HTC Thunderbolt 4G

Ah ha! Eagle-eyed commenter rabaker07 deduced that the URL from the HTC Thunderbolt 4G (that's the name we're using today, anyway) advertisement we showed you yesterday was a little off. (Hey, not our fault.) Plug in a quick "us" into the URL, and you get an e-mail signup page that has the caped phone and the "first to 4G, again" slogan. Just a week and a half to go, folks, and we'll get the lowdown. [HTC]


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HTC Thunderbolt 4G gets another sign-up page ahead of CES announcement


There are 2 T-Mobile devices in that picture. But that Sprint spokesperson lady said they had 0 4G phones. Just what is going on here??

It looks bigger in this pic, because it's in the foreground. It looks the size of the Evo/Incredible HD in other pics.

Remember the Supersonic? It was used in url's and declared by blogs, as the name of the first 4G phone. Everybody was shocked when it was announced as the EVO 4G. Thunderbolt sounds as much like a code name as Supersonic. I call it now. Thunderbolt will not be the name.

Dear post Troll... The phone is the EVO Shift 4G the "HTC Thunderbolt" is not a real phone but a FCC Device Name coverup GET IT RIGHT!

Dear post are going to look like a dumbass on Jan. 6th. It may not be Thunderbolt but it sure as hell isn't going to be the EVO Shift 4G. You have no common sense. GOT IT WRONG!

It's a device coverup for the Verizon 4G phone, not the Evo Shift. Are you that stupid? The Evo Shift name is out already.

Folks... use your head. Think about it, "First to 4G, again." Sprint already has 4G with HTC phones, as does T-Mobile. So that rules both of those carriers out. Verizon JUST launched 4G LTE, so who's left on the market to get 4G phones currently? There's your answer. It's not that difficult to make that conclusion.

I finally get the first to 4G thing. First to have another 4G device on another carrier, like tmobile and sprint.

Blogs called the Evo Supersonic all the way up to the day of the announcement. . You got fooled, and you're falling for it again. You know what they say about getting fooled the second time...Doesn't Thunderbolt sound like a Supersonic? I think you jumped the gun. Now, all the blogs ran with your proclamation. HTC is laughing their collective asses off.

I'm guessing that the name isn't really the important thing here. It's that a new device is due for Verizon sporting 4G, and it's the one that's been referred to as Thunderbolt. I'm thinking Incredible HD, but again, I don't think the name is the point. Nice of you to point it out though.

Doesn't really matter if the name is Thunderbolt or not, what matters is the device and how it will perform. If the name is Thunderbolt then so be it. Is it a dumb name IF it is the real name? Yes, most definitely. Are there better names for it? Yes...Droid Incredible 4G would be a great one to carry on the Incredible name, or Droid Bolt 4G. Names aside, what matters is it's a new Android device on Verizon and it's the first 4G LTE handset. That, in itself, is big for them. They are banking on it being a flagship device and the name isn't gonna make a bit of difference to the tech heads.

We've been aware of this device since August. They've been using other names. Now the blogs are throwing this codename around insisting that it's the official name. So yes, the name is the thing they are stressing...hence the url they provided.

Actually, it wasn't the blogs but HTC who provided the URL (containing the 'Thunderbolt' name) from within their advertisement.