HTC Rider

Hot off the feed of our favorite Chinese leak-a-thon we have the HTC Rider. No other details, really, but this sure looks a whole lot like ... your basic HTC phone, or the EVO 3D headed to shores unknown. Where it's going and when it's going to get there? Well, your guess is as good as ours.

Source: 911 Sniper; via Rumored Devices Forums


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HTC Rider shows itself in blurry fashion


It is an Evo in a red case. The only difference is that this one has the graphic ISO button for menu (like the DINC) instead of the English text one that is on the Evo.

Hes actually telling the truth, Atrix on At&t, G2x on Tmobile, then comes Evo 3D for Sprint and the Sensation for Tmobile in summer, but Verizon dual core is the Droid X2 but we don't know when thats coming out for sure.

you'd think that with the advancements being made in cell phone cameras that blurry looking spy shots like these would go the way of PalmOS.

If the photographer has the luxury of time in order to get a shutter lock. I think in the case of the picture above, the photo is blurry intentionally. It's just an Evo.

how do these retards get a hold of phones like these when they have phones from 2001 with vga blurry cameras? not many phones these days are below 5megapixels and no way would they take terrible pictures like that. if people can't provide good pics, what's the point on providing any?