htc evo 4g gets froyo by christmas

Just because we see what looks like Froyo running on a phone with HTC Sense, doesn't mean it's right around the corner.  The good folks over at Pocket-lint got some one-on-one time with Eric Lin, HTC's global PR and online community manager, at the recent Qualcomm Uplinq convention and got the straight scoop about Froyo on the new breed of HTC Sense phones. 

At this point I'd like to ask everyone to turn off their WiFi...err I mean put down their pitchforks and rotten fruit.  All sharp objects put away?  HTC says to expect Froyo on their handsets by Christmas.  And since you all are safely empty handed, he also says not to expect Gingerbread anytime this year.  Allow me to quote Mr. Lin:

"It takes time to port all of our applications over to Froyo and then make sure that it is running well on each of our devices. That’s not like a one week kind of project. We need to make sure that our applications are taking advantage of the Froyo features. To make sure that they’re all running properly on the OS now that it’s a new version. And then to make sure that it's running on our hardware as well as we expect."

I'm no happier than you guys are, but at least we'll see Froyo on our Evos and Incredibles before Sony Ericsson updates the Xperia line.  Feel free to discuss and vent in the comments. [Pocket-lint]

Update from Phil: Good lord, people. OK, we should have included the following line (but were trying to to steal all of Pocket-Lint's quotes). Said Mr. Lin: "I would believe that we would be done with our Froyo updates before Christmas." Updates could come next week. Or next month. Or the month after. Regardless, everybody have a little patience. You'll get Froyo in due time. This reaction is why we never get more than a ballpark time line.


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HTC says to expect Android 2.2 updates by Christmas


If the Incredible does not have 2.2 by time the Droid 2 comes out, I will use my upgrade and get myself the Moto Droid 2.

By F'n Christmas?!?! That is way too long!!! I thought by the end of July, maybe mid August but FUCK..... that's stupid.

Oh yeah..... I guess I'll be getting a phone that comes out loaded with Gingerbread. I hope Sprint will be getting a phone like that by the end of this year, before my upgrade date?

Take a vacation, relax and update is here. Wait a minute, you Americans don't have vacations, you only have your upgrades to joy life.

No hurry here to get 2.2 to my Desire.

But now back to upgrading to a new car, what I do every 6 month, NOT!

Ah damn :/ thats even later than the supposed 3.0 update! :(
still HTC Sense looks great and at worst ill just root my HTC desire to include the latest updates (if gingerbread really is going to redo the interface)

Just so you know, that is not an over-all, everywhere speed improvement. Some things will speed up a LOT, others some, and still others not much.

I have a Nexus One - 2.2 (even though its .1 version difference) is like night and day when it comes to smoothness and performance.

Plus this thing goes for like 18-20 hours on a single charge where as before I was lucky to get 12 on 2.1.

I feel cheated! This some ole bull- ish!!! Christmas? Why is it that the development community works so much faster than the actual people that make the damn devices? Custom ROM, here I come...

watch the epic get froyo before the evo... wouldn't that be ironic...with all the samsung hating and pro htc talk hapening.... shortly after release should be long before christmas time.... I can only wish ... still trying to justify returning the evo and picking up a 2nd hand pre to tide me over. I'm hoping that's samsung's choice to go with a cookie cutter type of design pays off with updates.... one can dream right?

What is wrong with Christmas is the droid is scheduled to get it in July, are you serious that Sense is such difficult coding that they can not integrate an step upgrade for 6 + months. HTC might be seeing an increase in sales but I do not see this being a trend if they can not keep up with Motorola.

Christmas? What did they do, fire their development staff and assign this to an unpaid intern to work on?

Sure, Froyo will be great but I'm still very happy with my Incredible and don't mind waiting for them to get it done right.

Hopefully, Gingerbread'll mean the vanilla Android UI will be so nice we can ditch Sense forever. This is taking too much time. >_<

With Launcher Pro and Beautiful Widgets, Sense no longer has any place on my device. Like I've said before, HTC needs to get out of the software business and just focus on Hardware.

