Android Central Chrome Extension

We have a new mission: Make getting the latest and greatest content from Android Central as quick and as easy as possible. And to that end, we're proud to present the Android Central Chrome Extension

As the name implies, it's an extension that lives in your Chrome browser that serves up the latest headlines from us, Android Central. No mucking about with RSS feeds. (You can find our feeds here.) No separate Android apps. (We've got a really good one here that you should download ASAP.) A full web page? Bah. (You should really check out this extension while simultaneously browsing our web page.) 

Just install, click the Lloyd icon in your browser, and you're good to go. It's quick, it's easy, and it's available now.

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What's next? The ability to Chromecast from the AC app? Pebble notifications from the AC app? A Glass compatible app? Sheesh. How much AC does one person need? :D

omg... made my day.

kevkavalier says:

Now, that's marketing, Phil!

bangishotyou says:

Well played, Phil. Well played. You get it made, we'll buy it!

Wicket says:


kevkavalier says:

Google is to Android as AC is to KNOWLEDGE!

kevkavalier says:

Sweet! Checking it out first!

mstrblueskys says:

Goodbye productivity!


Mayoo614 says:

Read title, then click on it, find link to extension, install, then read the article. Again, installed without hesitation. You guys are awesome.

Looks pretty good next to Google Mail Checker, Hangouts and Google Cast!

Gekko says:

i like you AC but not that much.

vishaljanani says:

installed... awesome...

Yes,this is perfect! I rely very heavily on my news and this is an excellent use for that.

greg1007 says:

Am I the only one who noticed the extension in the pic in the Chromecast review and went looking for it in the store?

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junglejunkie says:

Done...and DONE!

Mayoo614 says:

Next week : A GE tablet branded AC.

ibbyj says:

I love this, now I don't HAVE to visit the site every four minutes. I can just click the guy up there.

EgoDogg says:

My RSS Feed Reader extension would be mad at me :(

droid83 says:

Doing big things

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vansmack says:

What's next, the ability to post photo's in comments?


All the reason for me to win the Chromecast!!!!

Ryandroid86 says:

Love it!!! this and instagram are the only two extensions I'll need.

Only issue I am seeing is that when clicking on something within the extension, Chrome opens it up in two tabs.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

bergeronjc says:

You all should make a Firefox extension.

ash71ish says:


Wicket says:

cool, gonna check it out!

Colvin99 says:

Whoa, my usability of AC jumped with the new app...never did expect this :)

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sushiguy732 says:

This is great and all but i have one issue. I **just** installed it and the information is not as current as the AC website. My most recent atricle from the extension is an hour old whereas online there are other articles at least an hour befor that. How often does the extension update? If it is not current then I might as well stick with the website.