T-Mobile HTC One S

It looks like T-Mobile's gonna roll out its HTC One S on April 25 -- at least according to this leaked internal screen shot and big green arrow. The timing's as good as anything, we suppose, and trust us when we say you TMo fans are going to want this in your hands sooner rather than later. It's a little slice of sexy.

But T-Mobile employees aren't the only ones getting their learn on. We're running our own HTC One S clinic in our aptly named HTC One S forums. Come on in, sit down, and ask away.

Source: TMo News


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Internal calendar, big green arrow point to T-Mobile's HTC One S launching April 25


Hopefully the One S will also see release on Mobilicity and WIND Mobile in Canada as well since the HTC One S is compatible with AWS.

Pass.......where is the G4X which is the supposed tmo version of the ONE X? That will be the big daddy at TMO.

Dang. I'd love to want this phone, but I can't figure out how to dump 12G or so of stuff off the SD card on my current Nexus to fit on the non-removable internal storage. The cloud doesn't work for me, unfortunately. I guess I'll take a pass here.

If TMO adapts the One X, I sure hope they put in a removable card slot.