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Prototype of HTC watch based on Qualcomm Toq to be shown to carriers at MWC, reports Bloomberg

As HTC continues to face tough times in the smartphone market, the Taiwanese manufacturer has said it's looking to other product categories to boost revenues in 2014, including wearables.

This morning Bloomberg reports that a prototype of one HTC smartwatch will be showed to carrier partners at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, though there are no plans to show the device publicly. The watch will reportedly be based on Qualcomm's Toq design and feature a display using the company's Mirasol technology. Other features are said to include Bluetooth connectivity, naturally, and a music player.

A second smartwatch design not at MWC will apparently include Google Now — a feature long speculated to be headed to Google's own smartwatch — along with an AMOLED display. The presence of Google Now alone raises the possibility that this later smartwatch might well run Android in some form, though today's report doesn't reveal any further information on software. Aside from smartwatches, HTC is reportedly working on a wristband with a music player and, a thin touchscreen display and activity tracking capabilities.

Bloomberg says HTC hasn't yet decided whether any of these three wearables will enter final production, though HTC chairwoman Cher Wang has previously said the company plans to release its first wearable device by Christmas.

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HTC working on three wearables including Toq-based model and Google Now watch, report claims


I could see a Google now watch being pretty useful!

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

For me, Google Now has grown sentient overnight. It went from bad, inaccurate cards, to amazingly spot on cards in a matter of days. Though I doubt it's that good for everyone.

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I concur. I'm constantly getting really great online article suggestions from it, and it always has the address to where i want to go!

Only problem I have is that I get a lot of sports scores and if I swipe them away, they come back two or three times.

Curious to see what happens, I like HTC, they do tend to have good build quality. Hopefully these are all waterproof as well, or at least water resistant or that's an issue - I live in the UK.

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They may have a deal with Google to use it because it is indeed not open source. Alternatively I don't see anything from preventing them from making their own app that will interface with Google Now on your phone.

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It just needs to be compatible with devices other than HTC's. I feel like the Galaxy Gear might've sold a few more units if it was compatible with HTC/Moto/etc.

Even if HTC wanted to lock it to HTC devices that would probably never happen. Samsung hurt themselves and they have much more volume than HTC.

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