Launcher Pro is cute but no close to the smothering and outstanding performance and elegance of HTC Sense. A least you are using a old UI sense and a outdated phone

I can wait. 2.1 on the Evo is still nice. However, it is disappointing that it would take THAT LONG to release a 0.X update! Maybe we will get lucky and it will come out sooner and they are just saying Christmas to cover themselves.

One thing is for sure- I would much rather wait a few extra months for everything to be perfect, than to have some rushed disaster update....

That is way to long in my opinion. Gingerbread MAY be available by then. Also many of us will be scouting our next phone by January with the tech shows and will be excited about something else. Too long. The update means enough to me that if sprint had offered the Nexus and I was aware of this inside of the 30 days I would've considered returning this awesome phone. No one wants to have the best android phone available (opinion) and be the last to get the updates.. Simply crazy.

yea thats more like it, it only took what to update the hero? 7,8 month? well that is what going to happen again with the evo....

Did you read the entire article? An official HTC rep said NOT to expect Gingerbread (a.k.a. 3.0) anytime THIS year.

I come from WebOS and I have to admit, Android + EVO are just amazing, but this is my first and last device with HTC Sense. After one week using the stock phone I decide to try LauncherPro, and there’s no coming back, especially with updates taking this long.

This means the carriers will still have to put their spin on it and we won't have anything until after the first of the year. BOO!!!!!

Well maybe my EVO and Froyo will arrive at the same time, that is seeing that I can't find EVO stock anywhere in retail stores or online virtual store shelves. Grrrrr.

All this moaning does my box in. 2.1 is still great. I've came from a hero to a desire and realistically any improvements right now are luxury. Android us still the best platform IMO and if it takes till Xmas so be it.

I think the rage level would be a 6 instead of a 9 if that guy had used his words better. Maybe "4th QTR 2010" would have been better.

I think what the rep meant was that ALL devices would have froyo by Christmas. I am sure that EVO4G and the incredible will get the froyo update in the next month or two. Then the lower end devices will get the update around Christmas. Chill out people!!!

I was just going to post this...there is a list of HTC devices. I'm willing to bet the EVO at least will get it in the next couple of months. The Incredible on the other hand I believe will be held up longer by Verizon.

Holy fuck.... Christmas? Baby Jesus won't be happy. C'mon HTC.... I need these signal issues fixed & get my battery life up to something respectable.

As I said in the EVO forum discussing this matter. All "Eric Lin, global PR and online community manager for HTC" said was "he believes the company “would be done with Froyo updates before Christmas.” Do you know how many HTC Android devices there are? He didn't say we will release all the updates on Christmas or December. He said they would be done with all the updates by Christmas. EVO and Incredible could be one of the first with HTC to get Froyo, which probably would be late August. With each specific device and hardware are different, it takes time to make everything work. Also, didn't Sprint say we are going to get Froyo soon. I don't believe Sprint meant that 5 months was soon. I do believe we will get it in middle to late August, September at the latest. All you doom and gloom prognosticators, just be patient and stop guessing.

You are forgetting that it's not only about the speed increase. 2.2 also means that we can put all our apps on the SD card which is a major thing, atleast for me.

So for crying out loud, HTC SPEED THINGS UP!

Wow. I got my 2.1 update a month and a half ago. I don't mind witing for my Epic or whatever cool phone in Sept. However there seems to be. A lot of prima donna sniveling cause you don't get your Happy Meal toy till after you eat. People with the Evo should be proud of what they have. They could have a Motorola Droid and be even worse off. I would also love for all the Sprint haters to move to Verizon now, we will see you back in a few months when your broke from payin for services. Bottom line be happy with what you got it could be worse.

While I still think that HTC Sense is awesome, I would have been really stoked to see the FroYo update as much as the next Androidteer. HTC makes great phones, but they certainly need to pick it up on getting things out quicker, both updates and phone accessories.

