HTC at Mobile World Congress

If you've wandered by HTC's Facebook page (or Twitter feed) recently, you've likely stumbled across the teaser you see above. No, it's not for the Thunderbolt. (Or the Merge. Quit asking!) But the "big things" line certainly makes us wonder if it's going to be tablet time in Barcelona one week from today. We'll be there to find out, of course.


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HTC teasing 'big things' next week at Mobile World Congress


among other things, they'll announce the dinc 2....makes since to do it in europe since they already said it would be global

Big deal. I've lost interest in teases. Unless it's something revolutionary, it's just another device. I like what someone else said on the htc facebook page, "If it's not the (device I want), I'm just gonna get an iphone. I'm tired of waiting for a damn phone."

Companies should get over themselves.

The Evo is a tough act to follow. How many are ready to sign contracts for what surely to some of us, is only going to be a bump up on the spec sheet? What I would like to know, is where is android going? Where is Sprint going? You guys have identified a gap between gingerbread 2.3 and gingerbread 2.4 due to api incompatibilities, dual core cpu's, and the honeycomb feature set... I'm not complaining my Evo works fine. I'm just feeling a lot of uncertainty. Then Sprint launches this Kyocera "wonder" without 4g, or any real top end fearures. Why? I live in San Diego. We have no 4g, without even any rumors of 4g. Yet, myself along with countless other Evo & Epic owners pay the premium. Maybe we're ready for the Evo 2, but Sprint clearly isn't. Last year, I was worried about fractured O/S. They seem to have at least partially straightened that out, but Google, and service providers need to figure something out. This is thinly disguised chaos.

Ill say pyramid and some sort of tablet offering(s). Maybe the desire 2 or inc 2 (the devices who's photos leaked) assuming that one of those is not the "pyramid".

Either way im terribly excited because im a huge HTC fanboy and my tech future for this year will be revealed at mwc. Im hoping for a nice dual core verizon offering and a tablet (sub 10" ideally) to accompany it.

Yeah, HTC. Give us some Evo2, or reasonably priced, WiFi-only 10" Honeycomb or something. You need to fix Sprint's "Earth Shattering" event from yesterday.

I hope its something that they actually put a date on. So many times we get these unveils, but they dont actually give us release dates so it just keeps everyone guessing all over again.

I think they are going to announce a goofy looking phone with 2 small screens, an old processor, and a tiny ass battery.

Oh, wait..... nevermind.....

Oooooo, could it be the Merge?! - Sorry, I couldn't resist after the post said to stop asking; it's like setting a toddler down in front of a cookie jar and saying no. Seriously, though, I've pretty much given up hope on that phone. And unless this is going to be some other qwerty phone on Verizon, I could care less.

I'm on Verizon, so what the other carriers get doesn't matter to me. And I personally think Verizon has enough released, and upcoming, touch-only phones already - they need to get a really good physical keyboard phone on their line-up. (The Droid 2 doesn't cut it; I've got one and the keyboard is disappointing at best.)

Again, sorry... just getting tired of reading all the touch-only / tablet news while seeing hardly any qwerty news. On a postive note, there's a rumor for the Droid 3 in Q2...