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Ah. So that answers that. If you were wondering how HTC plans on getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread and its Sense user interface onto the HTC Desire after it previously said it couldn't be done, we now have your answer. In an update on Facebook, HTC explains:

To resolve Desire's memory issue and enable the upgrade to Gingerbread, we will cut select apps from the release. Look for status updates starting next week. We apologize for any confusion.

Makes sense to us. Now the question is, which apps will be removed?

Source: HTC Facebook


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HTC will cut apps to squeeze Gingerbread, Sense on the Desire


It's awesome to see Htc keep making decisions that put the customer first!
They started with the unlocking of future bootloaders and now finding a way to get it done for the customers and squeeze gingerbread on.

Keep it up Htc! Decisions like these and quality devices will keep me coming back for more future htc devices!

It's probably because they are loosing sales to phones like the Samsung Galaxy etc. It is a growing trend now for samsung and htc to support developers though. Doesn't mean they have quality devices currently though, just trying to push more sales by being dev friendly.

Yeah... no. The galaxy s devices COULD'VE been great but aren't. Anyone who has used a Moto or HTC device then went to a Samsung will notice the difference.

They were great lol. more than htc the galaxy s had a fantastic screen, faster cpu and gpu, very light and thin, better camera quality, i'm sure theres more. Yea there was the lag issue which could be fixed through rooting and applying lag fix. But remember the galaxy S was doing so well even google took it and made it the nexus s. Simply because there was no HTC device and IS no htc device that is the best of the best with all the best tech in it. Sure the sammy's aren't perfect but they are much closer than HTC's current crop.

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This is why I love HTC they do their best to help the customer since they realize that the customers keep HTC around.

Its because of HTC bullsh!t lack of 16gb internal storage....I would NEVER EVER buy an HTC phone unless they start putting it 16gb internal storage.

this isnt an iPh0ne, a 16GB internal storage is extremely extremely excessive. Even the D2/D2G has an 8GB internal and it's quite excessive. Android phones have the option of removeable microSD. This allows for an xtr 32GB of storage if the user so chooses.

With current and future of tech in the next 2-3 yrs, I would say 2GB should be minimum, with 4GB being quite "futureproof" for the next 3 yrs.

The Motorola Droid3 releasing next month w only 512MB, THAT's absolute bullsh!t. With Ice Cream around the corner, the Droid3 will be obsolete in less than half year of release w/o custom rom support..

You're pretty much spot on. Would I prefer seeing a larger internal storage for the same price? Yes.

Realistically, a decent size internal (as you said 2-4gb) is enough for apps. Then, leave it up to each user how much more they need via microSD.

You're getting RAM and Internal Memory confused. RAM is what the OS uses to store data temporarily. Most phones max out at 1gb, the desire has 576mb I believe, the iPhone 4 has 512mb. Internal Storage is where you can store songs etc - in android you can mount it to your computer and store anything on it. If a new htc says it comes with 8gb internal memory, consider that it can also be expanded cheaply using a micro sd card of up to 32gb for example. So you could have 40gb of internal memory on the new HTC Sensation for example which only comes with 1gb internal memory and 768mb or RAM.

The next thing is that the OS is installed on another storage device called ROM. The desire has 512mb of ROM, this is where the OS and applications are installed to. This is the limitation of the desire. The new sense can take up to 3-400 mb leaving only 100 or so mb to install apps to.. Most new phones again have around 1gb for ROM. The HTC Sensation has 4gb or ROM, 3gb is put aside for android and HTC Sense, leaving 1gb for users to install apps to.

The iPhone has 16/32gb for storing everything on, like songs and videos etc. In which case it is not that much storage space.

Dude you're f*cking crazy. Sure built in storage is nice, and allows for a SLIGHT (take note: SLIGHT) performance increase for SOME apps, but in the end, that is EXTREMELY costly. Answer this, would you rather have your phone for roughly 200 bucks, or 500? When they start putting your "absolutely necessary" 16GB storage onto a phone, it jacks the production cost of the phone WAY up. And that inturn, puts the cost onto US, the customers. I for one would rather just have the phone regardless of app storage capacity as long as the rom capacity is decent. Because then, if I EVER need 16GB worth of storage, I could simply go out and just buy a 16GB micro SD card for about 20 ta 30 bucks from somewhere, and BOOM, instant storage increase.

