HTC has been working hard as of late, one thing they have been putting some focus on is the many Android developers that are out there in an effort to get more involved with HTC products. Back when the HTC Flyer and Evo View 4G were announced, it was noted that they would be allowing developers to tap into HTC's pen-based Scribe technology. Jump ahead to today and HTC has announced HTCdev and along with it the pending release of what is now dubbed OpenSense SDK. As described by HTC:

The HTC OpenSense SDK will allow developers to harness software and hardware innovations on HTC phones to develop more deeply integrated mobile apps and experiences. Altogether, you'll have access to documentation, sample code, APIs and more importantly, the support and inspiration of the HTCdev community.

Interesting stuff -- but we are wondering just how open the OpenSense SDK will be. As we know it now, developers can do some pretty crazy stuff with Sense in un-official capacities -- what can they do with the support of HTC? For that, we'll have to wait and see but if you're a developer and looking to learn more; make sure you hit the source link below for some more details.

Source: HTCdev; via @HTC


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HTC soon to launch HTCdev Developer Center, OpenSense SDK


I'm guessing this will be big win or massive fail depending on how much freedom they give. Here's hoping for a robust and creative SDK. I'd also like to see them allow for the expansion of their existing Sense apps (messaging, contacts etc).

How can it be a massive fail compared to what we have now?? I think this is positive news,to what extent ...remains to be seen

I'd have to agree here. With their recent change in stance on locking down the phones and now this, it sounds like HTC is going above and beyond the competition

Ah don't get me wrong, I just have high expectations that will be thrown out if it only allows for some basic additions to Sense. I really want to see some kick ass stuff here.

Does this mean we might see some 3rd-party scrollable widgets in Sense? I might actually be able to use Sense if I can use Plume the way its widget was meant to be used.

I don't know if this is a good precedent. If this becomes successful, other Android handset manufacturers will follow suit and soon we'll see TouchWiz SDK, MediaScape SDK etc. Apps developed for these "platforms" will only run on these specific devices, leading to further fragmentation.

Wow...fragmentation resulting from releasing code? Every manufacturer wants an edge and hardware alone wont do that as Apple has shown. We are progressing one step at a time towards unifying, not fragmenting this platform and community.

Ice Cream Sandwich is what is going to change the game but until Google can release that I will take this as a win.

PS- As long as Samsung is within a legal battle I wouldn't expect them to release an SDK for Touch Wiz... lol