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HTC has released a cryptic teaser on their Facebook page for a device to be announced tomorrow. It really doesn't say much, and it's anybody's guess what 10:08 means; presumably that's the time we'll have to tune in to HTC's various channels to see what's up. 

We've heard of at least two potential devices that HTC could be introducing. There's the One X 5, which is looking more real than ever at this point, and there's the considerably murkier Droid Incredible X, with what could be a 1080p-resolution display (that that would fit in pretty nicely with the 10:08 on the clock, wouldn't it?). Of course, there's also the very real possibility that there's nothing Android going on here at all, and that HTC will in fact be announcing a Windows Phone instead.

That clock font sure looks Windows Phoney to me, but what do you guys think? What kind of Android devices is HTC going to announce tomorrow? Do you think they'd lump in a Windows Phone on the side? 

Source: Facebook

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Acelx says:

One X5 to challenge Samsung Galaxy Note 2.. and Windows 8 phone or tablet..

im hoping to see a OneX+ or something to do with the One X besides a 5inch device

i hope they don't do what they did before, release waaay too many phones and go no where

leerage says:

They will definitely be announcing a windows 8 phone. Check out this blurry cam leaked shot. The bezels look the same from what HTC put out to his leaked pic:

OpenMitko says:

You are probably right, but I still have some hope for 5" Android 1080p phone :)

cyanogen-man says:

Please be a New android with removable battery and micro sd

silverghozt says:

hear hear!

Don't_Panic says:

GS3. Removable battery, check. Micro SD, check. So....we're good.

DROIDDNAer says:

That time is the time all HTC phone/tablets have in their promo shots.

Give the placement, I would go with tablet rather than phone, but I've never see a Windows Phone 8.

That font definitely is Windows Phone. Hoping to see new Android and Windows Phone tomorrow :)

Shadnic says:

Well roman numeral for 10 is X and 8 could be windows phone 8. Maybe it'll be called the HTC X8? Just a guess. I feel like it's too soon to release a 1080p super phone. Sounds too out-of-nowhere considering the current competition.

matthew4295 says:

You're reasoning is genius! Although it's stated below (in a link) --- ( ---

10:08 is probably the release date: October 8th.

Thlayli says:

I did not know that. Very cool.

jrenner says:

I would bet on 19.9 being the date cuz that's tomorrow.

WindRunner says:

Aww, I was hoping for a 19.9" tablet/desktop hybrid! I suppose a date makes more sense...

Garrett92C says:

The placement, style, and font of the clock all point to Windows Phone.

jtexans says:

10 stands for how many times Apple will sue regarding this phone...and 8 stands for how many weeks it will be stuck in US Customs.

"Windows Phoney"... Naw there's no way anyone can take that out of context. :-)

androidkin says:

I hope it's the rumored HTC DIx or HTC One X5, but i'm pretty such the device in the picture is a Windows Phone

bwithey11 says:

I love that name... dix lol

shaytoon21 says:

wait wait wait wait wait. has everyone failed to see the big 19.9??? thats the mystery. what does 19.9 mean???????????

(insert huge sarcastic smiley here)

bwithey11 says:

July 9th, 2013. Isn't it obvious???

shaytoon21 says:

but that doesnt make sense????

7/9/13 OMG im dying what does it all mean?????


7+9+13=29 deduct 10 (because the clock shows 10) = 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i dont get it?

bwithey11 says:

starting with January 2012 count to 19

shaytoon21 says:

= august 2013...????

but i thought we were all going to die in december 2012?

oh cruel world, just kill me now.

bwithey11 says:

No, July bc January counts as 1. And we all died months ago, the Mayans didn't account for leap days.

bwithey11 says:

10:08 is always used by HTC bc on old digital clocks it is the time that displays the most dots. Think about it.

edit: not just old digital clocks, but you get it.

born2vape says:

1080P resolution?

10:08P resolution!

Mike robins says:

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shaytoon21 says:

i hope you die with your irrelevancy

Why wouldn't they?
Android is already packed-full with competition.
And while HTC is the first vendor came out with Nexus-Google name, Samsung did it twice and now on Asus.
They were great on Windows Mobile and I believe they should also stick to Windows Phone.
Off course I want to see more device from them. But if they don't have the right 'ammo' to create better Android experiences from smartphones and tablets, they better change direction.

SenenCito says:

It's going to be a Windows phone with a very slim profile and various colors.

FreudSlipped says:

19.9 is Sept 19th, when HTC is having a "thing" in NYC.

palko7 says:

Htc uses he time 10:08 when it displays a time, the reason that I've heard for this is tht 10:08 is the time that uses the maximum number of pixels

Nique0201 says:

Or maybe its a 10 inch windows 8 device... ala 10:08 because the clock looks a little windows style to me.... #WhatDoIWin?? Lol

mathiasjk says:

Think thay are going to show an android and Windows Phone, WPcentral got the invite too.

swyost says:

Why are people expecting that HTC might announce anything other than Windows Phone 8 devices at an event that has been known for weeks to be a Windows Phone event? Ten seconds worth of internet searching could have removed any "mystery" for android users.....

barkomatic says:

It's a throwback to how watches with actual hands are displayed in ads. When the time reads, "10:08" it creates a kind of smiley face on the watch face.

WilCIWS says:

I was just about to say this. +1 mate! :D

scaots says:

Would be awesome if it is 1080p and runs both windows and Android. Though I doubt it and I don't remember if 1080 is supported in WinPhone8; thinking it topped out at 1280x800.

IceDree says:

That kinda looks like a Windows Device, since that clock font resembles Microsoft's Segue font

personally, Im hoping for a Windows Phone devices !!!
A WP8 One X-ish phone would be awesome !

trenchkato says:

10:08 doesn't mean anything. Anyone who is into watches knows that 10:08 is the time shown on a clock In advertisements. It is said to be aesthetically pleasing whether digital or analog.

Anyway it looks like a tablet to me.

Yeah, a tablet with no side bezel! And there havent been any leaks about it being a phone for sure! /s

rnich120 says:

I have a web invite to the event tomorrrow...well excited.....cant wait..

mstrblueskys says:

I bet they're not announcing new WebOS hardware!

"When beautiful hardware meets stunning software."

Clearly, a Windows Phone event exclusively. I love my EVO LTE but the stunning hardware is paired with what can be best described as utilitarian software.