HTC One in pieces

Professional on closed course, do not attempt this at home

The machined aluminum unibody and zero gap construction makes the HTC One a very attractive phone. It also makes it extremely difficult to take apart. Scoring a 1 out of 10 for reparability, iFixit warns that it is nearly impossible to open the phone without damaging the back case. Dead batteries and shattered screens are going to be problematic, since iFixit found them nearly impossible to replace. Make sure to keep that warranty number and accidental insurance handy, because like a fine European car this phone is not cheap to repair. On the plus side, the solid construction makes for great durability.

Bottom line: make a case the first accessory you buy for the One.

Source: iFixit


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iFixit tears down the HTC One, finds HTC One parts inside that sexy aluminum shell


"Bottom line: make a case the first accessory you buy for the One." How about just don't drop your phone?? I can't stand when people bitch about screens shattering when they drop their phones... No shit.. it's glass and you dropped it. From the drop tests I've seen the phone seems like it will hold up fairly well with normal wear and tear. Obviously if you drop it you'll probably be SOL but I don't think a case is really necessary. Cases generally don't do jack for protecting your screen in the event of a drop anyway. The force of impact will often shatter the screen weather it lands face down or not, case or not. Unless you're using some ridiculous thing like an otterbox and if that's the case you might as well just an S4 because you obviously don't care about looks.

Otterbox is huge, but it protected my Galaxy Note 2 from a 7-foot drop FACE DOWN. :)
(totally my fault/stupidity, of course)

Thats all (mostly) your opinion. Personally I like cases, I like picking out different ones and when I get sick of one trying out another. I have a case on my note 2 and it has survived some wicked drops, does that mean I am stupid because I dropped it, I don't think so, just means I am clumsy. Also personally I like the aesthetics of the S4 the most of any Galaxy Phone to date, but I agree the One is better looking.

Also the Otterbox is one of (if not the most) well known case brand, so you may think they are ridiculous but obviously many people disagree.

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I dropped my original Evo one time without a case and the screen shattered. I bought an otter box but I only use the inside layer (not all the bulky protection) and I've dropped it at least 5 or 6 times since and the only damage is scratches to the case.

I'd be willing to bet you don't work in a Field Service job. While I take care of my device there are times it gets dropped. I have used a quality case on every device I've owned and I've never had a screen break from a fall. For a service person I can't imagine having my device w/o a case.

"How about just don't drop your phone??
Hey, nobody want to drop thier phone. That's why it's usually called an accident. "Hey,bro BMWs are expensive to fix how about you dont crash it." Honestly it does matter how a phone reacts to abuse and how easy it is for me to repair it. I know phones aren't meant to be dropped. It's delicate electronic, but I am a do it yourselfer. I would like to know if it's not too difficult to fix it myself or repairs aren't that bad. I don't want to find out it costs half the phone price to repair the screen.

This is an android accessories site that happens to have some reporting and a blog as an aside to its business. Are you surprised by this?

...what about dead batteries? What about easily swapping to another fully charged OEM battery that cost you much less than a (inefficient) battery pack? What about reparability? Still think sexiness comes before practical?

REMOVABLE BATTERIES are best for users, unibody solutions are best for manufactures. If you are a user, only buy (and lobby for) removable battery phones! If you are a manufacturer (or an idiot), then support unibody phones!

The battery should not "wear out" for at least 2 years... I don't know that the battery wearing out will be an issue for most folks.

This is a situation where mileage can vary greatly. With a lithium ion battery, if you are a heavy user of your phone where you are constantly letting your battery get low, it will slowly shorten the life of your device. With both of my last two cell phones, I've had to replace the battery after about a year. No big deal. Just run by the cell phone store and it's about $25. Even if you don't fall into that category, no all people get a new phone every two years.

And even if none of that applies to you, that doesn't mean that it's not a relevant point for someone else. Cell phones are not a "one-size-fits-all" device, which is why Android has seen such amazing growth.

Just because your experience is that a battery lasts the life of your phone, that is not true for everyone. We all have different experiences in our day to day lives.

I have a s3 and have a standard cheap case, it has been dropped a few times, from angles to face down and to this day its still in perfect condition... what I would say is if your buying the one for its design and aluminium build then why even put on a case that's clearly going to hide that...

"Dead batteries and shattered screens are going to be problematic, since iFixit found them nearly impossible to replace."

This is why I refuse to even consider a phone with a sealed/embedded battery. Rationalize it all you want, but function beats form every time!

Is that lame ass joke REALLY still going?? It was funny the first time I heard it. Now, on the 53rd time, it's definitely not funny anymore. Put it to rest guys.

So after all the hype about how high quality the phone is, and how great it "feels", people are going to have to stick it in a.... plastic.... case. LOL.

Yep, that great, high quality plastic feel. Just like a Samsung device, except you still can't repair it. :)

I hate to admit it, but I can see the design point of Samsung. All these fancy androids now, using glass or aluminum, make me WANT to put them in a case to protect them better because with just a few drops the surfaces are going to scuff. So since it's going to end up in a case either way, and there are some supremely high quality Galaxy phone cases... well you see where I'm going with this. I'll still use Nexus over Sammy or HTC either way, because my carriers SUCKS at timely updates. But it'll be in a case!

I love this phone and I am planning on buying it... But I can't stop feeling cheated on. "All aluminum unibody" I don't see it. When you see the HTC video where they show how a machine carves the aluminum metal it shows the speakers unified withthe entire device. Now looking at the iFix atrticle I can see is that the phone is nothing like the thing I appreciated on the htc video. Everything seems not to be uni-body, rather than sandwich between the plastic lines. Now, granted, I always kinda figured that it had to be done that way, becasuse of the Asus Transformer prime problems with the antenas and the metal... but not knowing how and looking at htc video, gave me a "Wow-how did they do it?" mentality... for now I just feel a little taken by this article. Still, I will buy it.

I don't understand why people make such a big deal about how nice the metal the phone is made out of is if they're then going to go and put a rubber or plastic case on it that covers it completely up???

I love the nexus 4 with the bumper and at least you can see the nice material the phone is made out of (gorilla glass 2 front and back with crystalline pattern on back) when I use it. I keep it in a custom pouch in my pocket to keep it from getting scratch by my keys and stuff in my pocket but when I pull it out it's not all covered up by some plastic...

I love HTC design and build quality but unfortunately they will NOT get my MONEY this time around. I mean what's the point of making a solid phone if the battery life or mah is a measly 2100 or whatever it is on the HTC ONE. I'm still rocking my HTC Thunderbolt, stock ics. My biggest problem with this phone is obviously their CRAPPY BATTERY LIFE. Are you listening HTC! no wonder you're stocks are plummeting. MOTOROLA MAXX HD is something (at least battery wise) that should become the standard for all smartphones, 3000+ may or more if possible.