And the long slog that is Apple's claim that HTC violated a number of its patents continues, with the International Trade Commission deciding to hold an evidentiary hearing within 45 days. That doesn't mean we're anywhere near a resolution -- remember that there's still a federal lawsuit that alleges HTC, in its manufacturing of Android (and a handful of Windows Mobile) smartphones infringed on 20 of Apple's patents. Sit back and relax, folks. There's a long way to go. [via PC World]


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ITC to hear Apple's complaint against HTC


Unbelievable, instead of trying to out do the competition Apple feels they should get rid of it. I love my Mac and I love my HTC Hero and am looking very much forward to getting an EVO 4G but I find it ridiculous that a company at its peek would cry over silly little software patents that in a lot of people's minds have yet to be taken and outdone. I for one do not want a monopoly type mobile market in the US.

yes it is!
and its rumored that the Elan company made all of the multitouch tech for HTC...

I believe in protecting your patents, but c'mon. If HTC wasn't making headlines then we probably wouldn't even be here. It's so funny that all this came to light once the Nexus One beat the iPhone in CNET's Prize Fight. And let's not go there with all the big HTC headlines. In my opinion, Apple feels threatened and want's to fight back by stopping HTC from shipping anything into N. America. Damn Apple, just accept the challenge and put yourself back in the spotlight with good 'ol COMPETITION!

Apple is stuck between a rock and a hard place. They certainly could make an iPhone with all these features, but then they have 2 huge problems - the software can't be backwards compatible, and they would bring AT&T to it's knees in the first weekend after release.

Both these issues would make them look "bad" to their current customers, as well as make people upset that the new phone is better spec'd than their iPad. They're only trying to buy more time to find a solution that fits into their timeline.

Well, I was in the process of switching everything here from MS to Apple, but since it appears Jobs is as big an ass as Gates, maybe I should re-consider. Was also thinking of getting a Vzw iPhone when they come out, but now will stay with the Droid for sure.

I got rid of my MacBook because of this lawsuit. I will never buy another over priced Apple product ever again.

Apple is a greedy, greedy, greedy company. Sure all big companies are greedy but Apple just proves it with there outrageous prices and refusal to compromise with todays standards. They had to switch to Intel processors to stay afloat. Steve Jobs sold Pixar to Disney for a couple billion, 7% of Disney's stock and a seat on their board of directors. That kind of greed is unimaginable. And he bought his way to get the cure for cancer. Steve Jobs needs a new name, like "Piggy Piggy Piggy Fuck Piggy Piggy"

They feel threatened that Android is going to knock them off the top, which it already has, the Nexus One kicks the cloths off the iPhone in hardware. Android is customizable in so many ways too. iPhone fanboys try desperately to find things that make their phone better when it the Nexus One beats it at something. I hope Apple looses this lawsuit.