IFTTT on Android

Your Internet life is complicated - let IFTTT automate it for you

It's been a good while coming, but IFTTT (If This Then That) is launching its official Android app today. Arriving several months after the app's launch on iOS, IFTTT is launching a well-designed and useful app on Android that aims to help automate your Internet life. If you haven't dove into the vast world of IFTTT it may be a bit overwhelming at first, but the premise is pretty simple. Considering that we don't live in a perfect world and therefore services and functions across the Internet don't always talk to each other, IFTTT helps bridge the gap between everything you do online.

The premise is simple — you create "recipes" that work by linking a trigger (aka "if this") to an action (aka "then that"). If I post a picture to Instagram, save that to a folder in my Dropbox. If I mark an item to read on Pocket, add a note to my Evernote account. If someone follows me on Twitter, add an entry to a Google Doc. The possibilities were nearly limitless even before there was a proper Android app, and now you have the functions of your phone to work with.

IFTTT on Android IFTTT on Android

If you're already an IFTTT user, the Android app will first and foremost give you a quick way to set up and manage your recipes from your Android device, saving you from going out to the browser to check on things. The Android app gives you access to all of the recipes and channels you use, regardless of whether they actually incorporate with your mobile device. Setting up new recipes is incredibly simple, going step-by-step to make sure it's doing what you want.

The interface is not unlike the iOS app, with the main screen showing a timeline of what recipes have recently been used or created, and a slide-in panel from the right showing all of your active and inactive recipes. You can search through the thousands of available recipes from the community as well. It's also designed to work with all phones and tablets of any size, so there's no limit to the device you choose to use for IFTTT management.

IFTTT on Android IFTTT on Android

Beyond that, having a true Android app now means that your IFTTT recipes can be taken to the next level by tying into the functions of your phone. As far as triggers go, IFTTT can monitor when your phone connects or disconnects from Wifi networks, enters or leaves a geographical area, makes phone calls to specific numbers, takes a picture or screenshot and sends or receives an SMS message. That means you can initiate recipes when any of those actions happen — think of sending a tweet when you leave work, or adding an entry into a spreadsheet when you leave home each morning.

On the action side, things are a tad more limited. IFTTT is able to mute your ringtone, set your device's volume, update the wallpaper, send a generic notification and send SMS messages. That means you could tie the time of day to your ringtone or even change the wallpaper to an image that's added to Dropbox. Functionality is admittedly limited right off the bat and not quite ready to challenge the likes of Tasker, but you can see the potential of what an app like this can do in the future when it has access to the open system of an Android device.


Reader comments

Link all of the things! IFTTT now available on Android


I know it's really powerful and could be great. But like tasker I know I'll just stare at it trying to think of things to do!

Posted via Android Central App

It has different functionality than tasker. More in-app functionality rather than between app, if that makes sense.

via moto x.

Must have gotten pulled because the link is now broken to the Play Store and a search in Play Store does get you there either

I really like the concept of ifttt...but I haven't really found anything super useful for myself. Some sports score notifications and the occasional craigslist notification are all I ever use.

So would this work as kind of a do not disturb feauture. When it's 11pm, turn off data. Something like that?

Posted via Android Central App

You could do this with the free app Trigger. Just set a trigger based on time of day and then turn off/on data.

Or Llama, which I find more powerful than Trigger but still simple to use. I use it for taking actions based on the time of day, my location, and whether the phone is docked or not.

Llama is good too. I've been using Trigger forever with NFC tags and they add features all the time including those you listed (though docking is done through whether it is charging or not). So yeah, two good choices to accomplish this.

It isn't live yet, note at the end of the article "IFTTT is launching in the Play Store today, and the app can be found as soon as it's made available"

Google Play says it not compatible with my nexus 7 2013 with 4.4.2?
Posted via Android Central App

they do completely different things. can tasker automatically put all photos your tagged in on FB into your Dropbox? The functionality overlap is actually very minor.

Clearly they were not prepared for the traffic. Multiple failures to process in the app and on their site. Will likely need to wait awhile for the buzz to die down before I can evaluate this effectively.

Unfortunately, G+ doesn't play very well with others. There's no trigger for G+ posts. You can post *to* G+, but not *from* G+.

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