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One of our minor complaints regarding the T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G was a wee bit of lag when compared to its cousin, the Sprint EVO 3D. We've pretty much chalked that up to the EVO 3D's increased RAM, and whatever difference in software tweaks you'll find between a Sprint and T-Mobile device. But that might all about to become moot, with yet another appearance of the HTC Ruby, which is believed to be destined for T-Mobile as the Amaze 4G.

First up, new specs on the Ruby, courtesy of DroidSans: It's looking to be very much like a souped-up Sensation, with a similar 4.3-inch display at qHD (960x540) resolution, 8MP camera with flash. But the powerplant's been beefed up, moving to a dual-core, 1.5GHz processor (up from a mere 1.2GHz), and a full 1GB of RAM. And it's going from 4GB of internal storage to a monster 16GB. Toss in Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.5, and HTC's best and brightest from mere months ago is already seeing a hefty upgrade. No complaints from us.

As for when we'll see it? A new leaked roadmap from TmoNews points to a possible October launch, and that jibes with a previous leak. That's plenty close, but if true, we can't help but wonder how it's going to leave current Sensation 4G owners feeling.

Source: TmoNews, DroidSans (translated); via TIMN

HTC Ruby / T-Mobile Amaze 4GHTC Ruby / T-Mobile Amaze 4G

HTC Ruby / T-Mobile Amaze 4GHTC Ruby / T-Mobile Amaze 4G


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HTC Ruby gets new set of pics, more specs, still looking at October launch as T-Mobile Amaze 4G


Still going to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S2. I have lost alot of faith in HTC lately and I bet you they are going to have the bootloader locked. And release half ass sources for the kernel.

I agree. I'm a fan of htc but lately I kinda jumped off their ban wagon. Htc has been producing some pretty crappy speakers for their phones as of late. I just can't have a phone that I can't friggin hear the voice or ringer. What pisses me off is that its not like they haven't had good speakers in their phones before. The touch pro series had the best speakers I've ever heard from a smartphone and that's saying something. The speakerphone on the touch pro series was nice loud and crisp, infact it sounded so good that the voices coming through the speakerphone made you feel like the person was in the same room. I think the problem is that htc has been pushing out so many phones that they overlook this. I mean these are still phones and incase of emergencies I like to hear loud and clear. I know a lot of that clarity depends on ya network but htc should still do its part. Another thing that htc has been getting away from is noise canceling mics. The sensation has holes in the back of it but they are for the antenna and for recording audio in video mode. Its little important things like these that makes htc fans like myself turn elsewhere.

Is it me but this kinda looks like a upgrade to the mytouch 4g the speaker at the top looks like the speaker on the mytouch line

The problem with the sensation is HTC put sense 3.0 on a device with only 768mb of ram. When I go into my wifes EVO 3d and look at her ram, 1st it only says her ram is 876mb of ram, 2nd half of that is used up by sense and Android leaving her with only about 450mb available to run with. She has no lags or issues, but the sensation doesn't have a gig of ram so that only leave them about 250-300mb available. Another thing, HTC can come out with a 2ghz CPU but if they keep using those crap GPU's then it won't be good for gaming. My wife said she tried to play 2 games and said it just skipped and lagged. I asked her what they were called but she said she didn't remember because it was a week ago and found a few other games that did work.

Hmm what kinda make shift phone display store thing were these pictures taken at?!?!?

and what other devices did they have?!?!

i see htc is going after the rounded end samsung look
it doesnt look bad on them.

I like the 4.3 inch screen, The Sensation IMO is the perfect size phone, too bad just not enough ram or interior memory. For just a couple of crummy bucks they hold out on two very inexpensive parts of the phone but really cripple it. I own the /sensation and just about every other T-Mobile descent made phone, I also have a Verizon account with the Thunderbolt.IMO the Thunderbolt is a much better phone. I live in both T-Mobile HSPA+ and Verizon LTE areas with kick ass speeds. The Sensation has great hardware as does the Thunderbolt. Just my opinion from using both phones.