Having something like 16GB of internal storage typically means that you WOULDN'T get the option of an SD card, meaning that once you do hit that 16GB limit, you are SOL. I myself, am alittle bit peeved off at the fact that the Evo 3D only comes with an 8GB SD card instead of a 16GB card like most other phones do, but at the same time, I doubt I'll be able to fill that up at all. Sure my music library is roughly 6GB, but I highly doubt I will be transferring EVERY song I have onto the device because half the songs I probably wont ever listen to. And as for actual Apps, I really dont think I'd be downloading 2GB worth of apps anytime soon.

Thus is why most manufacturers only include roughly 2GB to 4GB of internal storage, because they know that the average person does not go through 4GB worth of apps on their device. And granted that most people switch phones once their contract is up, they'd be getting a whole new phone anyway by the time they would probably ever have downloaded a total of their storage limit (as in, downloaded enough apps to fill it up, regardless if they just ended up deleting the app after downloading for whatever reason). Plus, once they get that new phone, only paid apps would even transfer over anyway, meaning they would need to redownload any free ones, of which they would only want to get the apps they actually USED, and not bothering with the ones that they may have had on their previous phone, but never used. (although, rooted users usually back all that up anyway XD.)

So having 16GB of internal storage would just be an utter waste for a phone... A) Once you use up that 16GB (oh god if you were ever actually able to) you are SOL and simply have to get rid of things plain and simple. B) We're capable of getting SD cards to continuously add storage space to our phones WHEN NEEDED. C) The cost of having internal storage increased is rather high. D) Having that much storage ALSO means that the manufacturer would have to make the phone heavier and/or thicker/bigger so that the device can accommodate the extra flash memory. E) The internal storage would also decrease your battery life (although just slightly) because the flash on the main board would have to constantly have power to maintain efficiency, while the SD card requires minimal power compared to the internal memory. As well as the SD card only requires power when in use, and thus can be turned off until needed at any tick of the cpu (and considering most phones are 1GHz or dual core 1GHz, that is ungodly fast).

Sorry, but the ROM is not what is in question here. The comment of which I replied to was that of which the OP stated he wouldn't ever buy an htc phone because it does not have 16GB of INTERNAL STORAGE... not a single phone in existence has a 16GB ROM, so I highly doubt the OP was actually talking about the ROM.

The upcoming Motorola Photon has 16GB of on-board storage, and can be expanded by 32GB with a microSD card. The Photon won't cost any more on contract than the EVO 3D or any other on contract phone. The Galaxy S phones (accept for the Nexus S) have 16GB storage plus SD card slot as well. So HTC's habit of building in limited storage is something they do by design, not because more storage cannot be built in at the expense of SD card. That being said, they should pull Sense and leave applications. Launcher pro is better.

Although true, but it once again is something that simply just isn't needed lol. The day you use up all 16GB of that internal storage, PLUS say, another 8GB from an SD card, is the day that your cell phone just replaced your netbook or laptop. No one will ever fill up that much space unless they are actively using their phone as an external hard drive to transport data from place to place.

Then again, I did just think of something. One aspect of a mobile phone could potentially take up alot of your storage space: Movies. If you are someone who has ALOT of movies on your phone, then you could easily tear through any amount of storage. Although, I would assume that most people, once they finish watching their movie, they delete it from their device once they get the chance so they can add on more movies that they would like to watch. I know I did that with my iPod and my Palm Pre, Not because of limited storage space, but simply because I had already watched the content, and didn't plan on watching it again for a good while.

And considering the htc EVO 3D is supposed to be relativity geared towards multimedia usage, having that extra space really would be nice so we could all store our favorite movies on it and have them around for whenever we want to watch them. But unless you are an avid movie guru, not many would have so many "favorites" that could fill up over 32GB of storage. I dont know what file sizes are for most of the downloadable movies from some of the movie downloading apps for android, but if they are anything like the ones you can get for the computer, they are rather big (roughly between 699MB and 1.5GB, sometimes up to 6GB if its full 1080p).