However, the bigger question is, where can I get sweet-kickin Christmas hat like that for my Droid Incredible?

My exact thought as well. My friend with the Nexus One had awd launcher and a custom clock, and his interface had all the functionality of sense that I use. Looks like a root is on the way. What do you use for a custom rom?

No offense, but all you ppl going nuts over an update are sad. Go outside read a book do something. The bulk of their customers have no clue an update is even coming out. Most don't care because their phone works just fine. None of you will jump ship or go anywhere. Just like when everyone went crazy about 2.1. Its a phone. You knew ahead of time sense would take longer. If its so easy to do it by all means apply to htc and go do it. Otherwise relax and enjoy your phone. Nothing is wrong with it and it works just fine.

UGH! Root will soon be my best friend!

I like Sense a lot, but seeing as the Evo is Sprint's "First" phone and their roll model I truly thought updates would be quicker than this.

OMG! They have to test software on hardware before they can ship it?
Software development takes *time*? WTF? Why has no one ever told me?! /sarcasm

I don't mean to be age-ist but why the hell do millenials expect to have *everything* and have it *now* and be patted on the back and reminded how special the are when they get it?

Seriously people. Root your damn phone or take a breath. Look at the scenery. Get a life.

If getting an update is that important to you guys why don't you just root your phones and port it yourself I mean I have 2.2 on my eris...

I would rather wait for a fully functioning froyo on my Evo then to be another beta tester. How many versions of froyo has come out for the nexus one so far?

Come on people. Especially all you EVO fellow users who have only had the phone for 2 months! I would rather wait and have HTC push out a smooth upgrade than a shoehorned Froyo to our respective devices.

Looks like the EVO may be my last HTC phone. If MOTO and Samy updatea lot faster, they'll get my future business

Let me sum up all 60 comments for everyone: QQ

Really are all of these members only 15 yrs old? I've never heard so much crying and feet stomping. Like Phil said, "before Christmas" could be an hr from now.

Seriously what is the matter with the people on here getting up in arms. Nobody anywhere has said the update will actually take that long, HTC are basically just covering themselves in case things take longer.

Most likely the most recent handsets will get them in the next couple of months and that's more than soon enough, if you think otherwise then you can either root or get a vanilla android phone without the great sense software. Its called choice people, the reason were using android and not ios.

Really all of you get a grip and stop acting like spoilt kids who want everything now, now, now!

Google doesnt do themselves any favors by announcing a new version of Android and then make everyone wait forever to get it , 2.2 by Christmas ?? How ridiculous !! And I doubt most will see it by that time anyway , just like Adobe , lie after lie after lie after lie !!! Same old tune

Um, I'm guessing your one of those spoilt kids that doesn't let facts get in the way of a good rant then, why do there have to be so many idiots in the world, really? many times does it have to be said???? Google does NOT control updates on phones that dont have stock Android! HTC and Motorola are responsible for updating their Sense and Blur for 2.2! its not Google's fault they both decided to make their own format of Android! Thats what you get for buying those phones!

Could be worst I've been waiting forever for some kind of update on my mytiuch 3g the phone which made all this android experience wake up from no where. Still got 1.6 yeah its low end but can run 2.2 so I rooted. When the time comes ill get the next Google phone with T-Mobile. By the way nexus is the best phone out still better than the evolution minus the screen. Trust me the actual Google phones will always be the best. The nexus gets an update for everything the new phones come out with. Just be patient evolution and incredible will get their update soon and by Xmas all HTC phones

Pretty much any phone without a custom UI will get updates much faster. My Droid has been running 2.2 for a month now and it's awesome.

Stock Android > Sense, Blur, and every other custom UI

You all who are complaining (for no legitimate reason I might add) are forgetting that we forum people aren't the only ones who have HTC devices.

