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If you've got an unlocked international (non-carrier branded) HTC One S, it's time to start hitting that "Check for updates" button, as a new firmware version is being pushed out over-the-air. The update to v1.78 weighs in at just under 60MB, and remains based on Android 4.0.3. The only obvious change we're noticing so far is the removal of the three-dot menu software menu button in certain Google apps. YouTube, for example, used to show an ICS-style overflow button up to and down below before, and now the unsightly bottom bar has gone. It's also likely this latest OTA includes a fix for the Wifi disconnection bug that's been plaguing some One S owners since day one, though as it's an intermittent issue we haven't been able to confirm this just yet.

It's worth noting that today's update is for unbranded One S models only, so if you bought yours through a carrier, you may have to wait an extra few weeks for a network-approved version to be pushed out. But those running an unlocked, unbranded One S can head head to Settings > About phone > Software updates to grab the latest OTA. When you're done, be sure to keep us posted of any changes or fixes down in the comments.


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International HTC One S gets first software update - v1.78 now rolling out


Not yet showing up for my far east unlocked international version.
The size reported suggests it more than just a few application tweaks.

Oh, wait. One S. HTC, no love for your Flagship One X?

Phil needs to visit the HTC booth in Nawlins and lean on them heavily about this wifi issue. Threaten to make it front page news if they don't at least give a time line for a fix.