HTC Ruby

Remember the HTC Ruby that popped up? Well, we still don't really have any details on whether or not it's an Android device or not but it sure looks that way, especially when looking at the camera UI in the photo. Look to the right and you'll see what is clearly a T-Mobile logo as well. Alas, specs and pretty much everything else remain a mystery at this point so hopefully some more details will pop up soon.

Source: Flickr; via PocketNow


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HTC Ruby looks to be heading to T-Mobile


Why does every high-end HTC phone (minus the Evo 3D) have to be on T-Mobile? And, not to bust your bubble, but that looks like WP7 to me.

lol...I always thought T-Mobile got mostly midrange phones because I wish it had some of the cool Sprint or AT&T ones :-)

Again with these annoying pictures. I swear this is marketing for people like us who follow things like this. They act like it's a leak but the really the company puts it out there.

I agree with post up above. Why doesn't verizon ever get anything like evo 3D or any of the other high end devices like sprint and tmobile!! I don't mean a year later and outdated either

i don't understand why T-Mobile keeps putting out new phones. They are done AT&T will own them soon. It makes me very sad to know that all these sweet new phones coming out for them will be obsolete in less than a year.

really? are you that stupid.. First of all no one even knows if deal with AT&T will go through or not. Second of all they still need to try to make a profit until that happens. And 3rd of all you understand that Tmobile USA is just a small branch of tmobile that is being sold. It is much bigger over seas. If you want to be jealous go do it somewhere else.

Tmobile gets htc phones because verizon streamlines motorola, at&t streamlines samsung, and well sprint is just a compilation of htc, samsung, and whatever

Check your tips email. I sent you a pic an hour ago showing its runing a sense android it there in there with the rest of the flikr photos

Yea, with the codename HTC Ruby, I figured it was T-Mobile bound. Also, to me, this seems like a device fitting for the MyTouch line. Seems a little too early though.