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Developers have packaged the lengthy and cumbersome HTC Thunderbolt root process into an easy to use application that runs from your computer.  You get the same root, using the same methods, without the work and potential for user error.  There are a few caveats though -- you'll need to be using Windows, have a Tbolt with a firmware version lower than version 1.12.605.9, and there's the potential for a bug that will force you to head to IRC for a fix.

Not much feedback about this one yet, but we've set up a discussion thread in the Thunderbolt hacking forums, so if you have taken the plunge, thinking about taking it, or just have questions there's a place to do it.  This certainly looks like some nice work, hats off to dbzfanatic for the program! [XDA Developers] Thanks everyone who sent this in!


Reader comments

HTC Thunderbolt gets an easy root option


Adb root method is easy as hell a cave man can do it! I don't trust this method if its not from unrevoker don't trust it imo! No offense to the developer. I'm sure he or her is good and knows his stuff.. but jcase and jamelle are well trusted and this is there project will help you thru it or me email @ and ill walk you thru it

I have to agree, an 850MB file to allow the root process seems like they bundled it together, and yet there is still potential for issues. I will wait for UnRevoked to be ready which should be this week or next. I'm not in a super hurry I just want to remove the bloatware, although I have enjoyed the Lets Golf2 but it stopped since I played it 3 times.

It worked like a charm. Follow the instructions. I used the "no adb" version. Had to rerun step 2 once and step 3 once. Trick with step 3 is to run it twice back to back. Tomorrow I can start to remove the bloat and watch my battery life go up! All this in less than one week...

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