Product said to be running Android, feature a camera and be available in the second half of 2014

We've already mentioned that HTC's Peter Chou seemed keen on the idea of wearables helping reach their goals for the future, and a new report from Bloomberg, someone "close to the matter" says HTC will release their own camera-toting smart watch in the second half of 2014.

The full details are a little sketchy, but the source says HTC's watch will run Android and have an on-board camera. this would put it squarely at odds with Samsung's Galaxy Gear, rather than compete in the more utilitarian space occupied by products like the Pebble or the Sony SmartWatch 2.

Around here, we expect everyone to jump on the smart wearable train. Companies will compete for our dollars with products that extend the functionality of their Android phones and tablets. And you know what? We think that's a pretty good thing to have happen. 2014 should be a nice ride.

Source: Bloomberg


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HTC said to be building a smart watch for next year's market


After seeing the HTC One I believe they might be able to bring a classier smart watch we'll see

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HTC is a love/hate. They made the best smartphone of the year then pull (potential) antics like this and wonder why they're in the red.

Maybe they are not as in much trouble as the press would have the public believe. Trust me happens all the time.

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Will they:
1. Learn from the successes and failures of similar products from Samsung, etc.?


2. Spend a long time developing a watch that makes the same mistakes that the soon to be released watches are already making?

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Naturally, 1... and more.
HTC has a history of improving on technology, including their own, with distinctive innovation. It's in their DNA. Leaders, not followers.

Examples: OG EVO, EVO LTE / DNA, ONE, Sense

So how was the galaxy gear a fail again?? Just because some people don't like it doesn't qualify it as a fail.

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Every review about the Gear have stated it is a fail. I haven't seen one glowing, or remotely glowing review.

The gear is a fail on SO many levels. Get real. Crappy useless apps, the price, not compatible with Android, just samsung, the price (yes its worth mentioning twice).... i could go on but thats a big ol helping of FAIL right there.

It a smartwatch, what's the point of calling it that without a camera I don't get why that's a problem if it's in the right spot on the watch. I don't want a smartwatch without one.

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So it cant be a smartwatch without a camera?? Really?? That is about the last thing it needs to be "smart" AND...
Because its a crappy camera (it will be, just wait) and there is no need to pay for technology that most people really could care less about having on a watch.

Take the money they were spending on a camera and give it some health sensors and make it an HR monitor and maybe calorie counter (like a fuel band or fitbit) and i am DOWN!!

Still not sold on smart watches although I'll admit to never trying one. While I do not consider myself a watch snob, I definitely don't want something looking like it's made of rubber or plastic, including the band. HTC has always set the bar with build quality so I could see them bringing something great looking here, but I'll be holding out to see the day to day benefit of owning one.

Ugh, why a camera? No matter where they put it on the watch, you're going to end up with an awkward camera angle. And the quality will be lackluster.

Letting the watch act as a remote shutter button for the phone makes much more sense, and doesn't cost much.

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I just don't see smart watches becoming popular. At least not at the prices I've seen. Why do I really need one? Especially if it needs to be tethered to a phone to function.

I'll be glad when we can move past these useless things and on to hopefully more interesting and useful tech.

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If it is designed nice and the price is right it could do very well. However HTC always seems to overlook at least one major item. I love them but seriously sometimes Im confused as to what they were thinking

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Curious to see how this one will turn out, Sony's Smartwatch 2 is probably as good as they can get right now.