There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of "normal" people who don't know how to save a bricked device. Just imagine if HTC hurriedly released FroYo with its gee wiz stuff, only to have waves of devices operate abnormally or not operate at all. The masses would undoubtedly make a justifiable fit about it! HTC's reputation would be severely tarnished and in the long run may lose their consumer base.

Time MUST be taken to ensure the software is solid for all consumers, not the few of us who are tech/troubleshoot wizards.

Another point to consider is that HTC's Sense is HEAVILY integrated into the Android OS. It will take time to ensure Sense and the OS are working together without issue. If you didn't know, well shame on you for not doing proper research.

"Another point to consider is that HTC's Sense is HEAVILY integrated into the Android OS. It will take time to ensure Sense and the OS are working together without issue. If you didn't know, well shame on you for not doing proper research."

This is why I consider it weird when people talk about "turning off Sense" on an HTC device. You can change the launcher, sure, but that's not turning off Sense _at all_ lol. You still have the more colorful Settings app, the HTC Mail app, Messaging, phone dialer, etc. All those are part of Sense.

So good on HTC for promising updates for all the supported devices by year's end, and I still hope the rumours about Desire, Legend and Incredible in Q3 will hold up!

I think we're lucky to have updates twice a year. People with the iPhone/iPod Touch have to wait a full year to get new upgrades. The update that just came out (iOS 4) is already behind Android and doesn't even work the same on all Generation of iPhone/iPods. I mean, yeah, I'm disappointed I have to wait that long while a lot of Nexus One owners have Froyo, but I would be even more pissed if I actually wanted an iPhone 4, was stuck with two device choices (one is black, the other white) and then had a wait a whole year to get another update that probably won't add much to the table. I'm glad I'm not locked down and have all these choices of devices, hardware, software, carrier of choice, etc. I'm still using a BlackBerry Curve 8330 with a cracked screen and within the next 3 weeks I'll have an Evo in hand. The difference from one to the other will be night and day for me, Froyo will make it better. So, I guess I can wait

I find it quite Ironic that this news comes just after most of our sprint 30 day return policy ended! Those of us who bought our EVO on launch Day...(June 4th) It is now officially too late to return our phones. I am very dissapointed in Sprint and HTC! I went through this exact thing with my Hero!! Enough already!!

Well, if they told you this before your 30 days, people most likely would have returned there phone.

Hence why some businesses wait. They need to lock you in before before they tell you the problems.

you know what really "grinds my gears" releasing a movie trailer for a movie that isn't due to show in movie theaters for over a year!!!! So yes I am pretty pissed that froyo won't be out for 5 months:O(


a lot night i asked God if he/she could give me a sign on if i should buy the Nexus One even with all the reported "issues" it was having, and everywhere i went online there was an ad for the N1, so i took that as a sign! LOL!! :)

Apps on ext storage, a feature that should have been there a year ago...enough said. People are impatient because the EVO was almost designed for 2.2 Its like getting a Windows 7 laptop with XP on it. Its

Take it from a former Pre owner: I would much rather wait than get crap updates pushed out before they are ready. I'd love to have Froyo but, even more than that, I would rather it work well with sense when it comes out. Be pissed if you want, but I'll wait.

I came from a Palm Pre to an Evo, what am I'm going to complain about. The current feature on my Evo is ten times better than where I came from. It took months just for palm to get the videocamera to work

Once you give them your money for a phone, Your not their 1st priority. Sales are their 1st priorty. As long as the phones are flying off the shelf & back ordered, They have no reason to make 2.2 their 1st priority.

The Nexus 1 was out before Evo, Droid, Incredible, etc. It has 2.2 now & will probably have 3.0 before Christmas. But you choose not to get the Nexus 1. So sleep in the bed you made.

I just wish Google would release another phone with a 4+ in screen & physical keyboard. I would be there. Till then I stay with my G1.

First of all I agree that it is likely that most of us will be upgraded well before christmas.

