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If you're sitting there patiently, waiting for some proper S-off action for your HTC Sensation, it appears you might not have to wait much longer, as the folks at AlphaRev apparently have a properly hacked Pyramid in their hands. S-off, of course, is important for having full access to the lower levels of the device. Without it, things like custom ROMs are a wee bit more difficult to accomplish.

Anyhoo, stay tuned for when we see a public release. Until then, enjoy the video.

Thanks, Franky!


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HTC Sensation with S-off spotted


That's not a picture of an Evo 3D with AlphaRev S-OFF. That's just an Evo 3D shipped with S-OFF. There's plenty of them in the wild.

SHIP S-OFF doesn't mean anything. Unlocked EVO 4G's say the same thing, and mine didn't certainly didn't come shipped S-OFF. I've asked in the alpharev irc, it is a proof of concept.

this is absolutely great news! i was getting ready to return my 3VO..missing my og evo..coz of tethering..couldnt get the tethering work with the permroot..let the game begin! cant wait to flash!

man that song was terrible. but this is great news for Sensation users. i just hope my Evo3D follows quickly. i love the Joker/S-OFF starter animation! genius

Thanks for mentioning me in the post, I should have used my username tho... Cant wait for this to happen, they gotta be close as I read someone credible saying that they have had it for some time but didnt want to announce it and have a bunch of ppl bitching about eta's and such. So this could def. Mean its right around the corner. Maybe a nice little surprise for the weekend