HTC Sensation video

In case you hadn't noticed, HTC unveiled a new phone today. The HTC Sensation will launch this summer in Europe, Asia and the U.S., with some impressive specs alongside a completely revamped version of HTC Sense. Following today's Sensation launch event in London, HTC has released two new promotional videos showing the handset's unibody chassis and redesigned UI. Check them both out after the jump.

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HTC shows off Sensation in new promo videos


I know my HTC Incredible doesn't have as much processing power as the Sensation, nor does it have the screen resolution, but the updated Sense needs to come to my phone too!

Im starting to wonder if UPdated sense is even going to get ported... As a matter of fact this SenseUI is 2 versions about Your Incredible and my EVO... we may get the first jump... but not this.

Actually you guys are going to be 3 versions outdated. Desire HD and Desire Z have 2.0, but will soon be updated to 2.1. Incredible S and Desire S have 2.1. Now the Sensation and EVO 3D will have 3.0.

General rule is, you will get point release updates (if your phone ships with 2.0, you'll get 2.1), but not major release updates. EVO and DInc have 1.x, which is where they'll stay. You guys should eventually get a Gbread update, but no Sense 2.x or 3.x.

Do HTC and Verizon use the same high school media teams to produce their advertising?

If there really is one thing that all of these companies can learn from Apple, it's marketing.

Or maybe this stuff works in Europe since they are all a little off over there, like Canadians.

Wow, an equal opportunity insulter. Are you sure you don't want to toss in a swipe at the Pope and the neighbors cat while in such a good mood?

Dammit HTC! Stop making the same stinkin' black-slab phone over and over again!! Give me something with a freakin keyboard that doesn't suck!

Never. HTC only provides point release updates. You'll get 2.1 with Gingerbread though, and probably an XDA port of Sense 3.0.

Looks nice. And it will probably have a 1000 milliamp battery like all HTC phones.

Look out!! Unibody! Could mean the phone is landlocked and the battery can't be upgraded like the Inspire 4G.

I like this phone a lot, I miss the LED notification since I got rude of my Nexus one for the S. Does anyone know if this phone will have gingerbread or just froyo? This is looking like my next phone. Bye Nexus S......I don't like my NS as you see, should've kept my N1.

It looks lovely and i really like Sense, but the locked bootloader, lack of root and the fact that its months away means i may be forced to get an GS2 in a few weeks. If thats is properly open, made of decent plastic for once in Samsungs life and i can ditch the vile TouchWiz, its mine.

I thought for a moment this could make my Nexus One be my backup phone, but the screen size makes me doubt. It's a little too big for my taste.

One thing I haven't seen yet - and I guess it'll have to wait for a full review - is whether the qHD screen is regular/preferred rgb submatrix or pentile (like the Atrix).

I'm not particularly interested if its pentile - as the rgb matrix in my "only" 854 x 480 Milestone/Droid 1 will probably look better.