That said we do need to keep the pressure on Sprint and HTC to get Froyo out as soon as possible. Sprint convinced a lot of people to try the EVO at Google I/O. What we saw was a very cool phone and the equally cool Android 2.2 features. What we do not want is the standard carrier stunt of thinking a phone is fine without updates.

Froyo gives us too many benefits to consider it just an incremental update.

So let them know, the EVO is not done until it at least has Froyo.

All devices by Xmas means updates will roll out over the time period from now till Dec 25th. This means the Evo and Incredible can be running Froyo by Aug. I don't see why people is crying. ALL devices by Xmas? You know how many HTC devices there are? By xmas is pretty fast.

I think the Evo and Incredible will be running Froyo by late Aug.

They aren't getting a single damn dime from me until they get the EVO on 2.2 and if something comes out that is better that isn't HTC. Screw em. I will struggle on my G1 until an appropriate 2.2 phone comes out.

If I didn't already own a Desire I'd happily take that offer as the usability and design are far preferable in my opinion and I for one am more than happy to wait for updates no matter how much I'd like them right now.

Also as I've already stated NO ONE ANYWHERE SAYS THAT PEOPLE WILL "HAVE" TO WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS all the newest phones including the Desire will get there updates within the next 2 months, HTC are just saying that the full range will be updated by christmas not thats how long it will definitely take.

Sometimes I wish I was just a normal everyday consumer who didn't know any better so I didn't have to feel some f'n anxious for this update!! People in earlier posts are saying 'relax, it's no big deal'. Well I'm sorry but it is!! Updates are exciting! And I do have a life outside of the internet thank you very much! I just love this shit!!

I am FURIOUS at HTC! How DARE they DENY me my FroYo update?!?! Delivery of a fully Sense-integrated version of FroYo within days of FroYo's release is my BIRTHRIGHT as a human being!

Making me wait until Christmas is a blatant, wanton violation of my most basic human rights under the United States Constitution, Magna Carta, U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Code of Hammurabi, the Ten Commandments, and the Charter of the United Federation of Planets.



Sorry, but that's how some of us come across in this thread. It's just a phone. A very nice phone, but a phone nonetheless. Make use of your job, your social life, your family, your hobbies, and perhaps an occasional television show to pass the time while HTC does their work.

Well for some of us, our jobs, social lives, family, and hobbies are tied to our phones one way or another. These things are no longer just "phones" anymore. Besides, HTC wants us to bitch and moan. It only means we're that addicted to their product.

If you guys love Android so much then just get "the" Android phone(N1) save yourselfs a headache..ill get Android 3 when yall are getting froyo...

I called this weeks ago, putting my money on a Thanksgiving update.

The manufacturers don't need to put huge amounts of resources into updates because - hello - the phone you're holding in your hand has already been sold! Of course they will update it because it is the right thing to do, but don't believe they consider it a major priority. Keep in mind that once HTC is done, the update will still have to be tested and approved by the carriers.

Good things come to those who wait...patiently.

It could also push people who were about to purchase the Incredible or Evo into buying a Droid X as they are saying the update will be out sooner (August?)for Droid and Droid X.

thats bull@#it....i will have my phone for atleast six months by then, it will almost be ready to get a new phone, and with the signal strength and the weak battery of the incredible, by the time this comes out ppl will be sick of it...its great and all but without the froyo experieance im not sure if buying this phone was a good idea

OMG!!! You whiny little spoiled rotten bitches!!! You have one of the newest and most advanced phones available. BE HAPPY WITH IT.... dont like it go get ya an F'ing iPhone!!!

By then I hope to upgrade to a Samsung Fascinate...then get the 2.2 when it comes out !!!
I love that big OLED screen !! No LCD for me !!

Chill out, it's just a f***ing cell phone. What did u guys do before there were cell phones. Remember when a cell phone didn't work in a building? Remember when 100 minutes a cost 30 bucks a month, and there was no such thing as txt messaging or night and weekend minutes? OR are all u people 14 yrs old and born with a cell phone attached to your head. Some of your comments make me LOL!