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pDoG says:

Why does there always have to be something better. Damn.

Castro90 says:

lmfao, so true!!!

I bought the HTC Sensation, then found out about the HTC XE and got enthused to buy it and then found out about the HTC AMAZE 4G now the HTC XL!!!!!

WHY HTC, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not to mention also the Prime!

xun jiang says:

Love it!!!!!!

DC Damien says:

Ditto. With this and the Prime we have some nice looking phones to choose from. My Tbolt is beginning to look a bit old fashion. Lol.

Floss82 says:

Lol y'all are so true but i think its time for HTC Sense to change their app icons :p

DWR_31 says:

T-Mobile took away the MyTouch branding so HTC has to make them cry for awhile.