HTC ThunderBolt update

The word is spreading like wildfire in our ThunderBolt forums -- the Android 2.3.4 update for HTC ThunderBolt is finally pushing out. Go to Settings>Software update>Check new to start the download. Then sit back, open a cool tall one, and let the Gingerbread flow. You've waited long enough.

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HTC ThunderBolt's Gingerbread update pushing out now!


What did i tell you guys?!?! Once they posted the changelog about the update you all will will be receiving the update by later today or this week for sure and look BOOM its here! Lol congrads Thunderbolt users enjoy your fresh new phone rocking gingerbread:)

Sent from HTC Sensation 4G

wow that phone in the pic looks beat up!

i got excited to tell my cousin about this but i forgot he went through 5 thunderbolts, he will never buy htc again or a launch phone again
random reboots, horrible battery, basically every issue under the sun.

it was horrible, i even witnessed it first hand.

im a htc fan boy too,

too bad, if they wouldnt push out phones so fast they might actually keep some users of these devices when turn out great after all the updates and fixes!!

They did rush the phone a little, because of the new technology LTE and network issues Verizon was having when LTE first launched it was a bit buggy at first, I bought it on launch day.

In my general experience with HTC phones, they are normally much better built than the competition and the software HTC develops is far superior to competitors.

I rode out the first couple months with a slightly buggy thunderbolt and after MR2 it's now the best android phone I've owned.

LTE battery life however is a problem to some extent for all LTE phones, the LTE chips out now are just battery hogs.

Which version and where is the RUU?

*****Update: it is the same version as the latest leak :-) now I just need to figure out how to update my PRL...

YEAH! Downloading now! I told myself I would wait to see if there were issues, but.......downloading now!

They send the GB update out in phases.. Usually 3.. It will probably be west coast, central us, then east coast.. Or something like that..

If you are already rooted why would you download this update?
Why not install a Gingerbread Rom instead, that way you still have Root Access?


Hopefully this update will make the power/lock button start working on my phone again.

Update: Nope, didn't fix my broken power/lock button, good thing my replacement will be here tomorrow.

I don't have a Thunderbolt , but I gotta say : Damn its about time
what took em so long ? They could've ported the Desire HD version to it & tweek the radios a bit

Congratulations to the thunderbolt owners , ebjoy

Only took 3 minutes to download at 5:30 AM central time. Nice to see that green arrow in the circle as the update progress continues. The second long wait (this time 6 months)will be worth it. Let's hope. Note: There are two progress bars - with a couple minute pause in between, so stay cool while waiting. After the start-up, mine still asked if I wanted to do the update - strange! Here we go!

2.3.4 for the Thunderbolt but not the EVO? Great. This is my last HTC Phone. It will be Moto or Nexus from now on.

The Evo is over a year old & EOL, it shouldn't be a surprise. I still love my Evo regardless of what GB version it has.

Congrats TB users...Enjoy your update!!

Really, even apple stops adding features to their EOL phones/products. Might get minor updates to fix broken issues but that's about it. I have ipod touch 2 and it hasn't received any of the latest features in years, just bug fixes. I'm sure if you're that concerned you can root the evo and do whatever you want to it, which is what I will do with the TB once its support slows/stops.

As soon as I root, bolt gets update 2 days later Lmfao. Still 6 months late Verizon!!! I'll keep my root, and Bamf'd ROM anyday!

Yeah, I don't see what all the hubbub is about. Even just a debloated rom will run faster than the ota. Not to mention a fully customized rom with kernel and all apks replaced or rebuilt from source. If you really care so much about a phone's performance then void the warranty, s/off and take care of it yourself. And yeah, bamf roms are great. Loving the Bliss sense 3.5 port.

Rooted/ S-OFF phones for the Win.
I've been rooted since the day the thunderbolt root came out.
Had GB since early August runs great.
Currently running ShiftS3ns3 1.5, and it's as bug free as any OTA

Not all roms are error free, but both BAMF and Theory roms are generally almost 100% bug free, treading into AOSP roms or Roms by less established developers is where you get less stability and bugs.

Still on .1, but I'll wait for theory to update shifts3ns3 to .3
I did update to the .3 radios though.

If your technically inclined even a little bit, custom roms are a no-brainer.

Exactly...The first thing I do when I get a phone is root it. I sign in, don't set anything else up, and root the shit out of it.

Just got the update, I do not have the little yellow streak across the top or bottom when you reach the end. The audible noice when making a screen selection still does not work. I thought it would work when we got the Gingerbread update.Has a mind of it's own, works about every 5th selection. Not very happy at all. The little quirks should have been fixed when this rolled out. Actually I am pissed. Going to root it and Bamf here I come.

