to be useful or annoying .. not quite sure which yet)