HTC ThunderBolt update

The long day of updates marches on, with the HTC ThunderBolt the latest receipient. Nothing more than bugfixes in Build 2.11.605.9, but they include:

  • Resolved issue with Contact ringtones
  • Improvements to notification volume
  • Updated local streaming playback mechanism when network connection is not available
  • Updated Twitter API for Peep/Friendstream
  • Clock app included in All Apps list
  • Improvements in Exchange ActiveSync

Head into Settings>Software update to snag it now.

More: Verizon; ThunderBolt forums

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TTGTOVR4 says:

Just got mine...

what was wrong with notification volume? mine has always been plenty loud(since I rooted, anyway)

Small_law says:

I found a permanent fix to all of the Thunderbolt's issues. It's called the Galaxy Nexus.

Who? says:

I hope to follow your lead in a month and a half. Very thankful that I got my Thunderbolt on a 1 year contract.

Small_law says:

I did too. Smart.

tim242 says:

My queztion is: What are you going to do tp fix your Nexus issues? I had to return mine. Got a Razr instead.

mademan420 says:

Cant wait to get the radios from this bad boy!!! I'm thinking about getting the Nexus. What issues were you having?

Small_law says:

The Nexus is at least on par with what the Thunderbolt's battery life was when it came out. I'd say it's much better. Also, the display isn't a TFT LCD like the Thunderbolt, it's Super Amoled. They are lit differently, so the brightness values are different. The screen is plenty bright at 50%. I do think the signal strength indicator on the Nexus generally reports lower than the Thunderbolt, but my reception is exactly the same as it was with the Thunderbolt. I'm not losing 4G where I used to have it. Additionally, the Nexus' GPS locks in almost instantly and the hand offs are seemless.

tim242 says:

Bad reception. Horrible battery life. Worse than the far. Camera is a joke. Screen brightness had to be around 50% to look decent. I kept my Thunderbolt at around 20%
Oh, and that damn Nexus gets HOT. Reminded me of my old HTC Diamond. Just too many annoyances to deal with.

mademan420 says:

WoW!!! Really?!? I didnt think that any phone's battery could worse than the old TBolt...

mademan420 says:

OAN: How's the RAZR?

I got ten hours today on my gnex. The radio will get better with updates. Had the razr and loved it. I like updates more than thin. But enjoy. It is a great phone.

DC Damien says:

I got the one year contract as well. But finally the bad boy seems to work fine now. So I will hold on to a bit longer. But the RAZR is interesting. Waiting to hear more about the new MAXX.

Unobtanium says:

So now the ringtone I assign for my wife will really be for her only?

The nexus has a crappy radio and its a pos!. I walked in my local Verizon store with 700 hundred dollars in my pocket ready to buy one and I start playing with the display one and come to see that it only get 3g so I check settings to see if its on LTE mode and rebooted to see if that would fix it. Nothing! every other phone 4g phone in the store was even the Pantech breakout had 4g and my thunderbolt, never dropped it either. I said eff that... So the phone has a major issue, that was a deal breaker for me if it couldn't get it in the store with the cell tower is right outside. I won't even bother with it. So don't get this phone, the thunderbolt is better.. The rep in the store had one and said he could only get 4g outside .!
So nexus owners have fun with that pos! And would like to know if anybody is having that problem and your opinion was on 4 .0.3 so I can't believe it that it couldn't pick a 4g signal inside the store

thaJack says:

Wow. 4.0.3 hasn't even been released yet.

OmahaPlaya says:

Almost forgot what the normal look for the Thunderbolt looks like since I've been rooted for awhile now running CM7.

mkl4466 says:

Anyone know if this is available anywhere online as a flashable zip? Also, is it possible, or even necessary, do do this update if you're running a custom ROM, such as das bamf ?

joewyno says:

Does anyone know when this will be available? In Chicago and still has not pushed.

thaJack says:

Too little, too late, HTC.

Did the update and now no mobile data. The icon above will not come up. Anyone else with this issue..

parrc says:

ok. My question is: I would like to know now that I have my new updated 2.11.605.9 can I root my new phone???
I had to get a new one since I washed my old rooted thunderbolt.
I use the ADB tools to try and load the revolutionary root but it would not work. after the $ I tried to enter (/data/local/psneuter)and it would not except the next command.
It said
Failed to set prot mask (inappropriate ioctl for device)

Can anyone give me some tips?