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HTC ThunderBolt launch date


finally!!! i bet they just wanted to exceed the return day from the iphones. wow what an epic lauch the iphone had today. has a video of 1 customer walking into a store full of employees this morning. no line at all HAHAHAHA

Yeah it's called Apple wanted Verizon to do it on purpose so people wouldn't return their iPhones for the superior Thunderbolt.

If that is a Thunderbolt, that dude has a gigantic hand. I mean ridiculously gigantic. I have the biggest hands of anyone I've met, and my OG droid looks the same as that picture.

Ugh...if I hadn't already purchased a phone recently I would have like to have this be my first android. Oh well. I'm happy with what I have for now so I have to chance to learn. Hopefully if the rumored and speculated Droid 3 is any good I may move up to that.

Short, and to the point! I was starting to get nervous. I sold my Evo and switched to Verizon on 1/27. I got the incredible at Best Buy for free, to hold me over til the Thunderbolt release. That is cutting it close to my 30 days. I'd return the Dinc and go phoneless for a few days, glad I don't have to though : )

Umm. . heads up tim. . . Verizon changed their return policy from 30 days to 14. And if you got it on the 27th. . . today is the 14th day.

Pretty damning date coming exactly 14 days after the iPhone release. And it doesn't look like the iPhone sold as you would think it would. People may want the 4G service.

I was so mentaly ready for the 14th. I wonder what phone is going to be leaked in the meantime that will make me want to wait.

I realllllly hope this is true! I was one of the (silly) ones that gave Best Buy a $50 deposit for this phone...I then heard that the release date was pushed back. When I went back in to Best Buy, their email was down and the rep couldn't tell me anything, but did say he'd call me when he knew something. Believe it or not, he actually called - and said that he knew for a fact it was pushed back and that he had asked his managers and even they didn't know when they were gonna get it. So, I walked in to the Verizon store and asked a rep and he said that no one knew when it was gonna come out and an HTC rep was at his store recently and the HTC rep said that it would be well after the 14th. I hope they consider the 24th to be "well after" the 14th.

HTC says Week of 2/14/11,they waiting for Verizon to give the OK And it should be this week. We will see????Lets hope its true!!!!!!COMING SOON!!!