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HTC took to its Facebook page today to announce the good news that the ThunderBolt and Droid Incredible will finally be receiving their Android 2.3 Gingerbread updates in September. No word yet on exactly which version of Gingerbread they're getting -- we're hoping it's Android 2.3.4 -- or whether video chat will work, or whether it means anything for unlocking their bootloaders. But this is certainly a day of celebration if you own either of these devices. You may now take 5 minutes for a Snoopy dance.

Source: Facebook; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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HTC ThunderBolt, Droid Incredible to get Gingerbread in September


Been running gingerbread on my thunderbolt for months now. Just root the damn thing and let it fly baby!! I for one am an impatient man!

Yep...I rooted a buddy's phone and he's got 2.3.3...2.3.4 isn't that big a deal. Damn sure not worth losing root over until someone else releases it for the rooted crowd.

yea but it will be nice to get a gingerbread that is made for our phones and get something more stable and that is better on battery life. I have been using Virus's Synergy nightlies and have tried a couple other GB roms and they kill my battery fast. I even have my display on 25% or less, no BT, WIFI, or GPS on except as needed. Dont have anything really syncing alot either.

I have tried different radios, but it seems I can't get better battery life, well anything better then 8-9 hours and sometimes it dies faster if I really use my phone a lot. I have had my phone down almost 50% in 2-3hours. I will still use custom roms over stock too.

in related news, HTC/Verizon released a follow-up announcement that this was just a rumor & the actual news release has been pushed back due to MicrosoftPublisher not being able to handle the Sense graphics incorporated into the pure-Gingerbread press-packet release.
Originally slated for Q2 release/announcement, the announcement was delayed due to too many errors and bugs found by the reader.
no word yet on when the news release will be updated, but it's expected/rumored to be in the late 4th quarter.

Phil, you made my day. I root and unroot all the damn time so I'm glad to see this is FINALLY coming in official form!

Hey, if it weren't for people that came on to these threads to tell people to just "root the damn thing",,, there would be far less rooted users... Most that root, are happy as far as I can tell.. :)

Cool for those OG Dinc users out there that haven't rooted and were holding out, I'll continue to enjoy my CM7 nightlies without Sense the way Google intended Android to be.

Com'n Verizon...outdated phones, rediculous rate plans and slow updates...last in line for everything!! AWFUL!!

It's 2.3.4, I'm running a custom rom based on the newest leak, with the newest leaked radio
and I can tell you GB for the thunderbolt is a big deal.
Everything feels much faster than froyo, it's a odd build so that means that your not going to see much in the way of new functionality, people don't seem to get that
2.0 big release, new features
2.1 fixes bugs and improves 2.0
2.2 big release, new features
2.3 fixes bugs and improves 2.2

Everything on the thunderbolt runs better, GPS locks a lot faster
3G/LTE connection is much more stable. Battery life is vastly improved.

I've rooted all my android phones, don't think I'll ever go back
but I know it's not for everyone, I think when official gingerbread comes out it will make a lot of TBolt users very happy.

Not holding my breath till I see it. Besides, it will be most likely be on Sept 30th at 11:59pm the way Verizon seems to update stuff.

I thought the DInc reached "end of life", so I rooted mine. Oh well, I'm glad I did. Flashing CM7 was painless. I like the stock keyboard much better.

I was also under the impression that my DInc had reached EOL so that GB wouldn't come to it. Mine's been rooted for a long time. Running Nightly CM7. Do like the new stock GB keyboard, but I've been using Swype.

What cosmetically will change with the update? Any diffierences in like staus bar icon colors or anything like that?

Woooooooooo hoooooooooooooo..... It's about F'ing time.. it will be a nice change from all these damn reboot..

Also made it thru the hurricane safely.. works 3 days straight..

Can someone tell me is there a way to back up EVERYTHING on my phone.. including Apps.. so I don't have to write down every app I have on here & reload it all in my phone again...

have to root the phone.
make a nandroid backup of it (this will back up all of your apps & app data, screen customizations, alarms, web bookmarks, text messages, etc) and/or also TitaniumBackUp/MyBackUpRoot for transferring that data to a freshly loaded custom ROM.

not rooted? can't back up EVERYTHING like a nandroid does.

This is a good thing, as my poor DroidX is starting to go wonky on me. I may have to switch back to my Dinc until the Prime is released.

Well I guess I will have to write down everything I have on here so when I do get the update I can remember Wtf is on here... I don't know how to root.. I am not very good with computers so I don't want to destroy my phone trying to root it..

Even though it may seem intimidating at first, but it really is as easy as everyone says it is. Just make sure that you read ALL the instructions that the developers post before doing anything, as well as make back ups of your existing file(this is the first thing I would learn to do). I primarily used Youtube to teach me how to bach up/ root/ flash custom ROMs to my phone. Take the time and familiarize yourself with the process before rooting or flashing in actuality. It really is something you should at least try because of the numerous benefits to your phone.

I'm another one of those people who got sick of waiting for the official release so I rooted/ flashed a custom ROM. I couldn't be happier with my decision.

I have been running the Synergy ROM from xda developers, which was a collaboration of many talented developers with their own individual strengths. Not only do I now have the benefits of gingerbread, but I now also have Sense 3.0 on my Dinc which, for anyone who has yet to try it out, is gorgeous and really increases the productivity of your phone's usage though its brilliant menu/ settings layout and its extremely well thought out widgets. Oh, and the 3.0 lock screen is just awesome. Synergy also has a couple little tweaks of its own (unlocked wi-fi hotspot!) to make it the best Sense based custom android ROM out there. Definitely not for Android purists, but if you're a fan of HTC sense, I highly recommend this ROM. Oh, and its definitely a daily user being as it's incredibly stable.