So now, that makes me think... With just 16GB of storage, you could have up to 22 movies of varying sizes from the roughly 700MB to 800MB range. But, that is assuming that those are the only things on said storage space. And granted that the actual amount of storage is smaller in reality thanks to BS marketing of storage amounts. So, probably in reality around 20 or so movies. Not really too bad, considering I doubt anyone is going to load their device up with 20 movies and watch them all in one sitting.

But since the EVO 3D is shipping with only an 8GB card, that does seem rather.... pathetic... I know I for one will be loading a few movies onto my device, as well as alot of my music, So it looks like that 12GB of total storage space may only barely cut it depending on how many movies I do decide to load on. Though it doesn't really bother me all too much considering I was planning on getting a 16GB a few weeks after getting the phone.

But all in all, I can see why the storage space htc includes with their phones can be a bit limiting and pathetic if viewed under certain lights, but all in all for the average user 12GB total is more than they would ever possibly need.

My point is that individual users have individual needs. While some may be fine with the EVO's 1GB of storage or the EVO 3D's 4GB of storage, there will always be reasons why some of us would like a phone with 16GB of storage as well as an SD card. More storage is a good thing for people who will use it. Those who require less will be happy with less. I need more storage. The other point is that, other phone manufacturer's (Moto, Samsung, etc.) are putting 16GB of onboard storage + sd car. HTC provides the least storage of all the manufacturer's. This is likely by design. When you start running low on storage at a time when they release a new phone, you're more likely to consider that new phone. In my case, the new phone won't be an HTC. I'm going for the Photon. Besides more storage, it has something that no HTC phone on my carrier has- CDMA + GSM. None of this has anything of course to do with the Desire getting GB without some software bits due to low storage unless you consider that HTC designs low storage into some of their phones to help limit their life span so you will buy a new phone (hopefully from them), when you run out of storage. The Mytouch 4G comes with 12 GB of storage. Yes, different phone, but if they can do it for one, they could've designed similar storage space into other models as well. They didn't.

I don't know why HTC don't just do as the aftermarket guys have done and partition the SD card to supplement internal storage. I've done down that path with my Desire (RCMix for the win) and it works a treat.

Realistically, who doesn't have an SD card in their phone these days?

That would be a good idea. Would mean you couldn't swap micro sd cards, and that any data on the sd card before installation would be wiped due to partitioning it. But would be nice!

Not sure why this is a surprise they did this. They basically did the same thing when the Hero got it's 2.1 update. It didn't get Friendstream and I'm sure a few other apps I'm forgetting. Htc is giving the Desire what it can handle. Good for them.

512MB ROM should be enough.

The problem is that HTC has partition the Desire ROM.
250MB /system
40MB /cache
147MB /data
Balance is for Radio and HBOOT.

This is the same as partitioning you PC drive into C: and D:
Your free space is not shared, and you run out in one of the partitions.

They could fix this by re-partitioning the ROM - requires an updated HBOOT.
Perhaps the should combine /cache and /data and reduce /system.
On my device /system is not full - a lot of the built in apps (eg gmail, maps) are now in /data - which is where most users run out of space.

Stripping some of the junk is always good.

See for details on alternate partition tables.

Not being funny, I've got a BlackBerry Torch and an HTC Desire
I much prefer the Torch for general use, but the Desire is so much more fun! The live wallpapers, the animated weather screens, the gaming capabilities, the open platform, dev capabilities, allsorts :)
Had a look at the new Sense, and gotta be honest, I'm willing to sacrifice a few apps for the sake of that beautiful new UI :)
Much like BB7, the new UI looks better every time there's an upgrade :)
We'll see what happens when Gingerbread rolls onto my Desire, looking forward to it :)

If there is anything new in the Sense that came on the GB update for the EVO, it's the instability it brought. After the update, Sense crashed randomly and regularly. Installed Launcher Pro and got back stability with an increase in battery life. Hope your GB update is more stable than the one for the EVO.