Woooooooo fuckin hoooooooo.. I am so pumped.. Now lets see if my incessant reboots go away.. When I saw this thread I had a HUGE smile. Lol.

Ok I'm grad it's here and I have a question. Please tell me if I can still updae since I installed the last RUU that came out a few day ago? Will I still get the OTA? HELP HELP HELP

Rolling stock update in Charlotte, NC...

- Update worked 20 min total time no problem I am on solid 4G.
- My programs and settings appear to mostly be intact.
- Quick Settings in Notification bar swipedown are a nice change.
- I use GoLauncher so I am hard pressed to see other UI changes yet.
- I use Handcent so my SMS have been going to the right people lately anyway
- Gmail mail notification looks different
- I already had apk loaded the updated Market so not sure if that changed (3.1.5 listed)
- Generally more snappy than it was before

Yes it was pulled. They pushed it to first batch of people & it messed up allot of phones. I guess they are working on it. My wife got the update and it messed up her phone, called Verizon and now they are sending her out a "referb" Incredible 2 as replacement :)

Does anyone think the Thunderbolt update was pulled? Get "no update available" and they reverted to the old changelog pdf on the Verizon site...

Interesting, I started the download at about 9am and it was still there. Still haven't finished yet courtesy of the sudden lack of 4G at my house though. Think I am pushing 1:15 into it, looks about 90% now.

For some reason my 4G went away as soon as I started the download. I may not finish this download today on the 3G network. I think I am about 15 minutes in, and I may be at 25% so far, but I think I am being generous. I hope I don't run into any bugs, read about the voice-mail notification issues, but as a visual voice-mail user I guess I should be safe on that one. Keeping my fingers crossed that this eventually finishes.

Downloading firmware as I write this.. Did a check for updates & this is what they gave me do far.. I have full 4g & at 25% after 5 mins?

I just got the new software download. Every thing looking as it should no problems so far I hope it stays that way.

All done, gingerbread 2.3 & sense 2.1...

Also I had everything backed up on mybackup pro for when I did the upgrade then I could restore everything.. Well good news is.. I didn't lose a thing.. Everything was exactly where it should be after I finished the upgrade..

So far very good upgrade. My phone has also picked up speed, its moving a whole lot faster now, I wonder why that is? Can anyone explain. Love it.

dang! saw the update earlier but didn't have time so I defered until tomorrow. Now when I check for update it says none available. Do I have to wait until tomorrow???? (I guess what's one more day after waiting 6 mos.....)

Just finished the download and reboot! Here are the changes I noticed:

-Took 15mins for the update to complete and reboot (that's on wifi)
-Quick Settings and Notifications tab now available in the pull down notify bar (very nice and now makes the use of the Power Control widget obsolete)
-New Power Efficiency features in settings-power option
-Gmail notifications have a different look
-If video I'd available in Google Talk, I'm not sure how to enable it...
-Seems faster but not totally sure just yet...

Ok that's it!

Just called HTC support the no front facing video chat in Google talk is a known issue HTC is working on it no ETA yet

if you want google talk video chat. Just root your phone. Almost all of the gingerbread roms have this featuring working fine. Confused why they are calling this 2.3.4. Looks like 2.3.3 if google talk doesn't have video.

After the update, the phone lags a lot and the Quadrant score dropped to 1200s. Bad performance, you can feel it clearly.

DL'd last night and spent most of today playing around with it. Not too many differences. I have had no problems with it. What is strange is my batt meter still registers full charge and I have been using it off and on for 8 hours today. Heavy use and no batt drain! I don't know if this is an anomaly, but I would love it if GB does, in fact, improve batt life.

Downloaded just fine on 4G. Question for those in the know. how do you customize the dock icons, when in car mode? Is it possible? I thought that was one of the updates. LOVE the Skype video capabilities!

Downloaded 4am.. shocked that it actually came through. Thought I was still now how do I root....the easiest way. Know my phones but since I don't have a computer, not so smart.

Just curious. If the fantastic ROM dev's can squeeze sense 3.0 and even now 3.5 into the Tbolt. Why the fuck can't the devs that work for HTC and Verizon. Thank you and goodnight.

My phones been a dick recently, but has the update come out in Vegas? Cause I haven't gotten it yet if it has..

I don't know what the hype is about it. I am pissed since it came out. My flashlight doesn't work, says call is in progress, my ass. Flash doesn't work anymore, says call in progress(not). And all my custom ringtones don't know when to ring. What ever the last call ringtone was, it will ring the same for the next call that doesn't have that ringtone assigned to it. Very pissed off customer now!!!!!!!!!