Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3

The Verizon Galaxy S3 is slated to get s software update that will bring bug fixes along with Verizon "remote diagnostics" application that will let the carrier fix your phone from afar should you break something. (Not that any of our readers would ever do that.) No, it's not Jelly Bean, yet. You'll still have to wait a little while for that one, and, no, we don't know how long. (But being that we're talking about Verizon here ...)

Anyhoo. Here's the full changelog for version IMM76D:

  • Improved stability and connectivity with Back Up Assistant.
  • Added support for viewing the Guided Tour video’s over the Cellular Network.
  • Enhanced Customer Support with Verizon Remote Diagnostics.
  • Improved Data Connectivity when using SBeam.
  • NFC (TecTile) tagging issue resolved to ensure pre-programmed text messages are accurate
  • “No SIM” pop up issue has been resolved.

No word on when it'll start rolling out, but you can assume it will be "imminent," "soon," or any other nondescript term.

Source: Verizon (pdf); thanks to everyone who sent this in

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Even4steven says:

Just wondering if this update will take away the universal search box, I certainly hope not.

felisberto says:

if you want universal search box so much,why don't you buy an iphone?

Funkpod says:

are you being serious or sarcastic?

i can't tell.


If you want a girlfriend so bad, why use a happy sock? I can be sarcastic too lol

I hope not too but given it is the only gs3 to Not have removed yet I wouldn't be surprised. Didn't the others have that listed in the change logs on hr others though not that prominently.

mooseo21 says:

Thank goodness for the "no SIM" fix! Just fix the "file not supported" picture message issue and all will be well in the world. Hey, I'm greedy what can I say...

joelsgotmail says:

YES....take a picture, try to send it...File not supported....VERY annoying! I'm tired of rebooting the phone for a basic function.


Anon_Emus says:

All of this is useless to me but i dont have "no sim"issue, how about improved radio/WiFi connectivity... That would be nice.

Verizon and updates don't go hand and hand that's for sure. I wouldn't except this bullshit update. It removes the search bar which I had to replace on my Tmobile Galaxy S3. No other carriers are complaining about these issues on the Galaxy S3. Verizon is useless..

squiddy20 says:

"No other carriers are complaining about these issues on the Galaxy S3." Uhhh because what other carrier has CDMA/LTE, and in the exact same frequencies that Verizon uses? Moron. And you go around talking about "uneducated simpleton's". Ha. What a joke.


You just wasted your comment on a guy that got kicked off of Verizon because he couldn't afford it lol

Mayze says:

If your bootloader is unlocked I would advise not to accept this download via OTA.

VDubb22 says:

Since this update is coming out separate from the Jelly Bean update, is it safe to assume that the Jelly Bean update is at least a couple months away?

Don't care... Running Jelly Bean 95% smoothly with JellyWiz Rom. =D

Nev says:

Guys, Richard hates Verizon.

joebob2000 says:

Hah good old verizon, a slew of updates to the CRAP that they bloated the phone with. Who would have thought?

bluephi1914 says:

So what about the "Wi-Fi bug" and "file not supported" issue ... although i think replacing the SIM card fixed that issue. Haven't had that file not supported issue since i replaced my SIM card

niteowl509 says:

I hope this update fixes the sms notification sound getting cut off if you have delete messages checked off in the settings. I hate having to delete messages manually.

joebob2000 says:

So THATS why it does that... Thanks!

mike340t says:

Why the heck would I want "Enhanced Customer Support with Verizon Remote Diagnostics"? this should be a separate app that someone can download IF needed...

hmmm says:

Seems like the ultimate carrier IQ. But hey, at least we know about it this time. Hopefully the service doesn't automatically start even when you don't need it.

jsuch2002#AC says: about fixing the Wi-Fi / lock screen issue. Anyone else have there lock screen get froze up and then your wifi disconnects. i have to turn wifi off for about 2 minutes and then turn it back on.....real annoying!!!

phillysdon04 says:

How about Jelly Bean, Google Wallet, Isis or something else useful?

Mtn_Scott says:

All this thread is missing is cheese, and we have a soiree.

richardpandy says:

Yeah, thanks, but no thanks.

Ricky Babalu says:

Be careful........Verizon updates are sneaky! It's like downloading a Trojan.

This doesn't patch the root or bootloader unlock methods, does it?


That's a great question. Samsung hasn't released that "developer" edition on Verizon either. Verizon is probably hoping to remove Universal Search and patch the bootloader with this OTA. I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) the Verizon Galaxy S3 is the only version to not have an OTA break Universal Search yet. Hell, we haven't received any OTAs yet. Also, I don't think they're terribly happy with the bootloader exploit. I'm not rooted or anything, but I would honestly refuse this OTA. Any OTA that increases the amount of bloatware on your phone is never good. And it doesn't sound like too many improvements were made... sounds iffy

9c1 says:

I could be totally wrong, but I think my S3 has been on IMM76D since I got my phone a few weeks ago. My build number is: IMM76D.I535VRALG1

drews66 says:

the new version will be G7 not G1 as you and i guess everyone has.

DJSgalaxy says:

I just got the update on my phone. It doesnt look like there is any way to refuse it...

joelsgotmail says:

If you try to pull the update manually there is a Reject button. Is that a permanent refusal or not?, I don't know. ....Anyone? Also there is a Defer button....Won't let you defer for more than 3 days, and I just tried to set the defer for 2pm tomorrow, and the Reject button went away... Uh ohhh..... :D Ok, the defer button option came back when i pressed the D/L the update now button

Local search is now gone... thanks Verizon *face to desk*

Jimmy_Choo says:

Update is rolling out! WiFi is finally working after all this time! It actually stays connected.