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HTC has been pushing the new camera features included in Sense 5, and one of the most interesting ones (pardon the pun) is HTC Zoe. It's honestly not the easiest thing to explain, and is best seen in its full form, which HTC is helping out with by putting up its "HTC Zoe Share" site today for all to see. The basic idea is to take multiple pictures and video clips at the same time, and then let the software stitch them, add filters, transitions and music. The end result is likely to make a more enjoyable piece of footage than what you'd normally get out of a smart phone camera.

Head to the source link below to see one of the headline Zoes from the HTC One launch event, which shows off what this feature is capable of. The entire piece is just 30 seconds (as Zoes will be), but tells a bit of a story in just a short time. We can only imagine what some real artists will be able to do with this once it hits consumer's hands.

Stick with us after the break to see our hands-on with the HTC One as well, where Phil makes his best attempt at explaining how to use the new Zoe feature.

Source: HTC Zoe Share; via HTC Source


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HTC Zoe Share site goes live to show off new HTC One camera feature


I was very interested inthis phone until I got the email about the terms and conditions for the rebate. A third party company decides whether your phone is in acceptable condition (based on their vague guidelines). They make the decision after you buy the new phone and submit your old one to them for inspection. It reminds me of rebates I've encountered in the past where the original company (hi Symantec!) blames the denial of the rebate on the third party company. Oh, and there's nothing they can do to help you.

You might want to reread the Terms and Conditions. It is the value of your phone you send in UP TO $100 or you get $100 minimum if the phone is worth less. I think the going market rate for my Thunderbolt now is about $25 on a good day. I'm expecting to get the full $100 from HTC. Now if your current phone is worth more than $100 you'd be better off selling it privately.

Well what would you expect, its full HD video.

The usefulness looks depressing. A few seconds of unexplained video is almost as useless as 140 bytes of a tweet.

If you don't give me easily accessible volume controls on a video site, I won't use the video site. What are they thinking?
Also, please don't auto-start videos...especially if you don't have a method of immediately (one-click) muting the audio.
Just my 2c. However, the videos look great and I can't wait to upgrade to this phone!